Yallingup Residence / Wright Feldhusen Architects

© Patrick Bingham-Hall

Architects: Wright Feldhusen Architects / Tim Wright
Location: ,
Builder: Keith Russell Constructions
Structural Engineer: Carnegie Associates
Landscape Design: Paul Bangay
Photographs: Patrick Bingham-Hall

Housing Estate Proposal / Mikolai Adamus & Igor Brozyna

courtyard 01

Designed in an undeveloped plot in , , the housing concept by Mikolai Adamus and Igor Brozyna is based on the idea of tissue as group of elements cooperating with each other. The area is divided into plots of shapes that occur in the neighborhood. Instead of being placed on separate parcels, houses are grouped into settlements, allowing to achieve a diverse public park between. More images and project description after the break.

Thessaloniki Water Transport Piers Proposal / Giannikis SHOP

From the water towards the Pier

Giannikis SHOP won the honorary mention in the national architecture design competition for the Water Transport Piers in Greece. Four Piers (Eleutheria Square, Megaro, Aretsou, Perea) are designed so that each Pier is composed of three elements: the floor, the pavilions and the inflated pneumatic structure. The main goals for this competition proposal were functionality, economy and innovation. More images and project description after the break.

Flanders Business School Renovation / BURO II & ARCHI+I

© Thomas De Bruyne

Architects: BURO II & ARCHI+I  in collaboration with Jan de Vloed
Location: Korte Nieuwstraat 33, Antwerp,
Client: Flanders Business School
Project Director: Patrik Steels
Designer Architect: Lore De Baere
Project Architect: Dennis Delvael
Interior Architect: Anne-Mie Vermaut
Completion: 2011
Area: 1,608.07 sqm
Budget: € 2.695.921,28 [excl. BTW]
Photographs: Thomas De Bruyne

Video: Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream / MOS

Hilary Sample and Michael Meredith present the proposal by MOS. The project questions the idea of homeownership and re-imagines public housing in The Oranges, New Jersey. is one of five interdisciplinary teams participating in “MoMA’s Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream.” Each team is challenged to re-imagine struggling American cities and , seeing the current economic crisis as an opportunity to evolve.

The video is provided by The Museum of Modern Art and was filmed by J6 Media Works.

Villa Feste / BBVH Architecten

Courtesy of

Architects: BBVH Architecten
Location: , Netherlands
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 235 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of BBVH Architecten

AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part LV

Photo by Clément Guillaume - http://www..com/photos/clementguillaume/

We have now over 63,000 photos in our Flickr Pool! As always, remember you can submit your own photo here, and don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find many more features.

The photo above was taken by Clément Guillaume in the Fujian Province, . Check the other four after the break.

Exhibit: Unbuilt Washington

View Unbuilt Washington in a larger map

“Imagine that you are traveling into Washington, D.C., from northern Virginia. As you approach the Potomac River, you see the tall, craggy, medieval-looking towers of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial Bridge looming in the foreground, largely blocking the view of the National Mall beyond. As you reach the end of the bridge, now you can clearly see the enormous pyramid that was built to honor Abraham Lincoln. Going around to the side of the pyramid, you note the odd, pagoda-like structure dedicated to George Washington—a design that was executed after the original obelisk had stood unfinished for decades. Surrounding these monuments are informal paths that meander through dense woods, which help to filter the noise from the two elevated highways running along either side of the Mall. Barely visible in the distance is the Capitol, a dignified but modest structure that looks rather like a classroom building at a liberal arts college, topped by a tiny cupola.”

The presents Unbuilt Washington – an exhibit that reveals what Washington could have been if a number of extravagant architectural proposals where constructed. The exhibit explores the motives and trends of the forgotten architecture, while investigating why the designs where never realized. Imagine what the impact would be if they existed today.

The exhibit began November 19th and will remain open until May 28th, 2012.

Reference: National Building Museum

In Progress: Marlins Ballpark / Populous

© Emilio Collavino

Architects: Populous
Location: Miami, ,
Photographs: Emilio Collavino

Russia Plans Ice City in Arctic Circle

© http://www.dailymail.co.uk

In the latest bid to solidify territorial claims within the , has unveiled plans to build a city for 5,000 year round residents 1,000 miles from the North Pole on the remote island Kotelniy in the Novosibirsk archipelago. Part of a strategic plan to assert its claim over the vast reserves of natural resources underneath the polar ice cap, the planned development will cost several billion dollars.

Continue reading after the break.

Rollercoaster / Interval Architects

© GU Yunduan

Architects: Interval Architects
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1200 sqm
Photographs: GU Yunduan

Common Misconceptions of Minimalism

Minimalism will not require removal of all of your possessions: They will simply be made to feel inadequate and trite and eventually they will move on.

Minimalism will not be cold and aloof: However, It may be aloof, and then cold.

Minimalism will not match the furniture you currently own: No, in fact the presence of your furniture may make Minimalism feel uncomfortable. Your furniture should leave Minimalism alone.

Minimalism will simplify your life: No, but it will make most of your life harder to access by placing it in multiple boxes carefully labeled and stacked in an unseen corner of the attic.

Mur Murs

Films: Mur Murs + Get Out of the Car at the Barbican

Located at the heart of the city of London, the Barbican will be featuring the upcoming screening of Mur Murs (1981) and Get Out of the Car (2010) as part of their Architecture on Film season on November 29th at…

eVolo Skyscrapers

We recently received one of the limited editions (n=500) of eVolo Skycrapers. At 1224 pages (9″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″), it is less of a coffee table book than it is an actual table.  The book grew out of the 2006 eVolo Skyscraper Competition. “The contest recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design through the implementation of new technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations. Studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution are some of the multi-layered elements of the competition. It is an investigation on the public and private space and the role of the individual and the collective in the creation of dynamic and adaptive vertical communities. Over the last six years, an international panel of renowned architects, engineers, and city planners have reviewed more than 4,000 projects submitted from 168 countries around the world. Participants include professional architects and designers, as well as students and artists. This book is the compilation of 300 outstanding projects selected for their innovative concepts that challenge the way we understand architecture and their relationship with the natural and built environments.”

Alternative Car Park Tower Proposal / Mozhao Studio

street view 01

shared with us their first prize winning proposal for the Alternative Car Park Tower competition which was held by held by AC_CA. Their design integrates the Hong Kong City Hall, the second-floor pedestrian system and streets on the second-floor level, provid¬ing a convenient and enjoyable network of public spaces. Because of this strategy, the park tower presents the citizen¬ship, which relates and echoes to the Hong Kong City Hall nearby. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Hill-Maheux Cottage / Kariouk Associates

© Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

Architects: Kariouk Associates
Location: Val-des-Monts, , Canada
Project Year: 2010
General Contracter: Timber Wolf (Donald Thom)
Structural Engineering: The Paterson Group (Zbig Kisilewicz)
Curtain Wall Supplier: Verval Ltee (Charles-Armand Turpin)
Geotechnical Consultant: The Paterson Group (Laird Stewart)
Photographs: Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde)

Video: Waterline Chicago

Recently completed by Spirit of Space, the film above displays the cadence of morning rush hour reflecting the rhythm of the River, but how often do we allow the river to reflect a wandering glance from us? This “glance” aims to bring to light the potential of ’s socially under utilized, aqueous artery.

‘Waterline’, commissioned by Phil Enquist (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill) in junction with the eponymous studio at the Harvard GSD for Fall 2011 allows students to explore the realities of three sites along the South branch of the river and think of ways to make it more relevant to the public.

House in Alcobaça / Topos Atelier de Arquitectura


Architects: Topos Atelier de Arquitectura / Jean Pierre Porcher, Margarida Oliveira and Albino Freitas
Location: , Portugal
Collaborators: Sofia Lima, Michael Ferreira
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 270 sqm
Photographs: Xavier Antunes