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Helsinki Central Library Competition Entry / Ghirardelli Architetti

The proposal by Ghirardelli Architetti for the Helsinki Central Library aims at being a place for everyone: open and accessible, usable and public. A public square animated by exhibitions, events and music. They propose a building where stratigraphy tells the plot of common feelings, the need of investigating, experimenting and understanding: all this is gathered and preserved in the libraries all over the world which people of all ages have given their contribution to, showing their own direct bond to the first trace given to build our memory. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Daegu Gosan Public Library Competition Entry / Ghirardelli Architetti

A simple gesture like opening the pages of a book became the inspiration for Ghirardelli Architetti in their design proposal for the Daegu Gosan Public Library Competition. By interacting with their intellectual awareness, art, science and history, this can transform into a different state of being, separated from what is happening around us in where we discover leisure, tranquility and food for thought with infinite horizons to explore inside and outside ourselves. Their library design contains this knowledge and makes it available through intriguing spaces and activities, providing at the same time, individual detachment from the daily ritual. More images and architects’ description after the break.