The A-Z of Brutalism

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The Guardian’s Jonathan Meades has named the “incredible hulks” of Brutalism with a thought provoking A-Z list that ranges from Hans Asplund, who coined the term “nybrutalism,” to California’s fascination with Zapotec-like adornments in the 1960s. Read the list in full and discover why Quebec City, Yugoslavia’s Janko Konstantinov, and Danish architect Jørn Utzon are all considered incredible hulks here.

AD Classics: Balfron Tower / Erno Goldfinger

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The Balfron Tower by architect Erno Goldfinger is an iconic Brutalist residential high rise located in ’s eastside Poplar borough. Designed in 1963 for the County Council and completed in 1967 by the Greater Council, this social housing estate broke the traditions of typical residential architecture. Conceived as a solution to sprawling suburbia, Goldfinger embraced verticality as the cure. More details after the break.

AD Classics: Torre Blancas / Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza

The Torre Blancas is an architectural icon of the Spanish Organicism movement. Designed by and completed in 1969, this exposed tower rises 71 meters above the Madrid skyline. It also stands as one the most complicated and innovative reinforced structures of the era, absent of the typical rectilinear qualities associated with cast-in-place . More details after the break.

Campus Commons, SUNY at New Paltz / ikon.5 architects

© Peter Mauss/Esto

Architect: ikon.5 architects
Location: ,
Project Area: 12,000sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Peter Mauss/Esto