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Milad Complex Proposal / ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group

The young architectural studio, ContemporARchitectURban Designer’s Group, was recently awarded 4th prize in the international competition to design a huge 300,000 square meter complex in Tehran. With the Milad telecommunication tower being the tallest tower in Iran, this competition focused on the second phase of Milad complex. The project program includes commercial, office and hotel spaces near the tower. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Mehrshahr Residential Complex Proposal / ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group

general view 01
general view 01

ContemporARchitectURban Designers Group, which was created by Ali Andaji Garmaroodi, Amin Monsefi and Reza Roudneshin, shared with us their winning proposal for the Mehrshahr Residential Complex Design Competition located in Karaj which is the fifth largest city of Iran, and located near Tehran. The main purpose of the client and the organizer of this competition was to find new ways to develop and build houses for middle layer people of the society in order to have an complex suits to Iranian needs and culture, which has had missed in the recent years. More images and project description after the break.