a+u 529: Recent Projects

Courtesy of Shinkenchiku-sha

The October issue of a+u introduces 14 recent works from around the globe. In particular, the issue is focused on architecture that emerged from the relationship with the urban structures or the developmental history of the site. Over time, they influence and transform the surrounding environment. Architects employ diverse “tactics” in order to create such architecture: collaborating with the residents, relating to the neighboring buildings and open spaces, diversifying the building’s programs, and employing intricate construction details. In this issue, we focus our attention on the process of conceiving the projects driven by various tactics. We invite our readers to look beyond a single building and examine the works’ possibilities to be used in a long span of time.

House Ampudrán / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

© Adriá Goula

Architects: b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Location: Carrer de l’Empordà, ,
Design Team: Fermín Vázquez, Adriana Plasencia, Antonio Buendía, Anais Blanc, Gaëlle Lauxerrois, María Ros
Area: 400 sqm
Photographs: Adriá Goula

Mercat Encants / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

© Rafael Vargas

Architects: b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Location: Gran Via-Pl de les Glòries, ,
Design Team: Fermín Vázquez, Francesc de Fuentes, Cristina Algas, Sonia Cruz, Guillermo Weiskal, Albert Freixes, Gemma Ojea, Javier Artieda, Angel Gaspar, Oriol Roig, Juan Pablo Porta, Leonardo Novelo Jorge Mascaray, Francisco Marques, Helia Pires, Elies Porta, Tosca Salinas, Myriam Gonzalez, Nastascha Gergoff, Egbert Oosterhoff
Area: 35,440 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Rafael Vargas

New Waterfront for Porto Alegre / b720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos

commercial center: © b720

b720 Fermin Vazquez Arquitectos shared with us their plan for a new waterfront in the city of , . The project, which includes a 2.5-km stretch of waterfront in the city’s dock area, is aimed at transforming the Cais Mauá dock area, a rundown, disused part of the city, into a business, culture and leisure centre for the 2014 World Cup. The project, to revitalize the former dock area, is expected to cost approximately E198 million. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Costa Brava Gran Casino / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

© Adrià Goula

Architects: b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos
Location: Lloret de Mar,
Competition Team: Fermín Vázquez, Sebastián Khourian, Juan Pablo Porta, Markus Jacoby, Paulo Moreira
Project Team: Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Sebastián Khourian, Juan Pablo Porta, Andrés Gorini, Nicolás Perfumo, Leonardo Novelo, Giusy Ottonelly, Valeria Merola, Ana Vicente-Arche, Paulo Moreira, Zelia Alvés, Carles Martínez-Almoyna, Laura Marticorena
Interiors: David Pablo, Zelia Alvés, Gaëlle Lauxerrois, Anaïs Blanc, Sandra Palou, Diana Singla
Digital Model: Oriol Roig, Magdalena Ostornol, Iván Arellano
Model: Miquel Lluch, Omar Vejar and Ángel Gaspar
Client: Gran Casino Costa Brava, S.L.
Contractor: Proinosa
Structure: BOMA
Services: JG Asociados
Rigger: Técnics G3
Lighting Consultor: Artec3
Landscape: Arquitectura Agronomía
Project Area: 31,123.38 sqm
Project Year: 2007–2010
Photographs: Adriá Goula

City of Justice Barcelona & L’Hospitalet de Llobregat / David Chipperfield + b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

© Christian Richters

Architects:  (David Chipperfield Architects) – Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos) Location: Gran Via de les Corts 111, , Spain Client: GISA, Departament de Justicia (Generalitat de Catalunya) Promotor: GISA, Departament de Justicia (Generalitat de Catalunya) Contractor: U.T.E. Ciudad de la Justicia (Fomento, Ferrovial, Ohl, Comapa y Emte) Structures: Brufau, Obiol, Moya i Associats: Agustí Obiol, Jane Wernick Associates: Jane Wernick Services: Grupo JG Ingenieros Consultores: Joan Gallostra, Arup: Andrew Sedgwick Lighting Consultant: Artecluminotecnia: Maurici Ginés, Arup: Florence Lam, Bob Venning Façade Consultant: Biosca & Botey: Xavier Farrés, Estudio Marshall: Guillermo Marshall Landscape Consultant: Manuel Colominas, Wirtz International: Nico Mortier, Juan Remon, Peter Wirtz Urban Planning Consultant: Estanislau Roca Arquitecte & Associats: Estanislau Roca Acoustics Consultant: Estudi Acústic H. Arau: Higini Arau Digital Images: Carlos Pascual; David Chipperfield Architects, b720 Arquitectos, Javier Piedra, Studio Toni Yli-Suvanto Interior Models: b720 Arquitectos, David Chipperfield Architects, Miquel Llunch, Matthew Marchbank, Vista Models Project Area: 232,368.72 sqm Competition Year: March 2002 Project Year: 2004–2009 Photographs: Christian RichtersJoan Argelés

