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Ejby Campus Winning Proposal / OKRA, CCO, ACT, and Smith Innovation

The fact that Ejby erhvervspark has grown steadily since the 60′s –through many economic up- and downturns- is evidence that their current qualities are a strong foundation for healthy growth. Looking at the development plan the most apparent element is the strong green connection from North to South across the site. We strongly believe that Ejby erhvervspark’s greatest asset is its relation to open, green spaces. In fact this applies not only to Ejby erhvervspark but fundamentally to surburbia.

A Dramatic Detour / ACT

Courtesy of ACT
Courtesy of ACT

“A Dramatic Detour” is the winning project by ACT - Active City Transformation – for a competition entitled “A Good Detour” for the Solrød Municipality of Copenhagen.  The purpose of the competition was to propose the development of projects that encourage innovative design and planning concepts that further the development of better, healthier and more active lifestyles through the infusion of activities into everyday practices in spaces we daily inhabit.  ACT is just the type of architecture firm that explores this type of urban landscape development that integrates motion and activities into daily experiences.