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Explore Barcelona’s Architecture with This Free App by Josep Lluís Mateo

Spanish architect Josep Lluís Mateo of Mateo Arquitectura has launched the “BCN Architecture Guide,” a free application to help travelers and architecture lovers explore Barcelona. The app guides users to both highlights of the city’s built environment as well as its natural environment, including some “places to experience nature in tension with the city, places to be rather than objects to look at.”

The app is available for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

In Progress: Tête de Pont en Bayona / Mateo Arquitectura

  • Architects: Mateo Arquitectura
  • Location: Bayonne, France
  • Arquitecto a Cargo: Josep Lluís Mateo
  • Client: Kaufman & Broad, Eiffage Immobilier y Agglomération Côte Basque-Adour-Mairie de Bayonne
  • Area: 70000.0 m2
  • Year: 2012
  • Photography: Adrià Goula

'Panta Rhei' Exhibition / Mateo Arquitectura

On view until this Saturday, April 13th, at the Galerie d’Architecture in Paris, the 'Panta Rhei' exhibition by Josep Lluís Mateo of Mateo Arquitectura is a tour through time: the past, present and future of the practice’s work. Highlighting projects, materials and moments that tend to be concealed from view, their 'everything flows' themed exhibit forms part of the agency’s praxis. Mateo displays how the present leads us to the future, and projects that are already being transported to reality. Also, the present of that which is clearly finished, and a trace of the past that has brought us to this point. An exhibition allows us to salvage, for a moment, materials produced in different contexts, to support ideas, explain stories or understand a world. For more information, please visit here. More images of the exhibition can be viewed after the break.

Lascaux IV: International Cave Painting Center Competition Entry / Mateo Arquitectura

Designed by Mateo Arquitectura, the proposal for the Lascaux IV: International Cave Painting Center competition speaks to us of its history and woven of enigmas that humankind seeks to solve. It tells us that there are individuals who think, who prove, who suppose and interpret. Right beside, their virtual doubles welcome us in small theatres sunk into the ground, facing the hill. The gentle slope of the entryway leads you to a space of darkness, which awakens a unique experience. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Leipzig Freedom and Unity Memorial Competition Entry / Mateo Arquitectura

Designed by Mateo Arquitectura, the purpose of the Leipzig Freedom and Unity Memorial is to commemorate the “Peaceful Revolution” of 1989 that made Leipzig a decisive place for the fall of the Berlin wall with the construction of this monument. The memory they aim to commemorate is that of a peaceful mass change, with no hierarchies, that we see in historic photos as points of light, changing like a surging sea. Formally and conceptually, the architects decided that their intervention here should address surface rather than volume; it should be horizontal rather than vertical. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Masterplan for Nice Grand Arénas / Josep Lluís Mateo

Josep Lluís Mateo, of Mateo Arquitectura, recently presented his masterplan for the Pôle Multimodal Nice-Aéroport quartier d’affairs Grand Arénas which imagines a city of the future. His brief description and a video can be viewed after the break.

Lyon Confluence – Îlot P / Mateo Arquitectura & Dominique Perrault Arquitecture

Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura & Dominique Perrault Arquitecture
Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura & Dominique Perrault Arquitecture

Last September, Mateo Arquitectura, together with the French practice Dominique Perrault Architecture, presented a proposal for the project to urbanize Îlot P in Lyon Confluence, to the south of the city of Lyon which was recently named as a finalist. This competition forms part of the process of urban remodeling being conducted throughout the Lyon Confluence area with the aim of leaving behind its industrial past. The project involved the urban development of a city block (Ilôt P), including housing, commercial areas and offices (laid out in two buildings), and landscaping. More images and project description after the break.

In Progress: Prague National Gallery Entrance Hall / Mateo Arquitectura

© Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura
© Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura

Architects: Mateo Arquitectura / Josep Lluís Mateo Location: Prague, Czech Republic Project Year: In Progress Project Area: 1,500 sqm Photographs: Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura After winning the Restricted Competition in 2004 the construction of the new central access to the National Gallery in Prague began in late 2009 and works are ongoing, it will be completed by the end of this year.

Video: PGGM Headquarter / Mateo Arquitectura

Mateo Arquitectura just sent us a video of the PGGM Headquarter building we recently featured. If offers some splendid imagery of the design. Check it out.

Tête de Pont / Josep Lluís Mateo

Tête de Pont is a winning competition entry by Josep Lluís Mateo of Mateo Arquitectura that is a remodeling of the river Adour in Bayonne, France.  The solution of the design marks a new threshold for the approach to the old town that begins the process of urban renewal on the banks of Adour between the city center and the estuary.

Read on for more on this project after the break.

El Ninot Market Remodeling / Mateo Arquitectura

Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura
Courtesy of Mateo Arquitectura

Mateo Arquitectura was awarded first prize in the public competition for the redesign of El Ninot Market in Barcelona, Spain. El Ninot market plays a key role in Barcelona’s food distribution network and is positioned accordingly, with a strategic central location. This winning proposal aims to maintain the existing facility and its intrinsic history while equipping it with contemporary services that keep its relevance in todays culture alive. More on this project after the break.

In Progress: Film Theatre of Catalonia / Mateo Arquitectura

Currently under construction, the Film Theatre of Catalonia is a new building for the Cinematheque of Catalunya in the Raval, Barcelona. Mateo Arquitectura won first prize in 2004 for their design proposal and they were kind enough to share their construction photographs with us.  Follow the break for more photographs and an extract of the meeting between Josep Lluís Mateo and José Luis Guerín about the Raval district in Barcelona.

Architects: Mateo Arquitectura Location: Raval, Barcelona Client: Generalitat de Catalunya Project Area: 7,515 sqm Photographs: Adrià Goula

In Progress: PGGM Headquarters / Mateo Arquitectura

© Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula

Architects: Josep Lluís Mateo / Mateo Arquitectura Location: Zeist, Utrecht, The Netherlands Project Leaders: Markus Lauber, Till von Mackensen Project Area: 25,000 sqm offices, 25,000 sqm car park Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Adrià Goula

Place de la République / Mateo Arquitectura

Josep Lluis Mateo / Mateo Arquitectura shared with us their entry for the restricted competition for the Place de la République in Paris, France.

More information after the break:

Residence of the Spanish Embassy in Australia / Mateo Arquitectura

Spanish architects Mateo Arquitectura have shared with us their project for the official residence of the Spanish Embassy in Canberra, Australia.

More images and architect’s description, after the break.