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Nowa Huta of the Future Proposal / BudCud + Centrala + ARUP

Nowa Huta of The Future, designed by BudCud, Centrala, and ARUP, is aimed at being a brand new direction of touristic experiences and a recreational map of Krakow. Their strategy has a potential of engaging new groups of potential investors and the residents of whole region. Nowa Huta of The Future is what the city needs to become world class metropolis. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Osiedle Przyjaź University Campus / BudCud

The proposal by BudCud for the Osiedle Przyjaźń 2.0 is an innovative university campus located in the center of Bemowo district in Warsaw. Founded in the1950s as a habitat of small wooden houses, filled with an abundance of green areas, the campus is a crucial factor for city development. It is an element, which significantly affects the attractiveness of a district or even a whole city. While retaining its small scale character, their urban arrangement is clearly divided into function zones. Each zone works as a separate unit of a bigger network – sustainable, modern and pro-social estate. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Kyiv Islands Masterplan Proposal / BudCud

Designed by BudCud, the Kyiv Islands masterplan proposal, one of the finalists in the open international urban competition, responds to the ‘genius loci’. In the wild area, it is humble and almost invisible, but where the islands make visual connection to the city, their project gets an urban manner. The areas of different nature preservation status were distinguished with the implementation of loops, stripes, paths and objects – micro islands that create networks. More images and architects’ description after the break.


Courtesy BUDCUD
Courtesy BUDCUD

Polish architects, BUDCUD, has submitted to us their latest project, a sauna complex on the shore of the Vistula River in Warsaw.  Supplementary images, diagrams and a brief description from the architect after the jump.