Concept Stadium / DCA

© Romain Ghomari

Concept Stadium by DCA (Design Crew for Architecture) is an exercise of reflection willing to propose an unconstrained answer, free from whether economic or programmatic concerns, in order to provide a prospective vision of what could be, in their opinion, the ideal rugby stadium. Today, stadiums are iconic shapes answering to the representation stake, as they are bearing the image of a club, a city, a region. But paradoxically, these formal thoughts are concerning the shell and therefore establish the singular stadium status as autonomous object, disconnected from its environment. Their designs aims to become a useful object with urban concerns. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Family and Childhood House / DCA

Courtesy of DCA

The main challenge DCA (Design Crew for Architecture) faced in their proposal for a family and childhood house, located in , , was the resulting compactness from the tight ratio between the net area planned to be built and the buildable area allowed by regulations. Despite their extremely restrictive lot, they aimed for great quality spaces while instilling some generosity to create project that moves toward consistent urban characteristics. More images and architect’s description after the break.