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Take AD Magazine’s Women in Architecture Survey for Upcoming Special Edition

08:00 - 2 February, 2016
Take AD Magazine’s Women in Architecture Survey for Upcoming Special Edition, Courtesy of Architectural Design
Courtesy of Architectural Design

In August 1975, Architectural Design magazine published a special edition about Women in Architecture. At the time, director Monica Pidgeon sent letters to 100 architects asking what women can contribute to architecture that men can’t (and vice-versa), as well as the advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in the profession. 

Now, 40 years later, a new version of the study aims to repeat Pidgeon’s initiative through an online survey with similar questions

Architectural Design: Human Experience and Place - Sustaining Identity

00:00 - 30 January, 2013

Human Experience and Place: Sustaining Identity is the latest title in the successful and prestigious Architectural Design (AD) series. Officially launched at the Sustaining Identity Symposium in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum at the end of November, this issue features both well-known and emerging practices worldwide.

By drawing on examples from across the world, this issue of AD demonstrates that, in a time of commercial globalisation, it is possible for architects, designers and engineers to create outstanding buildings that retain a sense of local identity, both in terms of cultural heritage and the conservation of the environment.