Day Care Center / LÜPS


Architects: ATELIER LÜPS – Mauritz + W-E. Lüps
Location: Munich,
Collaborators: Claudia Peter, Martina Machova
Construction Management: Silke Neugebauer, CLMap GmbH
Structure: Planungsgesellschaft Dittrich MBH
Elecrical engineering: IBM-TGA GmbH
Contractor: Mickan mbH&Co.KG
Photographs: ATELIER LÜPS


Energy Center, Woodchips Energy Plant / LÜPS

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The proposal by LÜPS for the Energy Center, Woodchips Energy Plant at the the convent of arch abbey St. Ottilien aims to stand out from the existing, architecturally less appealing buildings. Above a massive concrete architrave block, a transparent facade arises, made from frame-less polycarbonate sheets, allowing a view onto the wooden branch-like structure inside the building. Lying in the north of the convent grounds, between agriculture and hen-houses, the energetic project finds its importance represented by the impression one gets of the newly constructed building. More images and architects’ description after the break.