Sick Childcare Home Proposal / AVP_arhitekti

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Within the location from which the project for the sick childcare home is designed, considering the delicate topic, the basic concept of AVP_arhitekti‘s design is site. All other concepts (space, building, construction, physical production, form design) are subject to that basic concept and are obliged to support it. Attention is directed to the welfare of children. Spaces, materials, and organizational schemes are designed to support the general atmosphere of tranquility, security, comfort, safe internal communication, linked external and internal spaces and intimate courtyards.

The project thus possesses a modest significance of the preferred construction system, unusual geometry and coerced approach to plot which at the end are those (heavy, external) factors on which the concept is tested and detailed to a mathematical precision. More images and project description after the break.

Strojarska Business Center Proposal / SANGRAD Architects & AVP_Arhitekti

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The project’s site is located within the boundaries of the southern part of Zagreb which is divided by the national railway. In many ways, this site was thought as part of the new Zagreb city urban concept. There are two important facts: the position on the margins of the traditional lower City and the structural composition and reference within the future new City. Both in this case determine the composition and character of the project, designed by & AVP_Arhitekti. By raising or lowering the railway, several possibilities are opened in terms of linking the site with the central and northern part of the City. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Marine Research Center Bali / AVP_arhitekti


Croatian design team, AVP_arhitekti, has submitted to ArchDaily their latest project, Marine Research Center . Their proposal seeks to align the center with the elemental characteristics of itself. Follow after the jump for additional images and a thorough description from the architects.

Zadar Library / SANGRAD architects and AVP_arhitekti

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Vedran Pedišić, (), Emil Špirić, Erick Velasco Farrera and Juan Jose Nunez Andrade (AVP_arhitekti) have submitted their competition proposal for the Library in Zagreb, Croatia. The project received was awarded with an honorable mention. Images of the proposal and the architect’s description after the break.

Zagreb Crafts Centre / SANGRAD architects and AVP_arhitekti

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Vedran Pedišić, Mladen Hofmann (), and Emil Špirić and Erick Velasco Farrera (AVP_arhitekti) shared with us their winning proposal for the New Zagreb Crafts Centre Competition in . The architects presented an introverted island organized around the central public communications and spaces.

See more images and architect’s description after the break.