Rebel House / Atelier van Wengerden

© Yvonne Brandwijk

Architects: Atelier van Wengerden
Location: Almere,
Area: 77 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Yvonne Brandwijk

Mirror House, Almere / Johan Selbing + Anouk Vogel

© Jeroen Musch

Architects: Johan Selbing, Anouk Vogel
Location: De Eenvoud, , The Netherlands
Area: 120 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Jeroen Musch

Gnome Parking Garage / Mei Architecten

© Jeroen Musch

Architects: Mei Architecten
Location: Straat van Florida, , The
Design Team: Robert Winkel, Menno van der Woude, Hennie Dankers, Robert Platje, Pepijn Berghout, Maurice de Ruijter, Nars Broekharst
Area: 14,500 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Jeroen Musch

Block 13-14 / Burton Hamfelt Architectuur Stedebouw Prototypes

© Jan Bitter

Architects: Burton Hamfelt Architectuur Stedebouw Prototypes
Location: , The Netherlands
Associate Architects: BD Architectuur, Arnhem
Area: 30,000 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Jan Bitter

Clearing Almere / Frank Goerge

Courtesy of

Architects: Frank Goerge
Location: , The Netherlands
Architect In Charge: Frank Goerge, Hamburg
Structural Design : Carola Goerge, Hamburg
Area: 130 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Frank Goerge

Block 3 / ZZDP Architecten

Courtesy of ZZDP Architecten

Architects: ZZDP Architecten
Location: Buiten,
Architects In Charge: Joris Deur, Adam Smit
Project Team: Lysann Theiler, Jeroen Nieuwenhuizen, Ramon Gianotten
Roofscape Design: Buro Sant en Co.
Area: 23,300 sqm
Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of ZZDP Architecten

Almere with MVRDV selected for Floriade 2022!


Today the Nederlandse Tuinbouwraad (NTR) announced the City of , along with it’s MVRDV-designed proposal, as winner of the prestigious world horticultural expo, . The event takes place once every ten years in the Netherlands and is currently ending in Venlo.

The MVRDV plan for Almere is not a temporary expo site but a lasting green Cité Idéale as an extension to the existing city centre. The waterfront site opposite the city centre will be developed as a vibrant new urban neighborhood and also a giant plant library which will remain beyond the expo.

The ambition is to create a 300% greener exhibition than currently standard, both literally green and sustainable: each program on the site will be combined with plants which will create programmatic surprises, innovation and ecology. At the same time the site will be with a vast program such as a university, hotel, marina, offices and homes more urban than any other Floriade has ever been before, it is an exemplary green city. Continue after the break for more!

Homerus Kwartier / Geusebroek Verheij Architecten

© Thomas Mayer

Architects: Geusebroek Verheij Architecten
Location: , The
Project Architect: Peter Geusebroek
Supporting Architect: Koen Verheij
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Thomas Mayer

Floriade 2022 proposal for Almere / MVRDV


The City of has revealed it’s MVRDV-designed proposal for the Floriade 2022 candidature! is one of four Dutch cities competing to be the next location of the prestigious horticultural Expo, which takes place once every ten years in the Netherlands and is currently open in Venlo.

Rather than creating a temporary expo site, MVRDV has designed a lasting Cité Idéale, which would serve as a green extension to Almere’s city center. Drawing upon research from the radical DIY urbanism plan for Almere Oosterwold and the Almere 2030 master plan, MVRDV has designed an ambitious sustainable city that strives to be a 300% greener exhibition than the current standard.

Continue reading for more on this potential, exemplary green city!

Villa Hendrikx / 70F Architecture

© Luuk Kramer

Architects: 70F Architecture
Location: Almere,
Year: 2009
Photographs: Luuk Kramer



© Arne Hansen, Nils Nolting

Architect: CITYFÖRSTER – architecture + urbanism
Location: Almere,
Client: At Kasbergen, Alet Breugom
Project Team: Arne Hansen, Nils Nolting
Text: Arne Hansen, Nils Nolting
Photographs: Arne Hansen, Nils Nolting

Golden Mile / LEVS Architecten

© Allard van der Hoek

Architects: LEVS Architecten
Location: , The Netherlands
Client: Syntrus Achmea Vastgoed
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Allard van der Hoek

AD Classics: Almere House / Benthem Crouwel Architekten

© Courtesy of

Architects: Benthem Crouwel Architekten
Location: Almere, The
Project Area: 65 sqm
Project Year: 1984
Photographs: Courtesy of Benthem Crouwel Architekten

Fabric Façade Studio House / CC-Studio, Studio TX and Rob Veening

© John Lewis Marshall

Architects: CC-Studio, Studio TX and Rob Veening
Location: , the Netherlands
Project Area: 190 sqm
Photographs: John Lewis Marshall

Vision 2030 / MVRDV

With the city of Almere’s growth expected to require thousands of new residences, work places and related facilities, MVRDV was commissioned to collaborate with the city to design a concept structure vision to accommodate such drastic expansion.  ’s will create a framework to satisfy the growth for about 20 years.   ”The structure vision for Almere is more than an urban master plan…” said Adri Duivesteijn, city councilor of Almere, “…it describes how the city can develop in economic, cultural and social terms. The expansion is not a quantitative effort. Even though the number of 60,000 new homes is impressive, the main objective is the addition of new qualities. Almere wants to serve the demand of the Randstad and at the same time needs the chance to develop into an ecologic, social and economically sustainable city”.

More about the city plan after the break.