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Swimming Pool / Pich-Aguilera Architects

06:00 - 3 August, 2012
© Simón García
© Simón García

Architects: Pich-Aguilera Architects Location: Ametlla de Mar, Spain Architects: Felipe Pich-Aguilera Baurier, Teresa Batlle Pagés Project Team: Angel Sendarrubias, Xavier Milanés, Pau Casaldaliga Project Manager: Iván Acevedo Project Year: 2010 Photographs: Simón García

© Simón García © Simón García © Simón García © Simón García +14

House RA / Pablo Anzilutti

02:01 - 3 August, 2012
© Federico Cairoli
© Federico Cairoli

Architects: Pablo Anzilutti Location: Santa Fe, Santa Fe Province, Argentina Project Year: 2012 Photographs: Federico Cairoli

© Federico Cairoli © Federico Cairoli © Federico Cairoli © Federico Cairoli +21

Holiday Home at Aluksnes Lake / AB3D Ltd.

16:00 - 3 July, 2012
© Edgars Gribusts
© Edgars Gribusts

Architects: AB3D Ltd. Location: Alūksne District, Latvia Project Year: 2011 Project Area: 386 sqm Photographs: Māris Lapiņš, Edgars Gribusts, AB3D

Courtesy of AB3D © Māris Lapiņš © Māris Lapiņš © Māris Lapiņš +24

ASM International World Headquarters Renovation / The Chesler Group and Dimit Architects

15:00 - 7 March, 2012
© Jeff Goldberg ESTO
© Jeff Goldberg ESTO

The ASM International World Headquarters, originally constructed in 1959, is an architectural composition by two influential designers during the mid-twentieth century: John Terence Kelly, who studied under Bauhaus-founder Walter Gropius, and R. Buckminster Fuller, well known for his geodesic domes, environmentally-conscious designs and the dymaxion car.  The complex includes the building, dome and garden on the 45-acre site known as Materials Park.  The renovation, led by The Chesler Group and Dimit Architectsbrings new life to Kelly’s building.  According to Architectural Record, (Snapshot, Laura Raskin), Michael Chesler of The Chesler Group, campaigned to salvage the architectural marvel, giving it a place in the National Register of Historic Places and using tax credits to fund the renovation.

Pictures and details of the renovation after the break.

Fire Update and Interior Tour of Le Corbusier's Unité d' Habitation in Marseille

15:00 - 21 February, 2012
© Guillermo Hevia García
© Guillermo Hevia García

In an article originally published on Plataforma Arquitectura, Guillermo Hevia Garcia describes his experience when visiting the Unité d’ Habitation in Marseille, France, also known as Cité Radieuse. On February 9th, the building was overcome by a large fire that was said to have been started due to a heating problem. The blaze took  hundreds of firefighters nearly a day and a half to put it out. Eight residential units and four hotel rooms were destroyed, and approximately 35 other units were severely damaged by smoke or action relief. Most residents have returned home to the Unité d’ Habitation, Le Corbusier‘s thesis on domestic life, as they continue to live the communal life that the renowned architect dreamt up.

Read on for more after the break.

© Guillermo Hevia García © Guillermo Hevia García © Guillermo Hevia García © Guillermo Hevia García +13

Wimmer Medien Business Center and Urban Development / Atelier Thomas Pucher

04:00 - 10 January, 2012

The proposal for the Wimmer Medien Business Center and Urban Development in Linz, Austria by Atelier Thomas Pucher recently won the third prize in the international invited competition. Their main concept is the creation of a 33,600 m2 gross floor area central public space that recovers the mystical feeling of the Italian piazzas, offering flexibility to host the most variety of events and activities, like ice-skating, Christmas market or outdoors cinema. This piazza is also a central point for the social life of the building, providing outdoors spaces for the offices, significant synergies for the commercial area and a feeling of the life of the city to the apartments. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Video: Taltal Public Library

15:00 - 2 December, 2011

Take a tour through the newly built Taltal Public Library, designed by Santiago based firm Murua-Valenzuela. The small town project is located opposite of the main square and close to the Alhambra Theater, which was also recently refurbished by the architects. Responding to a narrow site of 7 by 40 meters while being situated between mediators, the architects conducted a series of indoor spaces in order to “avoid the domestic condition.” The spaces of varying heights house the library activities and end with a reading room that is connected to an interior courtyard. Construction has been completed and the Taltal Public Library is already in use.

UK Monument Preston Bus Station at Risk

13:00 - 11 November, 2011

The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is calling for international attention to the 1969 Preston Bus Station. Once the world’s largest bus station, the brutalist monument is scheduled for demolition as part of the city center’s redevelopment plan. The building is one of thirty UK “at risk” sites featured by WMF.

Video: Salk Institute / Louis Kahn

13:01 - 8 November, 2011

This short film by Pablo Casals-Aguirre captures the formal perfection and daily life within Louis Kahn’s architectural masterpiece, the Salk Institute. Kahn was commissioned in 1959 to design the inspiring facility for scientific research. The iconic facility became a designated San Diego Historical Landmark in 1991 and continues to attract daily admirers from all corners of the earth.

