‘Heredity’ Workshop / 2:pm Architectures + CUAC Arquitectura

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Organized by Europan Europe, 2:pm Architectures & CUAC Arquitectura met for a 4-days long international workshop to explore how agriculture and architectural development are in symbiotic relationship. In analyzing the growth of Vienna and , they can easily understand how architecture born on agricultural results in footprints so they offered a system to develop . It’s a system which is able to offer countryside qualities within contemporary city density. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Fingerprints / 2:pm Architectures, S. Touzani and F.&F. Oudor

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2:pm Architectures, S. Touzani and F.&F. Oudor chose to work on the climate crisis and to think about how to recycle the actual urban matter in , France. This utopian answer offers to fill the block center and to cover the actual old stone buildings. In that way, the transition is really slow and time itself does their work. The old stone will disappear and let those strange big mushrooms recompose a new urban landscape. The underfaces are printed with the old roofs and stay here like a witness of the old times. More images and a brief description after the break.

11 Housing Units in a Slope / 2:pm Architectures

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For 2:pm Architectures, it is important to prove that today, building a sustainable and energy-efficient building is not necessarily synonymous with building in wood. Sustainable development must begin with a general reflection of the building process, including its materials. Therefore, the project is the choice of expressing a habitat in the density of implantation and two totaling 11 units. These two types present two ways to integrate into the site, two wills of dialogue with the slope which meet the demands of the various programmatic typologies. More images and architects’ description after the break.