29GPS Architecture: A geo located guide to architecture in your pocket

In my opinion, the has opened a complete new world of interaction in our hands and for me has been a very valuable tool in terms of productivity. Thanks to its mobile broadband capabilities, it allows you to be connected almost everywhere and download content very fast. But one of the most amazing features is the built-in GPS, that allows you to get content related to your immediate surroundings.

But it´s not just maps or directions. For example, Architecture (developed by 29GPS) makes a very good use of this feature, featuring a daily selection of contemporary architecture and telling you exactly how far you are from it.

For example, works like the Hollywood House by XTEN or the recently opened Standard hotel in NY are presented with a set of photos (and even a video), with a radar (green,yellow or red, depending how far you are from the building) and a view that allows you to see the building pin pointed over Google Maps.

A very good app if you are traveling around and want to discover new architecture around. And the best of all, is that you can download this app for free (it contain some ads, see screenshoots ). There are two different versions of the app depending which measure system do you use, with the distance in either kilometers (download with iTunes, free) or miles (download with iTunes, free).

Screenshots and more info after the break.