Architecture City Guide: New Orleans

In preparation for this year’s 2011 our Architecture City Guide is headed to the Big Easy. For the attendees, next weekend, the AIA chapter has prepared an architecture city guide with 250 buildings worth seeing. Therefore our meager list of 12 hardly covers the wonderful buildings to visit. Lets us know your favorites that are not on our list in the comment section below.

The Architecture City Guide: New Orleans list and corresponding map after the break

Pinstripe / buildingstudio

© Anastasia Laurenzi

Architects: buildingstudio
Location: Wayne County, TN,
Project Team: Coleman Coker, Jonathan Tate, Anastasia Laurenzi, David Dieckhoff, Ana Zannoni
Engineering: Kevin Poe Structural Engineer
General Contractor: JRB Construction
Project Area: 1,630 sq ft
Budget: $250,000.00
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Anastasia Laurenzi

Trapezoid / buildingstudio

© Anastasia Laurenzi

Architects: buildingstudio
Location: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Design Team: Coleman Coker, Jonathan Tate, David Dieckhoff, Carl Batton Kennon, Collette Reid
Structural Engineers: Logan Patri Engineering
Civil Engineering: ETI Corporation
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: V.T. Gala Engineering
Consultant: Antonio Bologna, Architect
Landscape: Harriet McGeorge Landscape Design
General contractor: Patton & Taylor Enterprises
Project Area: 19,000 sq ft
Budget: US $1,780,000.00
Project Year: 2006
Photographs: Anastasia Laurenzi

Patterson Ob/Gyn / buildingstudio

© Timothy Hursley

Architects: buildingstudio
Location: Appling Road, Memphis, Tennessee,
Design Team: Coleman Coker, Jonathan Tate, David Dieckhoff, Christopher Schmidt, Carl Batton Kennon
Interior Designer: Emily Summers Associates, Interior Design
General Contractor: Patton & Taylor Enterprises
Landscape: The Landscape Studio, Meridian, MS
Project Area: 3,200 sq ft
Budget: US $630,000
Project Year: 2005
Photographs: Timothy Hursley

Alligator / buildingstudio

© Will Crocker

Architects: buildingstudio
Location: , LA, USA
Design Team: Coleman Coker, David Dieckhoff, Varuni Edussuriya, Tom Holloman, Jonathan Tate
Client: Neighborhood Housing Services
General Contractor: Evolution Builders
Project Area: 960 sq ft
Budget: US $116,000
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Will Crocker & Undine Prohl