Pavilion Made Out of Recycled Coat Hangers to Be Constructed on Governors Island

12:00 - 30 January, 2016
Hanger Barn. Image Courtesy of FIGMENT
Hanger Barn. Image Courtesy of FIGMENT

A design for a pavilion constructed out of recycled clothes hangers has been selected as the winner of the sixth annual City of Dreams Pavilion Competition. The temporary structure will be built on Governors Island and available to the public for summer 2016, pending final approval and fundraising. 

Hosted by FIGMENT, the Emerging New York Architects Committee (ENYA) of the American Institute of Architects New York Chapter (AIANY), and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY), the competition speculates on possible futures with solutions to the current strain on economic and natural resources. Designers are required to consider their materials from sourcing to disposal, or ideally, reuse, promoting sustainable thinking.

Over 100 design proposals were submitted, and the jury selected four finalists who were each given a month to further develop their designs in response to jury comments. See the winning design and the three finalists after the break.

Oasis Terrace: Singapore's New Neighborhood Center and Polyclinic

08:00 - 27 August, 2015
Courtesy of Serie Architects
Courtesy of Serie Architects

London-based Serie Architects, in collaboration with Multiply Architects of Singapore, has unveiled its winning design for a Neighbourhood Centre and Polyclinic in Punggol, Singapore. Called Oasis Terrace, the project will become the new center for public amenities for Singapore’s Housing & Development Board in Punggol.

The design spans 27,400 square meters, of which 9,400 square meters will be comprised of healthcare facilities, while the rest will include “communal gardens, play spaces, gyms, retail spaces, dining, [and] learning spaces,” all of which is expected to come together into “a new generation of integrated development.”

Courtesy of Serie Architects Courtesy of Serie Architects Courtesy of Serie Architects Courtesy of Serie Architects +10