Flashback: AZL Pension Fund Headquarters / Wiel Arets Architects

© Jan Bitter

Architect: Wiel Arets Architects
Location: , the Netherlands
Project Year: 1995
Photographs: , Jan Bitter

STILLS: A Wiel Arets Architects exhibition

After more than 25 years of continuous innovation, the time for an oeuvre exhibition on the work done by Wiel Arets Architects has come. With more than 250 projects, 20 monographs, a series of products in production, countless lectures and professorships given by Wiel Arets, and four new office publications in the works, the timing seems right.

STILLS shows the development of the oeuvre, shows the projects, expands upon the theoretical background and offers insight into the sources of inspiration and fascination of Wiel Arets himself. From his very early beginnings to his striking and unique personal vision on the future of urban development exemplified by the utopian ‘Zuidstad’ model.

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