Healthcare Center and Regional Government Offices / BAT + ARQUITECNICA

© Aitor Esteves

Location: Cuenca, Spain
Architect In Charge: Peru Cañada, Roberto Moreno
Collaborating Architect: Nuria Martín Alcaraz
Area: 12325.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Aitor Esteves

Eco-Zone Winning Proposal / BAT + Arquitecnica + LaSuma Paisajistas

Courtesy of + Arquitecnica +

BAT + Arquitecnica + LaSuma Paisajistas shared with us their first prize winning proposal in the Eco-Zone competition for a center for cultural and linguistic diversity and an energy platform (renewable + energy efficiency technologies), including all their necessary content of museographic character. Their proposal aims to value the pre-existing built and landscape of the estate Zabalegi in San Sebastian. The architects seek to remember through their intervention, raising some core structural sections that are born from the house of the Indian, that the first stone or seed of this project was planted by Mr. Arteaga when he to donated his plot performing an act of social responsibility. More images and architects’ description after the break.