a+u 529: Recent Projects

Courtesy of Shinkenchiku-sha

The October issue of a+u introduces 14 recent works from around the globe. In particular, the issue is focused on architecture that emerged from the relationship with the urban structures or the developmental history of the site. Over time, they influence and transform the surrounding environment. Architects employ diverse “tactics” in order to create such architecture: collaborating with the residents, relating to the neighboring buildings and open spaces, diversifying the building’s programs, and employing intricate construction details. In this issue, we focus our attention on the process of conceiving the projects driven by various tactics. We invite our readers to look beyond a single building and examine the works’ possibilities to be used in a long span of time.

Medialab-Prado / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzman

Architects: Langarita Navarro Arquitectos
Location: Madrid, Spain
Architect In Charge: María Langarita, Víctor Navarro
Year: 2008
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman

Baladrar House / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Luis Diaz Diaz

Architects: Langarita Navarro Arquitectos
Location: Benissa, Alicante,
Architect In Charge: María Langarita, Víctor Navarro
Year: 2013
Photographs: Luis Diaz Diaz

Red Bull Music Academy / Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzman

Architects: Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos – María Langarita y Víctor Navarro
Location: Matadero, , Spain
Collaborators: Juan Palencia, Gonzalo Gutierrez, ToniaPapanikolau, Paula García-Masedo
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Miguel de GuzmánLuis Díaz Díaz


MAXXI Joins Young Architects Program

© Alan R Tansey

The annual make-over of PS1′s courtyard is one of our favorite summertime events, as the competition brings fresh, crazy and creative proposals to the table.  The NYTimes recently shared that the MoMA and PS1 have asked MAXXI – the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts in Rome – to be the third partner in their Young Architects Program.   MAXXI will take part in transforming the Long Island City site, but there will also be a separate installation displayed in Rome.

Logistically, a New York jury and a Rome jury will chose the winning architects in February.  The short list for MAXXI includes Raffaella De Simone and Valentina Mandalari of Palermo, Ghigos Ideas of Lissone and stARTT of Rome, Asif Khan of London and Langarita Navarro Arquitectos of Madrid (we’ve covered several Langarita Navarro works previously on AD here).

As we featured several weeks ago, the MoMA/MoMA PS1 finalists include Interboro Partners of Brooklyn, Matter Architecture Practice of Brooklyn, and FormlessFinder also of Brooklyn, MASS Design Group in Boston and IJP Corporation Architects of London.

You can expect full coverage of this exciting new partnership, especially the new proposals for the summer.  We are looking forward to seeing if these proposals top last summer’s ideas.

Lolita / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzman

Lolita is not just another roadside restaurant off a busy interstate – a rare species within the prestigious restaurant world.  With the  focus on versatile design, thoughtfully created a flexible space capable of setting itself up as a scenario for almost any type of activity.

Follow the break for photographs, drawings, and further description.

Architects: Langartia Navarro Arquitectos
Location: Km 45 A-122, La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza, Spain
Project Architects: María Langarita and Víctor Navarro
Collaborators: Marta Colón, Cristina Garzón, Roberto González, Juan Palencia, Julia Urcoli
Structures: Mecanismo S.L.
Mechanical: Inés Plaza
Surveyor: Fernando Cornago
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman

Double House / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Luis Diaz Diaz

Architects: Langarita Navarro Arquitectos – María Langarita y Víctor Navarro
Location: Almonacid de la Sierra, Zaragoza,
Collaborators: Marta Colón, Roberto González, Juan Palencia
Engineers: Mecanismo S.l.
Construction Year: 2009
Client: Private
Photos: Luis Diaz Diaz

Led Action Façade, Digital Façade for Medialab Prado / Langarita Navarro Arquitectos

© Miguel de Guzman
© Miguel de Guzman

Architects: Langarita Navarro ArquitectosMaría Langarita, Víctor Navarro
Location: Medialab Prado, Madrid,
Collaborators: María Langarita, Víctor Navarro, Juan Palencia, Roberto Gonzalez
Client: Area de las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
General Contractor: Pecsa Teconsa U.T.E.
Engineers: Mecanismo
Lighting Consultant: Ca2l
Project Area: 144 sqm
Project Year: 2008
Construction Year: 2008-2009
Photographs: Miguel de Guzman