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Shanghai High-Rise / EXH Design

22:53 - 16 February, 2010

EXH Design was hired to redesign the façades of high-rises in one of the most active urban areas in Shanghai.   With the plans of the buildings already halfway through government approval, EXH was allowed little leeway in trying to change the existing plans.   Instead, EXH turned their attention to “sculpting” the building’s surface.  Taking a geometrical approach, the new façade aims to create a dynamic effect that will become a strong architectural expression for the surrounding areas.

More about the facades after the break.

Ordos Hotel / EXH Design

07:07 - 9 February, 2010

Our friends at EXH Design shared their design of a hotel in Ordos, which is scheduled to be completed within a few months, with us.  Taking inspiration from the yurt, the circular tent-like dwelling of Mongolian peoples,  the team transformed the traditional scheme to meet the demands of modern life.   The design “makes an accommodation experience in Ordos different from anywhere else and arouses a local cultural interest,” explained the architects.

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