Tejlgaard & Jepsen Transform a Temporary Geodesic Dome Into a Permanent Structure

Courtesy of Tejlgaard & Jepsen

In order to generate a debate on the future of housing, Danish designers Tejlgaard & Jepsen are in the process of permanently reconstructing the People’s Meeting Dome as a gift from BL (’s Public Housing) and Lokale & Anlægsfonden to the Island of Bornholm and the city of . Having previously been erected twice as a temporary event space, this final incarnation of the dome will be inaugurated at the next Folkemøde (an annual gathering of Danish politicians), with the intention of becoming a community and event centre for the city

Hammerhavn Multipurpose Buildings / Cubo Arkitekter

© Lars Due jensen

Architects: Cubo Arkitekter
Location: Sænevej, Allinge,
Year: 2013
Photographs: Lars Due jensen, Martin Schubert, Mark Isitt

Peoples Meeting Dome / Kristoffer Tejlgaard & Benny Jepsen

Courtesy of Kristoffer Tejlgaard & Benny Jepsen

Architects: Kristoffer Tejlgaard & Benny Jepsen
Location: , Bornholm,
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of Kristoffer Tejlgaard & Benny Jepsen