House in Beauvallon / Raphaëlle Segond Architecte

13:30 - 6 September, 2011
© Philippe Ruault
© Philippe Ruault

Architect : Raphaëlle Segond Architecte Location: Domaine de Beauvallon, Township of Grimaud, France Project Team: Jonhattan Inzerillo, Project Manager Concrete & masonry : Paul Ciotta & Fils, maçons Windows crafters : Maria Aluminium Electrician : Nicolas Espitalier électricité Project Area: 250 sqm Project Year: 2011 Photographs: Philippe Ruault

© Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault +29

Recycling+Building Materials

09:00 - 7 August, 2011
© Paula Bailey - Used under <a href=''>Creative Commons</a>
© Paula Bailey - Used under Creative Commons

In today’s world “going green” has become a top priority in our society, and sustainable buildings and design are at the forefront of this green revolution. While many designers are focusing on passive and active energy systems, the reuse of recycled materials is beginning to stand out as an innovative, highly effective, and artistic expression of sustainable design. Reusing materials from existing on site and nearby site elements such as trees, structures, and paving is becoming a trend in the built environment, however more unorthodox materials such as soda cans and tires are being discovered as recyclable building materials. Materials and projects featured after the break.

Library Of The Present: Communal Information In Physical Space

09:00 - 6 August, 2011
© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

The Internet is now the library of the past. Where the public library has historically served as the primary source of information gathering and dissemination, we now look to this new virtual, infinitely large library that can be accessed anywhere at any time as the Library of the present.

As a result, the primary roles of today’s physical libraries have shifted. Libraries of the past focused primarily on individualized information consumption. Communal aspects of interaction and information dissemination now represent the core mission of the library when information is more easily accessible. The silent grand beaux-arts reading rooms of New York or Boston have of the past been transformed into flexible communal “living rooms” in Seattle.

PAS House / Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe

08:30 - 20 July, 2011
© Sam Mc Guire/Etnies
© Sam Mc Guire/Etnies

A unique concept the PAS House is imagined to be a place to both live and skateboard.  The skateable surface of the home, interior to exterior, fluidly moves from the ground to the wall and then to the ceiling in a continuous surface forming a tube of a 10ft diameter. The PAS House will be constructed in Malibu, California for Pierre Andre Senizerques (PAS), a former World Champion and Pro Skater as well as Founder and Owner of Sole Technology, the design by Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe divides the home into three separate spaces; including a living room, dining area, and kitchen, the second one includes a bedroom and bathroom and the third a skateboard practice area.

© Sam Mc Guire/Etnies © Skateboarder Magazine © Skateboarder Magazine © Gil Lebon Delapointe/Etnies +19

Architects: Francois Perrin and Gil Lebon Delapointe Location: Malibu, California (house); Exhibition Public Domaine/Skateboard Culture, La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France (prototype) Client: Pierre Andre Senizergues Project Area: 2,200 sqf (house); 700 sqf (prototype) Project Year: 2011 Photographs: Mike Manzoori and Sam Mc Guire

Tallinn Music High School, Ballet School and Georg Otsa Music School / Atelier Thomas Pucher

12:30 - 11 July, 2011

The key concept of this project was to create not only a building but also a new meaningful city space connecting the people, the place, its history and their music. The building delimits the boundaries of the plot, enclosing an expanse of green at its core: a garden that is urban yet isolated from the hubbub of the city.

In Progress: Dubai Pearl / Schweger Associated Architects

21:00 - 9 July, 2011

Construction of Schweger Associated ArchitectsDubai Pearl is continuing. The groundwork, foundations, basements and lower grounds floors of the four towers which form the central section of Phase 1 of the development is now complete. A total of 3.5 million man hours have so far been spent since work started on site and over 60,000 cubic meter of concrete has been poured on one of the largest construction projects still being developed in the UAE.

In Progess: Memorial Church of Heroes / Boczkó Architects

14:00 - 2 June, 2011
© Courtesy of Boczkó Architects
© Courtesy of Boczkó Architects

Architects: Boczkó Architects Location: Vác, Hungary Project Team: Zoltán Gábor Szepesi & Zsuzsanna Mohai Landscaping: Hajlék Tervező Bt., Vácduka Structural Engineering: Kerek és Pintér Kft, Budapest Electrical Engineering: Dinamic Kft, Gödöllő Building Services: Mopemedia Kft, Vác Fire Services: Brolex Kft, Budapest Project area: 360 sqm Project year: 2010-2011 Photographs: Ákos Boczkó

© Ákos Boczkó © Ákos Boczkó © Courtesy of Boczkó Architects © Courtesy of Boczkó Architects +34

Rainha Santa Isabel Secondary School / Oficina Ideias em Linha

14:00 - 23 May, 2011
© Francisco Nogueira
© Francisco Nogueira

Architects: Oficina Ideias em Linha – José Laranjeira Location: Estremoz, Portugal Project area: 13,000 sqm Project year: 2007 – 2010 Photographs: Francisco Nogueira

© Francisco Nogueira © Francisco Nogueira © Francisco Nogueira © Francisco Nogueira +31

Karoo Wilderness Center / Field Architecture

20:00 - 16 May, 2011

The Karoo Wilderness Center represents a significant shift in perspective and practice, sponsoring and provoking the learning, dialogue, and action necessary to redefine the consequence of human inhabitation on the land. The Center aims to re-establish the connection between the built and natural world as one that is mutually beneficial. Forming an exemplary model of sustainability, the Center generates its own energy, harvests its own water, processes its own waste, and provides thermal comfort using no municipal water or power. Learning from the continuum of life in the Karoo, the architecture of the Center provides a lasting connection to the landscape, and fosters an understanding of the interdependence of ecosystem health, and human well being.

Architect: Field Architecture Location: Karoo, South Africa Project Team: Stan Field, Jess Field (Design Principals), Andy Lin, Erik Bloom, Chris Graesser Structural Engineers: Arup Conservation Management: Wilderness Foundation South Africa Environmental Impact Analysis: Integrated Environmental Management Project Area: 21,800 sqf