LIA Passenger Terminal Building / Edit!

Courtesy of

The LIA Passenger Terminal Building for , China by Edit! was developed to respond the surrounding urban structure, and to create a visually striking landmark that will act as a gate point for the city. It is designed with the intention to become an iconic character for the city while becoming an environmentally-efficient structure.

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Matsu Flagship Store / EXH Design

© Meng Studio

Architects: EXH Design
Location: Zhaojiabang Road, ,
Project area: 1,800 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Meng Studio

Fine Arts School / Synarchitects

© Courtesy of

Architects: Synarchitects
Location: Beijing,
Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 136,000 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of Synarchitects

NJFS CEO Office / EXH Design

© Meng Studio

Architects: EXH Design
Location: Ruanjian Avenue, Nanjing,
Project area: 3,200 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Meng Studio

Architects in Mission Architecture Competition: “Post- Industry Age, Green Transformation”

Courtesy of Architects in Mission

This year the Architects In Mission (AIM) competition committee is hosting its annual competition for architecture students and young professionals to demonstrate their design skills and abilities.  The topic this year is “Post-Industry Age, Green Transformation” where participants will be asked to redesign a Beijing factory, the biggest in .

The site is a part of the Central Business District of China and is heavily influenced by the rapid urbanization.  Green Transformation aims to make use of the land resource, spatial quality and other conditions of the old industrial zones, and transform the previous heavy industrial production to new industries with low-pollution and low-energy consumption.  It is geared toward the rehabilitation of brownfields, and creating diverse cultural spaces within the developing cities.

For more information on the competition visit AIM’s website

waa Wins 1st Place in Xian International Wetland Park Competition


waa and Xian university of Technology and Architecture institute is pleased to announce their recent successful pitch to design XIAN’s new cultural hub. The Scheme incorporates 9 museums 3km south of central Xian. The Council envisages the project as an investment for future growth in the rapid modern technology’s and design sector to benefit the next generation of young Artists, designers and Animators. It is hoped that Xian can progress from the success of the recent Ecological world expo and fuse itself in the minds of the International consciousness.

In Progress: Sky Courts / Höweler + Yoon Architecture

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Sky Courts is a 20,000 sqf corporate club house that incorporate short-term housing, office space, and entertainment facilities utilizing the logics of the courtyard and sloped roof. The project packs several courtyards into a defined perimeter and utilizes the sloped roof to accommodate program in the wedge between courtyards, allowing the project to read as 100% courtyard from above. The complex lacks a single center; instead it is a network with multiple centers, and multiple paths, edges and liners. The sequence through these precincts creates a series of layered spaces that line exterior spaces, and views from one courtyard might look through perimeter spaces and into other courtyards.

XL+ Office Space / Great City & Architecture

© Wenjie HU

Architects: Great City & Architecture
Location: , China
Project area: 250 sqm
Project year: 2009 – 2010
Photographs: Wenjie HU

Pazhou Masterplan / Goettsch Partners

Courtesy of Goettsch Partners

A master plan by Goettsch Partners (GP) has been selected as the winning scheme in the design competition for a prominent site in the new Pazhou district in , . The Pazhou Masterplan will consist of three urban parcels that form a triangular site, which is planned for seven buildings totaling 428,000 square meters. The client and developer is Poly Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd., ’s leading state-owned real estate company.

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Tianmen Mountain Restaurant / Liu Chongxiao

© Courtesy of Liu Chongxiao

Architects: Liu Chongxiao
Location: Guilin,
Design group: Beijing Tong he Shan zhi Landscape Design Co.
Project team: Liu Chongxiao, He Rong, Wu Xi, Ren Sijie
Planning team: Jiang Bo, Mo Keli, Wang Chao
Project area: 627 sqm
Project year: 2011
Photographs: Deng Xixun, Liu Chongxiao, He Rong, Song Yan

Southern Island of Creativity / Chengdu Urban Design Research Center

bird's eye view 01

Designed by Chengdu Urban Design Research Center, the “Southern Island of Creativity” is the start-up phase land of the Eastern New Town which endeavors to develop creative industry and is one of the 13 strategic function zones of future , . The Eastern New Town consists of three “Islands” based on their varied topography. The southern one is located in hallow hills, which stands adjacent to the art village which came into being spontaneously. The design team for this project consisted of architects Liu Gang, Zhang Yang, Yu Jia, Lan Mi, and Xu Xin. More images and architects’ description after the break.

International Design Ideas Competition for Liantang – Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building / A.Lo Design

Courtesy of

This submission for the Internation Design Ideas Competition for Liantang was designed by A.Lo Design for Hong Kong, on a site bridged between the urban fabric of Liantang and the natural site of Heung Yuen Wai.  Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building sits within the boundary and balancing point between city and nature.  The design philosophy of the project is to redefine the nature of infrastructural facilities that embrace nature rather than destroying and replacing it.

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Mixed Use Center in Zhangjiagang / ATKINS

Courtesy ATKINS

ATKINS Shanghai has recently completed the design concept for a future skyscraper/mixed use center for the future central business district of , . Additional renderings, plans and a description from the architects can be found after the jump.

Ai Weiwei is free at last. Plus photos of his architecture work in Beijing

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre

“You’re not going to find any of ’s work being shown in Beijing”, said each Beijing gallery representative. That’s because the artist and agent provocateur has been detained for 80 days now was released today, from what the government is saying was based on “economic charges”. The name “Ai Weiwei” has joined a long list of sensitive words in this country, and associating yourself with the artist has become tantamount to asking for trouble. Just ask the Chinese curator who was questioned by authorities after putting Ai Weiwei’s name under a blank wall in Beijing’s Incident Art Festival.

While Beijing’s lively art scene might currently be scrubbed clean of Ai Weiwei’s work, there’s one thing that’s a little difficult to “harmonize” away, as it’s known here. In 1999, Ai Weiwei began moving into the world of architecture, establishing his own architecture studio called FAKE design four years later. So Ai Weiwei’s artistic vision continues to stand in the form of buildings across the nation’s capital. The most concentrated of these is the artist district of Caochangdi, a few kilometres north of the more commercial art district called 798. It’s also the location of the artist’s studio and where he headed straight to after his release.

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Wangfujing Mixed-Use Center / Latitude Studio with BIAD

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The Wangfujing Center in Beijing, China is a mixed-use space designed by Latitude Studio. The intention of the proposal is to design an architectural solution that provides a container for an endless possibility of experiences. To achieve this, Latitude Studio considered the role of the atrium in Roman architecture, which injects the space with light and air.

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Shanghai Museum of Glass / Logon Architecture

© logon |

Architects: logon |
Location: Shanghai,
Project area: 29,612 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of logon |

Brownstone Bar / Kokaistudios

© Charlie Xia

Architects: Kokaistudios
Location: , China
Interior design: Andrea Destefanis, Pietro Peyron, Carmen Lee
Client: Blue Horizon Hospitality Group
Project area: 130 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Charlie Xia

Courtyard Urbanism / Adrian Yee Cheung Lo, Ray Jiaheng Zhang, and Patricia Tung Yan Ng

Courtesy of , Ray Jiaheng Zhang, and

Courtyard Urbanism is a project by University of Hong Kong students Adrian Yee Cheung Lo, Ray Jiaheng Zhang, and Patricia Tung Yan Ng which was selected for the Gold prize at the IDesign Awards.  The project aims to reinvent the traditional Chinese courtyards in a contemporary setting where density and increased building heights affect the social dynamic of residential architecture.

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