© Kyungsub Shin

Architects: AND
Location: , Gangwon-do,
Area: 136 sqm
Photographs: Kyungsub Shin

Aggrenad / AND

© Kim, Yong Gwan

Architects: AND
Location: Geojesi,
Construction: Kim, Dong Shik
Structure: RC
Site Area: 433.00m2
Gross Floor Area: 198.55m2
Area: 121.26 sqm
Photographs: Kim, Yong Gwan

Skinspace / AND

© Kim Yong Gwan

Architects: AND
Location: Seohoori, Seojongmyun, Yangpyeonggun, , Korea
Construction Area: 112.62 sqm
Gross Area: 130.60 sqm
Structure: RC
Completion: 2010
Photographs: Kim Yong Gwan

Villa Topoject / AND

© Byun, Jong Suk

Architects: Architecture of Novel Differentiation (AND)
Location: ,
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 199 sqm
Photographs: Byun, Jong Suk