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Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo Competition proposal / Hila Davidpur, Tal Gazit, Eli Gotman, Hofi Harari

Courtesy of Eli Gotman
Courtesy of Eli Gotman

Hila Davidpu, Tal Gazit, Eli Gotman, and Hofi Harari recently shared their “ECO-CLIFF” proposal for the Buenos Aires Vertical Zoo Competition. The “ECO-CLIFF” is a revolutionary tower that will serve as a nesting ground for thousands of migrating birds as well as an ecological habitat for the different animals and species of the “Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve Zoo”.

Alberto Catalano to design the New Arts and Culture House in Beirut

Italian architect Alberto Catalano of Teknoarch has just won the international competition to design the New Arts and Culture House in Beirut, Lebanon. Catalano won a $75,000 prize and a comission for the project. The Arts and Culture House will be the first of its kind in Lebanon and is funded by a $20 million gift from the Sultanate of Oman. The project should be complete in 2013.

The second prize went to Beatriz Ramo Lopez de Angulo with STAR strategies+architecure, from The Netherlands. The third prize went to Grigoryan Yury with Project Meganom from Russia.

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