Zürich Main Station / Dürig AG

© Ruedi Walti

Architects: Dürig AG
Location: Main Station, 8001 Zürich,
Design Team: Baumann Armin, Brantschen Armin, Breckner Irene, Buckingham Bruce, Cornuz Gilbert, Domagalski Joanna, Dürig Jean-Pierre, Dürr Judith, Fitzi Otto, Handte Sandra, Isler Dominik, Kaufmann Isabelle, Kempf Simon, Kimmig Bettina, Kitanishi Luiza, Labhart Katharina, Laue Sacha, Noe Tobias, Ramser Benedict, Simic Sandra, Trottmann Simone, Wengle Martin
Area: 95000.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Ruedi Walti

Central Mosque of Pristina Competition Entry / Dürig AG

Courtesy of Dürig AG

Another noteworthy proposal for the Central Mosque of Pristina in Kosovo; this time, from Zurich-based architecture firm, Dürig AG. They envision the new mosque as an interplay between the individual and the community. “Mosques are places of worship for the Islamic community where the single believer joins a larger body for the ceremonial act of worship and prayer.” Singular elements combine to make a larger, more meaningful, whole. “Thus, [our proposal] stands as a materialized representation for the individual within the Islamic community of Kosovo.”

Natural daylight softly descends through the modulated plenum, creating a uniform prayer hall. Perforations throughout the facade and interior wooden panels enable a visual transparency that, Dürig AG expects, should spawn a dialogue between individuals inside the mosque and pedestrians in the city.

New Theater Equilibre / Dürig AG

Courtesy of

Architects: Dürig AG
Location: Fribourg,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Dürig AG

In Progress: New Theater Equilibre / Dürig AG

Courtesy of

Architects: Dürig AG
Location: , Switzerland
Photographs: Courtesy of Dürig AG

The project is the result of a competition won in 2001 for a new theater in the city center of Fribourg. The project will be completed at the end of 2011 and its auditorium is going to provide 700 seats for spectators.

True Grid / Dürig AG, Pöyry Infra AG, Klaus Zweibrücken

© maaars architekturvisualisierungen

Architects: Dürig AG, Pöyry Infra AG,
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Cost Planning: Caretta + Weidmann
Lightning Design: Amstein + Walthert
Renders: maaars architekturvisualisierungen

Heerenschürli Sports Facilities / Dürig AG + Topotek 1

© Hanns Joosten

Architects: Dürig AG
Location: Helen Keller Strasse 20, 8051 Zürich,
Landscape Architects: Topotek 1
Client: The City of Zürich, represented by: Grün Stadt Zürich, Immobilien-Bewirtschaftung, Amt für Hochbauten
Project area: 100,200 sqm
Project year: 2004-2010
Photographs: Hanns Joosten, Ruedi Walti

Center for the Promotion of Science / Dürig AG

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The Center for the Promotion of Science proposal by Zürich based architecture studio Dürig AG is based on the concept of  a New composed of an orthogonal grid of a unified structural system that embraces rationality and clarity.  The urban plan of the composition is to create defined individual building segments within the subdivided block of nine distinct segments. Within this development, Dürig AG has designed a Scientific Research Institute of which the Center for the Promotion of Science is an integral part.

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