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MOINOPOLIS Issue #2 Call for Proposals: Ephemerality and Architecture

MOINOPOLIS recently announced their call for papers for their issue #2, called ‘Ephemerality and Architecture’. Have market forces encouraged this shift towards ephemerality or is it a natural tendency of architecture? Does ephemerality in architecture depend on new technologies or are we creating illusions through non-physical experiences in order to imitate the digital? What social conditions, if any, are being represented through an ephemeral architecture? Lastly, what might the consequences of this phenomenon for our society and culture be? The second issue wants to approach the question of ephemerality in architecture in a multi-disciplinary way. The deadline for submissions is January 15th. More information after the break.

Call For Proposals: Living in the Spatial Shift

MOINOPOLIS recently launched call for proposals for their competition, Living in the Spatial Shift. The competition aims examine the multifaceted opportunities and risks associated with the paradigmatic shift in the spatial perception, its architectural appearance and its consequences for our every day life.The spatial and universal understanding has ever been the basis for architectural views and practice. The new configuration of spatial parameters induced by a new logic of the proceeding worldwide network-based technology initiates the rethinking of spatial matters as well as the conditioning of adequate models and concepts. More information on the competition after the break.