VIDEO: “Affairs in Blue” Mediterraneo House / Manuel Ocaña

Spanish architect Manuel Ocaña has shared with us an innovative video that explores his Mediterraneo House, in Alicante, .

The view was produced by Taller de Casquería; Luis Rodriguez Carnero plays the protagonist.

From the architect. Through travellings, point perspectives, a main character and a plot trick, the film creates a catalogue of experiences that open up a path to describing architectural spaces without conventional cliches, without still photos, and amplifies the importance of the human scale in the communication of architecture.

You can see more of the house here.

The Recessionary Interviews: Spain’s Manuel Ocaña

. Photo © Piedad Sancristóval

has provoked a variety of responses – disillusionment, frustration, woe. For those not inclined to wallow, however, it has also provided ample time to reflect on (and, if you’re Manuel Ocaña, rip apart) pre-Recession society.

In our Recessionary Interviews, we talk to architects living and working where the Crisis has hit hardest. Last week, we spoke with architect Luis Pedra Silva, who offered us a realistic, and yet optimistic, take on the state of architecture in Portugal.

This week, on the other hand, we bring you an outlook more incendiary than optimistic. Manuel Ocaña, the controversial Spanish architect behind the Manuel Ocaña Architecture and Thought Production Office, is far from impressed with how his home country has handled its economic boom and bust. “Spain,” he says, “used to be a sexy, fit and energetic country. Envy, inferiority complexes, greed, arrogance and pride soaked it in fat. It is currently suffering from moral obesity.”

More on Manuel Ocaña’s take on Spain, including why Spanish architects are no better off than Vampires (or, worse still, MacDonalds employees), after the break…

In Progress: Mediterraneo House / Manuel Ocaña

© Manuel Ocaña

Architect: Manuel Ocaña del Valle
Location: Benalúa Railway Station, ,
Developer: Casa Mediterráneo
Collaborators: Miguel Molins Jiménez, Karolina Kurzak, Adriana Cepeda, Paloma Montoro, María Ortiz-Muyo, BeDV Arquitectos
Project Management: INECO
Project Director: Marisa Guillamot Bernardo
Built surface: 3,500 sqm
Budget: 5,900,000 euros
Photographs: Manuel Ocaña

Ocaña de España / Manuel Ocaña

© Miguel de Guzmán
© Miguel de Guzmán

Architects: Manuel Ocaña & Luis Morales
Location: Carretera de Yepes, Ocaña, Toledo,
Collaborators: Roberto González García, Lucía Martínez, Javier Aguirre, Pilar Pérez Flores
Client: BIUR S.L. Carlos Martí
Contractor: BIUR S.L.
Project Area: 4.145 sqm
Budget: 3,300,000€
Project year: 2006-2007
Construction year: 2007-2009
Photographs: Miguel  de Guzman &

© Miguel de Guzmán © Miguel de Guzmán © Miguel de Guzmán © Miguel de Guzmán

Santa Rita Geriatric Center / Manuel Ocaña

Architect: Manuel Ocaña
Location: Ciutadella, Illes Baleares,
Competition team: Christian Fink, Benjamin Scharf, Celia López, Laura Rojo
Project team: Fermina Garrido, Elisa Fernández, Malgosia Czaban
Construction team: Maja Frackowiatz, Michael Rabold, Víctor Navarro, Roberto González, Sebastian Dillner
Services: Juan Travesí
Landscaping: Teresa Galí
Structure Engineer: J.M. Churtichaga
Technical Architect: Joan Camps
Promotor: Consell Insular de Menorca
Contractor: OHL
Budget: $5.200.000 € (garden included)  - $868€/sqm
Area: 5.990 sqm building + 6.200 sqm gardens
Project year: 2002-2003
Construction year: 2004-2009
Photographs: Miguel de Guzmán