York University Learning Commons / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Bob Gundu

Architects: Levitt Goodman Architects
Location: Scott Library, York University, , Canada
Architect In Charge: Brock James
Design Team: Kris Payne, Amanda Reed
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Bob Gundu, Ben Rahn © A-Frame Inc.

Adams Fleming House / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Ben Rahn / A-Frame

On a street of historic, working-class cottages in ’s west end, adjacent to a railway line and a supermarket parking lot, a vacant auto-body shop may have seemed like an unlikely impetus for a residence with a domestic character. The clients—a graphic designer and  a furniture designer/craftsman—had a limited budget but considerable talent and resources. Working with Levitt Goodman Architects, the project became a laboratory for artistic collaboration and experimentation. Over several years they have transformed the industrial site into an artful urban oasis.

Welcome Hut at the Evergreen’s Brick Works / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Ben Rahn / A-Frame

To greet visitors in the months before its official opening later this year, Evergreen Works commissioned a temporary Welcome Hut for the 12-acre community environmental centre. Designed by Levitt Goodman Architects, this 96 sqf hut is provides an immediate node for visitors and to support the Evergreen’s mission to showcase for green design and environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Architect: Levitt Goodman Architects
Location: 550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto,
Project Team: Janna Levitt (Partner-in-Charge), Katrina Touw (Project Architect)
Project Size: 96 sqf
Project Area: 2010
Photographs: Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.

Up Inc. / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Ben Rahn / A-Frame

Up Inc. commissioned Levitt Goodman Architects to design the third floor of this historic industrial building to purposely suit it needs. Up Inc. is a -based branding, graphic design and communications firm with a reputation for clear and influential design. The firm had worked with Levitt Goodman Architects over many years, undergoing partial renovations to accommodate its growing business. The firm desired an environment that would improve operations and convey a distinctive character, reflective of its clean aesthetic, its proactive service and its knack for influential and economical design.

Architect: Levitt Goodman Architects
Location: 488 Wellington, Toronto,
Project Team: Brock James (Partner-in-Charge), Kris Payne (Project Architect), Cynthia Dovell (Architect)
Project Size: 4,950 sqf
Project Area: 2010
Photographs: Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc.

Native Child and Family Services of Toronto / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Jesse Colin Jackson

The new Native Child and Family Services of (NCFST) consolidates social and culture-based services for aboriginal children and families within a 30,000 square foot office building in the heart of downtown . The challenge for this project was to create a place that would reconnect urban aboriginals with nature in the heart of the city and project a bold visual presence for the First Nations community – which was difficult to conceive for a community that is comprised of distinctive bands with their own identities and customs.

Architecture: Levitt Goodman Architects Ltd.
Location: Toronto, Canada
Environmental Graphics: Adams + Associates Design Consultants Inc. with 7th Generation Image Makers
Landscape Architecture: Scott Torrance Landscape Architecture Inc.
Project Area: 30,000 sqf
Photographs: Ben Rahn / A-Frame Inc and Jesse Colin Jackson

Waterloo School of Architecture / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Ben Rahn/A-Frame
© Ben Rahn/A-Frame

Architects: Levitt Goodman Architects
Location: Cambridge, Ontario,
Client: University of Waterloo School of Architecture
Design Team: Janna Levitt, David Warne, Greg Latimer, Daniel Bartman, Veronica DelGuidice
Construction Manager: Alberici Constructors, Ltd.
Structural Engineering: Blackwell Bowick Partnership Limited
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering: Keen Engineering
Code Consultant: Arencon Inc.
Lighting consultant: Gerry Cornwell Lighting Design
Millwork consultant: Henderson & Associates Inc.
Project Area: 7,897 sqm
Budget: $8,200,000
Project Completed: 2004
Photographs: Ben Rahn/A-Frame

Euclid Avenue House / Levitt Goodman Architects

© Ben Rahn/A-Frame
© Ben Rahn/A-Frame

Architects: Levitt Goodman Architects
Location: ,
Client:  Janna Levitt and Dean Goodman
Design Team: Dean Goodman, Janna Levitt, Daniel Bartman
Structural Engineering: G.D. Jewell Engineering Inc.
Landscaping & Green Roof: Gardens in the Sky
Lighting Design: in collaboration with Castor Design
General Contractor: Boszko & Verity Inc.
Project Area: 144 sqm
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Ben Rahn/A-Frame

Levitt Goodman Architects selected to design new “Learning Commons”

Collaboritorium Leigh.tifYork University has selected Levitt Goodman Architects to develop detailed designs for its competition-winning design for a 26,390 ft2  renovation of ’s main library on its Keele campus. The “Learning Commons” will provide users with a mix of group study areas that will shift ’s 40-year old Scott Library into a progressive learning environment.

The $2M renovation will be the first initiative on the campus specifically designed to reflect York’s pedagogical shift from a teacher-centered approach to active and collaborative learning. More images and description after the break.