Court Houses / Faye and Walker Architecture + Construction

© Sean Guess

Court Houses are the result of Faye and Walker Architecture + Construction‘s desire to increase density within the urban core of . Instead of building one single family residence on a city lot, Faye and Walker Architecture + Construction built two. The lot is on a corner, which provided separate points of access. The surrounding neighborhood context is a mixture of residential projects and city and private development infrastructure. This infrastructure, located across each street forming the corner, informed a courtyard design for the houses as a way to mitigate their presence and provide a private refuge. Formally each house is an L, opposing one another to create a perimeter boundary surrounding an internal courtyard.

Architect: Faye and Walker Architecture + Construction
Location: 802 Cardinal Lane Austin, , USA
Project Architect: Sean Guess AIA
General Contractor: Faye and Walker Architecture + Construction
Project Area: 2001 sqf each unit
Project Year: 2011
Photography: Sean Guess