Lleida Airport / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

© Nelson Garrido

Architects: b720
Location: Alguaire, Lérida,
Project Team: Fermín Vázquez, Peco Mulet, Mónica Xampeny, Zelia Alves, Daniel Valdés, Iván Arellano, Gemma Ojea, Magdalena Ostornol, Egbert Oosterhoof, Sandra Palou, Jaime Luaces, Alessandro Zanchetta, Ángel Gaspar (maquetas)
Ingeniería aeronáutica: Aertec
Client: Aeroports de Catalunya, PTOP
Contractor: UTE Alguaire ( Dragados / Obrum )
Structure: Aertec
Services: Aertec
Project Year: 2008-2010
Project Area: 4.942m2
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

La Mola Conference Centre / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

@ Duccio Malagamba
@ Duccio Malagamba

Architects: b720 Arquitectos
Location: ,
Architect in Charge: Fermin Vazquez
Project Chiefs: Peco Mulet, Fernando Luna, Andreas Moser
Project Team: Pablo González, Laura Marticorena, Carles Martínez-Almoyna, Eduard Miralles, Manuel Rivas, Giussy Ottonelli
On Site Team: Andreas Moser, Eduard Miralles
Client: Layetana Inmobiliaria
Developer: Layetana Inmobiliaria
General Contractor: Costruccions Baldó, S.A.
Structural Engineer: Guillem González (Base 2)
Project Area: 17,400 sqm
Construction Year: 2004-2008
Photographs: Duccio Malagamba

Plaza del Torico / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

@ Duccio Malagamba

Architects: b720 Arquitectos
Location: Teruel,
Architects in Charge: Fermin Vazquez
Project Team: Fermín Vázquez, Agustín Miranda, Pedro Baltar, Sebastián Khourian, María Barbeito, Ana Caffaro, Leyre Ciriza, Ángel Corsino (models), Pedro García, Pablo Garrido, Gustavo Gaudeoso, Guillermo Gutiérrez , Markus Jacobi, Paulo Moreira, Magdalena Ostornol, Javier Piedra, Andrea Rodríguez, Marta Sorribes, Alesandro Zanchetta (graphic design)
Client: Sociedad Municipal Urban Teruel
Developer: Diputación General de Aragón
General Contractor: Acciona
Lighting Consultant: Artec3 Lighting / Maurici Ginés, José Cardona, Jesús González, José Ma Deza
Project Area: 3,730 sqm
Budget: 6,500,000 €
Project Year: 2005-2006
Construction Year: 2006-2007
Photographs: Duccio Malagamba

World Trade Center Iguala / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos

b720 architects won the competition for the World Trade Center at Igualada, . The complex will articulate the existing industrial city with the residential zone, completing a new zone of infrastructure for this developing city.

The complex consist of 4 buildings with a total area of 53.000 sqm, including 530 underground parking spaces. This project will hold offices, retail spaces.

Retail space is located on the lower and first level of the first 3 buildings, as a base to the office space above it as you can see on the rendering. The upper levels are wider than this retail base, creating a covered space for pedestrians. Between the volumes, several spaces will allow for future occupation. Galleries on the upper floors will allow an exterior-interior continuity, integrating the mid-rise volumes with the exterior that starts to become more as a neighborhood than with this new relations, thus answering to the city council requirement to turn this project in not just office space, but a new urban centrality.

There’s only a few more images available (after the break), but we will keep in touch with b720 to bring you more on this project as it develops.

Indra Corporate Building / b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos + R&AS

Architects: Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos) + Carlos Rubio, Enrique Álvarez-Sala (R&AS)
Location: c/Tánger 120, Sector 22@, , España
Program: Edificio corporativo (PB+12) destinado a oficinas y aparcamiento en el sector 22@
Area: 10.375m2
Project and construction: 2004-2006
b720 Arquitectos team: Cristina Algás Ana Caffaro, Laia Isern, Pietro Peyron, Peco Mulet, Alexa Plasencia, Andrea Rodríguez, Miquel Santos
Technical architect: Josep Maria Forteza y Victor Forteza ( Tècnics G-3)
Contractor: G&O – Guinovart&Oshsa
Structure: BOMA
Installations: PGI Grup
Photography: Rafael Vargas

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos unveils design for new market in Barcelona

b720 just informed us that they won the ideas competition for the new Market dels Encants in Barcelona, , commissioned by the city.

Near the iconic Agbar Tower, the project develops as a continuous platform that deals with the topography of the site, covered with a big roof that unifies all the activities on this platform. The roof varies its inclination in order to reflect different views and daylight changes.

Sadly, this is the only picture available. More information soon, as b720 is developing the executive project.

b720 is a spanish studio lead by Fermín Vázquez. They have worked with Jean Nouvel (Agbar Tower, MNCARS) and (America´s Cup Building, Justice City Complex, AV Campus, among others) as local architects.