M9-C Building / BP Architectures

Courtesy of BP Architectures

Architects: BP Architectures
Location: ,
Design Team: Jean Bocabeille, Ignacio Prego
Budget: € 25,670,000
Area: 9,845 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of BP Architectures, Sergio Grazia, Luc Boegly

Architecture City Guide: Paris

This week, with the help of our readers, our Architecture City Guide is headed to . For centuries has been the laboratory where innovative architects and artists have come to test their ideas. This has created a city that has bit of everything. Where the architecture of some cities seems to undergo phases of punctuated equilibrium, ’s architectural fossil record gives an impression of gradualism; all the missing links are there. This makes it easy to trace the origins of the most contemporary ideas throughout history. Nothing seems to come out of nowhere. If you look around you kind find the design’s inspiration running through the city’s Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Rocco, Neo-Classical, Empire, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern, Post-Modern, and Contemporary Architecture. Seen in another context, many of ’s buildings might seem out of place, but the bones of this city support the newest iterations on the oldest and most profound questions. The 24 contemporary designs that comprise our list probably should not be viewed outside of this context, even though that is the stated goal of some of the designs.

As the most visited city in the world and arguably the capital of culture, it is impossible to capture the essence of Paris in 24 modern/contemporary designs. Our readers supplied us with great suggestions, and we really appreciate the help and use of their photographs. The list is far from complete and we realize that many iconic buildings are not yet on the list. We will be adding to it in the near feature, so please add more in the comments section below.

The Architecture City Guide: Paris list and corresponding map after the break.

Biscornet / BP Architectures

© Sergio Grazia

Architects: BP Architectures member of Collective PLAN 01
Location: Paris, France
Client: Ministère de la Culture / SAGI – SNI
Engineering: BECT
Project area: 1,609 sqm
Photographs: Sergio Grazia

Picard Nursery / BP Architectures

© BP Architectures

Architects: BP Architectures member of Collective PLAN 01
Location: ,
Client: Ville de Paris/ SLA 18e
Project area: 576 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of BP Architectures

Epinay Nursery School / BP Architectures

Architects: member of Collective PLAN 01
Location: Epinay-sous-Senart, France
Project Manager: Solveig Doat
Structural Engineering: EVP INGENIERIE
Project Area: 1,500 sqm
Budget: $2,000,000 Euro
Project Year: 2006-2010
Photographs: Courtesy of BP Architectures

Twin extentions of 2 elementay schools in Courbevoie / BP Architectures

@ Kozlowski
@ Kozlowski

Architects: (member of PLAN01)
Location: Courbevoie,
Contracting Authority: City of Courbevoie
Contracting Companies: CERP, Roger Renard, Lebrun, ALMA
Project Area: 2,200 sqm
Budget: €3.1 Million
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Frédéric Delangle & Kozlowski

@ Frédéric Delangle @ Kozlowski @ Kozlowski @ Kozlowski

Paris children Hospital’s cases / BP Architectures


Architects: (member of PLAN01)
Location: , France
Client : Trouseau Children Hospital
Project Area : 360 sqm
Project year : 2009
Photographs: Luc Boegly