Playmaker Showroom / DRA&U

© Fabio Paperetti

Architects: DRA&U
Location: ,
Team Project : Giorgio Pini, Simone Luciani, Livia Campana
Structural Engineering: Giuseppe Picchi
Executive Project: Annapina Di Filippo
Geodesic Engineering: Simone Luciani, Yana Ivanova
Year: 2012
Photographs: Fabio Paperetti

Disaster Prevention and Education Center / DRA&U

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Given the particular nature of the program described in the competition brief, the proposal for the Disaster Center by DRA&U focuses on the realization of a visually striking building that also represents a challenge to traditional architecture and engineering. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Multifunctional Building Rossi Sud Complex / DRA&U

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The design by DRA&U, which is meant to accommodate cultural activities, comes from the study of shells, their real geometry, neither ideal, nor platonic. The x-ray analysis of these slender bodies gave them the ability to perceive the deficiencies, deviations, and a set of slight imperfections due to environmental disturbances during development, which makes them so fascinating. Each shell contains history and a body that evolves with sublime patience, where the beauty, usefulness, functionality and aesthetics are linked to each other, because the amazing beauty lies not only in the outer (what you see usually), but also lurks in intimacy than hidden. More images and architects’ description after the break.