Niemeyer Center, by Danica Ocvirk Kus

© Danica Ocvirk Kus

Danica Ocvirk Kus shared with us her photographic work for Oscar Niemeyer‘s Niemeyer Center in , Spain. Known her work across Europe, her talent is very eloquently represented through these images of this highly admired and appreciated institution for the city. A full gallery of images can be viewed after the break.

Docks In Aviles Port / [baragaño]

Courtesy of the architects
Architect: [baragaño] 
Location: Avilés, Spain
Completion: 2008
Developer: ArcelorMittal, AGP [Actividades Generales Portuarias]
Collaborators: Estudios y Proyectos
Builder: Conrado Antuña, Arcelor Construcción
Budget: 1,212,275.70 euros
Surface area: 3,220 sqm
Photographer: Mariela Apollonio, Angel Sanchís


Video: Niemeyer Center / Oscar Niemeyer

YouTube Preview Image

Duosegno Visual Design, a project of architecture photos and videos, shared with us one of their videos for the Niemeyer Center designed by . In collaboration with the cultural center, they are shooting the interiors for the second part of the project.