Bing Thom Architects to Design University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong

Mount Davis, . Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

The has chosen Bing Thom Architects to design a new home for the Chicago Booth Asia Executive MBA Program in Hong Kong. The center will begin construction in October 2014 on Mount Davis, a heritage site that was originally used as a military encampment for the British Army in the 1940s and then a detention center.

Xiqu Center Winning Design / Bing Thom Architects + Ronald Lu & Partners

Street level view of the Xiqu Center, by Bing Thom Architects and & Partners. Photo © West Kowloon Cultural District Authority.

As we reported earlier todayBing Thom Architects and Ronald Lu & Partners are the winners of the competition to design the Xiqu Center, what will be the first of 17 core arts and cultural venues to be opened at the West Kowloon Cultural District.

The Hong-Kong born pair, who have significant experience designing Chinese cultural centers, won out the Master-planners of the District themselves, Foster +  Partners, with a design that embraces traditional Chinese motifs. As the District’s first landmark building, the Xiqu Center, scheduled for commissioning in 2016, will also be the “gateway of access” to the district.

Mrs Carrie Lam, Chairman of the  (WKCDA) Board, noted that the Center’s unique positioning (“Occupying a prime site of 13,800 square metres at the eastern edge of the District on the corner of Canton Road and Austin Road West”) “will enable multi-disciplinary dialogue and interaction between Xiqu and other performing arts. By building this cultural hub, we are investing both in our future and our heritage, to celebrate ’s unique cultural identity.”

Check out more info and images of the winning Xiqu Center design, after the break…

Tarrant County College / Bing Thom Architects

© Nic Lehoux Photography

Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Location: 245 E. Belknap Street, , Texas, USA
Associate Architect: Bennett Benner Pettit (formerly Gideon Toal)
Design Team: Bing Thom, Michael Heeney, Venelin Kokalov, Ling Meng, Francis Yan, Shinobu Homma, Matthew Woodruff, Amirali Javidan, Bibianka Fehr, Lisa Potopsingh, Berit Wooge, Nicole Hu, Michael Motlagh
Client: Tarrant County College
Photographs: Nic Lehoux Photography

Bing Thom and the Surrey City Centre Library: How architects are using Facebook and Twitter for public design

Courtesy of Bing Thom Architects

Facing an abbreviated schedule for the information-gathering phase of the Surrey City Centre LibaryBing Thom Architects (BTA) turned to for real-time public input. The result was spectacular!

in November 2009 Bing Thom, winner of the 2011 RAIC gold medal, was commissioned to build a $36M, 80,000 square foot library in the Vancouver suburb. Funds for the library project, from Canada’s Federal Infrastructure program, mandated that the money be used by strict deadline or be lost. But with little time for standard due dilligence , BTA launched a library websiteFacebook pageYouTube presenceTwitter account, and RSS feed, inviting public comment. The sites were populated with images of the project and invited users to publish their own images and text regarding their ideas for the future library in an online “ideasbook.”

The respondent group was more diverse than the crowd that usually shows up for public forums. The largest percentage of the library’s 487 Facebook fans, for example, are under 25. The second largest are women, age 35-44.

Check out FASTCO Design’s coverage of Bing Thom’s use of social media in the design of the Surrey City Centre Library.

In Progress: Surrey City Centre Library / Bing Thom Architects

Courtesy of Bing Thom Architects

The new Surrey City Centre Library, designed by Vancouver-based Bing Thom Architects (BTA), is set to open on September 24, 2011. This new building marks the next phase of a major civic investment in the area that will continue the transformation of downtown Surrey, from sprawling suburb to the Region’s next great downtown, which began with BTA’s Central City project. Creating dynamic environments that look to the future of Surrey is nothing new to BTA. Nearly a decade ago, the firm designed the incredibly vibrant Central City, which sits down the street from the new Surrey Library. The architectural and social innovation evident at Central City—a fusion of office space, a shopping center and a university—is further exemplified in BTA’s library design.

Architect: Bing Thom Architects Inc.
Location: 10350 University Drive, Surrey, ,
Project Team: Bing Thom, Michael Heeney, Venelin Kokalov, Ling Meng, Francis Yan, John Camfield, Shinobu Homma, Robert Sandilands, Marcos Hui, Lisa Potopsingh, Harald Merk, Berit Wooge, Dan Du, Michael Motlagh, Nicole Hu
Landscape Architect: Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 82,000 sqf
Photographs: Courtesy of Bing Thom Architects

Bing Thom Works / Bing Thom Architects

We recently received a book by , a firm we have previously featured. Beyond the traditional display of selected projects this book provides a range of essays by Bing Thom that deal with the questions he has been asking throughout his career. “What is architecture? What is the right approach to architectural design?” These essays provide a nice backdrop to the diverse range of projects presented in this monograph. It is easy to see how Bing Thom has tried to explore these questions with different scales and programs.

SAIT Parkade / Bing Thom Architects

© Peter Beech

Vancouver-based Bing Thom Architects has just completed a new three-level parkade on the campus of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. At more than 380,000 sqf and with dimensions of 260’ by 560’, this structure and its accompanying road realignments consolidate and rationalize the current sprawled distribution of campus parking into a central facility. In turn, this structure both frees up developable land for additional facilities and uses parking as a means of reinvigorating campus life. Given the massive size of the building, the primary design challenge was mitigating its actual and perceived scale. BTA established a profound relationship between the building and its surrounding landscape by nestling the building into an existing hillside under an existing playing field where the SAIT Trojans play year-round, leaving only the east and south sides of the parkade fully visible. The roof level is the same as the ground level of the gothic Heritage Hall – one of the centerpieces of the campus – so that the building does not obstruct views of the historic 1921 building. Glass pyramids articulate the staircases and create atria that allow natural light down into the structure.

Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Location: SAIT Main Campus, 1301 16th Ave NW, Calgary, , Canada
Architect of Record: Marshall Tittemore Architects
Project Team: Bing Thom, Michael Heeney, Venelin Kokalov, Ling Meng, Shinobu Homma, Jacqueline Wiles, Derek Kaplan, Yong Sun, Marshall () Bill Marshall, John Souleles, Paul O’Rourke (Tittemore Architects)
Structural Engineer: Cohos Evamy integratedesign
Mechanical/Civil Engineer: AECOM Canada Inc
Electrical Engineer: Crossey Engineering Ltd, Beaubien Maskell Engineering Inc
Landscape Architect: SWA Group, IBI Landplan
Geotechnical: EBA Engineering Consultants Ltd
Building Code: LMDG Building Code Consultants
Specifications: Marshall Tittemore Architects
Traffic: Bunt & Associates
Costing: Western Cost Consultants
Lighting: Crossey Engineering, William Lam
Construction: PCL Construction Management Inc.
Project Manager: MKT Arkle Development Management Inc
Project Area: 387,000 sqf
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Nic Lehoux (Courtesy of Bing Thom Architects), Peter Beech

London Festival of Architecture Canada House / Bing Thom Architects

© Morley von Sternberg

Inspired by interwoven twigs of birds’ nests—a form that supports and steadies itself—Bing Thom Architects and Fast + Epp Structural Engineers joined forces to showcase a new and unexpected design innovation using wood from British Columbia. As part of the “Embassies Project” for the Festival of Architecture (LFA), House was transformed into a demonstration of Vancouver architectural and design expertise with an undulating, 30-foot-high wooden wall wrapped around the corner of the historic embassy building.

Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Location: London, England
Structural Engineer: Paul Fast & Gerry Epp, Fast + Epp Structural Engineers
Contractor: Angus Beattie & Brian Woudstra, StructureCraft Builders
Project Year: 2008
Photographs: Morley von Sternberg

The Sunset Community Centre / Bing Thom Architects

© Nic Lehoux

The Sunset Community Centre was conceived as a link between nature and the vibrant multi-cultural communities that surround it. Unique yet not foreign to its surroundings, Sunset Community Centre is an elegant and transparent building, carefully sited on a major thoroughfare to give the building visibility and accessibility to the community. The back and sides of the building serve as a background for outdoor activities with its spectacular southern views and setting among the fields, greenhouses and planting beds of the adjacent Park Board site.

Architect: Bing Thom Architects
Location: 6810 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Project Team: Michael Heeney, John Camfield Venelin Kokalov, Francis Yan, Arno Matis, Eric Boelling, Shinobu Homma, Marcos Hui
Structure Engineer: Gerry Epp & John Miller, Fast + Epp / StructureCraft
Mechanical/Electrical Engineer: Jason Weir, Roger Sum, Stantec
Landscape Architect: Blair Guppy, Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg
Builder: Peter Bazilewich & Alex Strega, Haebler Construction
Code Equivalency: Ken Chow & Susana Chui, Pioneer Consultants
Cost: George Evans, LEC Quantity Surveyors
Parking: David Tam, Bunt & Associates
Acoustics: Bob Strachan, Brown Strachan Associates
Commissioning: Kevin May, Airmec Systems
Geotechnical/Civil Engineer: Steven Fofonoff, GeoPacific Consultants
Project Area: 30,000 sqf
Project Year: 2007
Photographs: Nic Lehoux, Ergi Bozyigit

Arena Stage / Bing Thom Architects

© Nic Lehoux

Arena Stage at the Mead Center for American Theater doubles the company’s previous facilities.  The design by Bing Tom Architects included restoring two historic theaters, Fichandler and Kreeger,  and adding a new experimental theater, Kogod Cradle.  A wood and glass structure encase all three theaters topped by a sculptural and dramatic cantilevered roof.  Bing Thom Architects thoughtful site design has turned this project into a catalyst in the SW Washington community spurring redevelopment with in the surrounding areas.

Architects: Bing Thom Architects
Location: , United States
Principal: Bing Thom, Michael Heeney
Project Director: James Brown
Project Team: Brian Ackerman
, John Camfield, 
Venelin Kokalev, Ling Meng, Michael Motlagh, Francis Yan, Harald Merk, Berit Wooge, Bibianka Fehr, Dan Du, Nicole Hu, Robert Sandilands, Bonnie Thom
, Amirali Javidan, 
Shinobu Homma, 
Derek Kaplan, 
Marcos Hui, Rose Chung
Acoustical Engineer: Talaske
Theater Consultant: Fisher Dachs Associates
Structural Engineer: Fast & Epp
Electrical Engineers: Stantec, in association with Vanderweil Engineers
Mechanical Engineers: Yoneda & Associates
Mechanical Design/Build: Southland Industries
Code Consultant: LMDG in association with Koffel Associates
Glazing Consultant: RA Heintges & Associates
Lighting Design: William Lam
Civil Engineers: Wiles Mensch Corporation
General Contractor: Clark Construction
Construction Manager: KCM, Paeonian
Client: Arena Stage
Project Area: 200,000 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Nic Lehoux, Courtesy of