Temple Sinai / Mark Horton / Architecture with Michael Harris Architecture

© Ethan Kaplan Photography / Mark Horton / Architecture with

Architect: Mark Horton / Architecture with Michael Harris Architecture
Location: , California, USA
Photographs: Ethan Kaplan Photography

Computer History Museum / Mark Horton / Architecture

© Mark Richards & Mark Horton / Architecture

The birthplace of Pong. The home of Facebook. The epicenter of the Cloud.

Mark Horton / Architecture (MH/A)’s renovation of an existing former Silicon Graphics office building in , , into the new home of the Computer History Museum is genius loci made physical.

Architect: Mark Horton / Architecture
Project Team: Mark Horton, Principal; Daniel Mason, Project Architect
Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 25,000 sqf Primary Exhibition Space; 6,000 sqf Multi-use lobby / café / reception / gift shop
Photographs: Mark Richards, Ethan Kaplan Photography, Daniel Mason, Mark Horton / Architecture

House of Air / Mark Horton – Architecture

© Ethan Kaplan Photography and

Architect: Mark Horton / Architecture
Location: San Francisco, California,
Project Team: Mark Horton, Principal; David Gill, Project Architect; Matt Shanks, Designer
Project Year: 2010
Project Year: 21,440 sqf
Photographer: Ethan Kaplan Photography, Jeremy Wong, Mark Horton / Architecture