Casa Avenal / Carlos Castanheira

© – FG+SG

Architects: Carlos Castanheira
Location: Avenal, 3720,
Architect In Charge: Carlos Castanheira & Clara Bastai, Arqtos Lda
Design Team: Hellen van het hart, Sofia Reis, Duarte Rodrigues, Demis Lopes, Luís Calheiros
Photographs: Fernando Guerra – FG+SG

The Building on the Water / Álvaro Siza + Carlos Castanheira

© | FG + SG

Architects: Álvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira
Location: Huai’an, Jiangsu, China
Architects In Charge: Álvaro Siza e
Local Partner: United Architects & Engineers Co., Ltda
Project Management: Stephen Want & Richard Wang
Client: Por-Shih, Diretor da Shihlien Chemical Industrial Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
Project Area: 11000 sqm
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG + SG

Fernando Guerra Captures Álvaro Siza’s First Project in China

© | FG+SG

We are excited to share these exclusive photos taken by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG of Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza’s first project in China: .

Evoking the image of a dragon perched elegantly on water, the contours of the building seem to move gently in a perfect synergy between local symbolism and the subtle elements of Siza. Snaking around, the form escapes formal convention, emerging as an autonomous entity that contrasts with the orthogonal form of the factory complex. The delicate transition geometry of curves and bridges that connect the different spaces and pavements makes this project one of the most striking examples of Siza’s distinctive architecture.

Through different shades, reflections and his unmatched composition of light and shadows, Fernando Guerra’s striking images show a poetic scene and the perfect relationship between the building and its environment. We can envision the changes and transitions that the white concrete building goes through as a result of its contact with the water throughout the day.

Read on after the break to see the exclusive images…

Alvaro Siza’s Taifong Golf Club Opens in Changhua, Taiwan

© Fernando Guerra |

Today, Pritzker Prize-winning architect Álvaro Siza and architect Carlos Castanheira will inaugurate the Taifong Golf Club, in Changhua, Taiwan. 

The two Portuguese architects began the recently-completed project in 2009. The clubhouse includes spaces for recreational and cultural events and activities. The building demonstrates a rich relationship between the landscape and local culture.

Architects: Álvaro Siza and
Local Partner | Project Management and Construction Supervision: Ho+Hou Studio Architects and Studio Base Architects
Images of the project—kindly shared with us by architecture photographer Fernando Guerra | FG+SG—can be seen after the break.

Amore Pacific Research & Design Center / Alvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira and Kim Jong Kyu

– Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Architects: Alvaro Siza, Carlos Castanheira and
Location: Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Practice in Portugal: Carlos Castanheira & Clara Bastai
Coordinator: Pedro Carvalho
Collaborators: Eliana Sousa, Im Yo Jin, Ricardo Serra, Patrícia Carvalho, João Figueiredo
Practice in Korea: M.A.R.U. Metropolitan Architecture Research Unit
Coordinator: Kim Soo Young
Collaborators: Min Jun Kee, Jang Byul, Kim Young Soon, Lee Zoo Hwa
Project Area: 26,029 sqm
Project Year: 2008-2010
Photographs: FG+SG –Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra