A1 House / A1Architects

© David Maštálka

Architects: A1Architects
Location: ,
Architects In Charge: Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka
Area: 220.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: David Maštálka

Tea Mountain, the teashop / A1Architects

© – MgA. David Maštálka

Architects: A1Architects
Location: Křižíkova 488/115, 186 00 3-Karlín, Czech Republic
Architect In Charge: MgA. Lenka Křemenová, MgA. David Maštálka
Area: 55.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: A1Architects – MgA. David Maštálka

Black Teahouse / A1Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: A1Architects
Location: Česká Lípa,
Architect In Charge: Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 10 sqm
Photographs: A1Architects

The Evolution of the Japanese Tea House

Photo by Kenta Mabuchi - http://www.flickr.com/photos/kentamabuchi/

Tea ceremonies have evolved a great deal since they first got their start in the ninth century, and as the ceremonies have grown and shifted in purpose, so have the tea houses that hold them.

Initially tea was seen as a medicine used to cultivate the mind, body and spirit; tea was seen as good for monks because it helped them to stay awake for long periods of meditation. For this reason, the military class sponsored the construction of large zen temples for monks to drink tea in. As tea began to grow in popularity beyond the temple, tea ceremonies became a source of entertainment for members of the upper class who could afford to gamble, read poetry and attend tea parties in extravagant pavilions. More information after the break.

Papelote Stationery Shop / A1Architects

© Courtesy of A1Architects

Architects: A1Architects / Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka
Location: ,
Client: papelote s.r.o. / Kateřina Šachová, Denisa Havrdová, Filip Šach
Project area: 57 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of A1Architects

Hat Teahouse / A1Architects

© A1Architects

Architects: A1Architects
Location: ,
Design: Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka / A1Architects
Carpenter: Vojtěch Bilišič, Slovakia
Project area: 3,25 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of A1Architects

D.Vision Dental Clinic / A1Architects


Architects: A1Architects
Location: , Czech Republic
Project Team: Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka
Client: Dr. Radek Pokorný, Dr. Dita Hašková
Graffiti: Alexey Klyuykov & Vít Svoboda / CAP
Project Area: 150 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: A1Architects