22 Websites You Didn’t Know Were Useful to Architects

Being an architect is hard. At times, you’re expected to act as everything from a graphic designer to a handyman (or woman), from a data scientist to a writer, or from a computer programmer to a public speaker. And, you’re expected to do all these things on little to no sleep and for a much lower wage than you’re probably worth. But don’t fear – the internet is here to help (it’s not just a place to procrastinate, you know).

We’ve collected 22 free that can help you in the never ending quests for efficiency, knowledge and good taste. Whether you’re selecting the perfect color scheme for a presentation or graph, tracking the price of your next big purchase, solving technical problems or simply trying to balance your sleep and caffeine intake, there’s something in this list to help everyone.

Moleskine And Adobe Creative Cloud Join Forces To Smooth Workflows

Courtesy of / Adobe

As part of their quest to synchronise our digital and analogue worlds, sketchbook designer Moleskine have joined forces with the Adobe Creative Cloud platform to “simplify workflows” for illustrators, designers and architects. Suggesting that the initial stages of the creative process often occur offline, out of the studio or in transit, the team behind the collaboration note that as a portable, uncomplicated object, the Moleskine notebook “can be used anytime, anywhere and especially on the move. Sketching on paper is immediate, and can even be done on a crowded train.”

Now users with a Creative Cloud subscription, combined with a special Moleskine sketchbook, can capture images of their drawings with the associated app (iOS only). These are then converted into smooth vector files which are automatically synchronised to desktop programs such as Photoshop (as a .jpeg) or Illustrator (as a .svg).

Adobe Photoshop Becomes a Tool for 3D Printing

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Adobe has unveiled a major update to Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) with the hope that a “radically simplified printing process” will make their the “go-to tool for anyone who wants to print a 3D model.” Their new allows for designers to create a model from scratch or refine an existing design leading to perfect print ready 3D models. Since one of the most common problems with 3D printing is the human errors in virtual modeling, Photoshop includes automatic mesh repair and will insert a support structure if necessary to ensure that the model will print reliably and without faults.

You can find out more about Adobe Photoshop and 3D Printing here. This update to Photoshop is already available for those who are subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

Panyaden School / 24H > architecture

© Ally Taylor

Architects: 24H > architecture
Location: ,
Client: Panyaden School
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 5,000 sqm
Photographs: Ally Taylor

San Juan House / Jose María Saez

Architects: Jose María Sáez
Collaborator: David Barragan
Client: Andrés Bueno and Ana María Armijos
Location: Quito Historic Downtown,
Contractor: Jaime Quinga, Luis Pillajo
Engineering: Ing Herberto Novillo
Material Aspect: , oxidized steel, brick, concrete, wood, glass
Project year: 2005-2007
Photographers: Raed Gindeya, Jose María Sáez

Guest House / AATA Associate Architects

Architects: Aata Associate Architects
Location: Licancheu, Navidad, Chile
Client: Mario Cerda Sepulveda
Area: 26sqm
Construction start: 2005
Completion: 2006
Contractors: Carlos Vidal
Materials: Straw bales, ,
Budget: 700 US$ / m2
Photos: impulsando.com