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MetaForum / Ector Hoogstad Architecten

  • Architects: Ector Hoogstad Architecten
  • Location: De Lampendriessen, De Wielen, De Veken, Eindhoven, Germany
  • Design Team: Joost Ector, Max Pape, Chris Arts, Ralph Sijstermans, Ridwan Tehupelasury, Kees Bongers, Hetty Mommersteeg, Arja Hoogstad, Gijs Weijnen, Victor Braat, Wesley de Bruijn, Ralph Noordhoek, Sabine Alders and Damion Schwarzkachel
  • Area: 26,912 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Norbert van Onna, Bart van Overbeeeke, Petra Appelhof, Courtesy of Ector Hoogstad Architecten

© Bart van Overbeeeke © Petra Appelhof © Petra Appelhof © Petra Appelhof

Aesop Ginza / Schemata Architects

© Takumi Ota © Takumi Ota © Alessio Guarino © Alessio Guarino

House in Colares / Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

© FG+SG Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra © FG+SG Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra © Patrick Monteiro © FG+SG Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra

The Charmer / Jonathan Segal Architect

  • Architects: Jonathan Segal Architect
  • Location: 3625 India Street San Diego CA 92103, United States
  • Collaborators: Guillermo Tomaszewski, Matthew Segal
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Matthew Segal & Jeffrey Durkin, Courtesy of Jonathan Segal Architect

© Matthew Segal & Jeffrey Durkin © Matthew Segal & Jeffrey Durkin © Matthew Segal & Jeffrey Durkin © Matthew Segal & Jeffrey Durkin

Seattle Center HUB (Hybrid Urban Bioscape) Competition Entry / Aétrangère

The Seattle Center HUB (Hybrid Urban Bioscape) is an innovative urban space that explores the value of urban hybridization as a design opportunity to address sustainable and technological issues in the definition of the contemporary public space. The starting point for the proposal by Aétrangère was to introduce an innovative approach to reach the same goals envisioned by the Seattle Center Century 21 Master Plan. Instead of conceiving the demolitions, reconstructions, new buildings, the underground parking, and the major open space as separate elements, they allow some degree of integration for sustainable features we focused on defining this public space project starting from a sustainable approach. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Starchitect Trick-Or-Treaters

Ando as a mime © Building Satire
Ando as a mime © Building Satire

What’s scarier, Ando as a mime or Zaha as a witch? With their Costume Critique | Morbid Models post, Building Satire transformed Tadao Ando, Bjarke Ingels, Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas and Jean Nouvel into creepy trick-or-treaters. Review them all after the break!

Giveaway Winner: ACME Studio’s new series based on Le Corbusier

Last week, thanks to the courtesy of ACME Studios, we gave you the chance to win a pen and card case based on Le Corbusier’s 1947 Modulor theory. All you had to do to participate was become a registered user (if you’re not one already) and answer the following question in our comments: Le Corbusier used his Modulor in many buildings. Name three. After more than 200 comments, we now have the winner: Danielle Jones. Congratulations to the winner, you will be contacted through your email. Thanks everyone for participating and stay alert… more giveaways to come!

AD Round Up: Zaha Hadid

© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan

SOM breaks ground on New York's First Net Zero Energy School

Aerial © SOM
Aerial © SOM

A few days before the wrath of Sandy, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) broke ground on what will be the first net zero energy school in New York City and the Northeast U.S. Located on a 3.5-acre site on Staten Island, at the intersection of Crabtree Avenue and Bloomingdale Road, P.S.62 Richmond will serve 444 pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students. When completed in Fall of 2015, the cutting-edge primary school will harvest as much energy from renewable on-site sources as it uses on an annual basis. Learn more after the break…

Wave Dilfert / The Principals

© The Principles
© The Principles

Wave Dilfert: Wave (moves in wave-form oscillations) + Dilfert (geek-like intelligence, absorbs information like a sponge). Wave Dilfert is a new kind of space that reads the changes in light and shadow occurring within it, catalogs and calculates them, then pulses, contracts or expands in reaction. The installation was inspired by the work of Ushahidi; a non-profit, crowdsourcing disaster relief, tech innovator. Much how Ushahidi de-mystifies the complexities of war-torn or disaster ridden locales, The Principals developed a system that could de-mystify the complexities of space through sourcing the information of its users and making it accessible through interaction.

Video: Ellen van Loon, Architect Profile

White Mountain Chilean Contemporary Architecture Exhibition

Taking place October 26-December 2, the White Mountain Chilean Contemporary Architecture exhibition is composed of a selection of relevant works. Put on by Aedes Berlin, the event highlights the richness of the recent projects is originated and developed within its landscape. The atmospheric design of the exhibition demonstrates this significant creative moment of the Chilean buildings, often described as the continent’s most interesting today. For more information, please visit here.

Venice Biennale 2012: Yucún or Inhabitat the desert / Peru

For the Venice Biennale, a group of 20 Peruvian architects (with no state support) presented a reflection on one of the most interesting territorial projects in South America. After 80 years in construction, a 20km tunnel connecting the Amazon to the dry region of the Pacific Andes has been completed, a tremendous infrastructure project that will turn this region into a new fertile land. The “Olmos Transandino Project” will be ready in early 2013, and will attract more than 250,000 people with agriculture jobs (you can see more at Build it Bigger). However, despite this incumbent massive migration, there is no urban planning project on the country’s agenda, leaving one big question still to be answered: what should this territory, with its new urban quality, be like? That’s what a group of 20 architects from different backgrounds and ages set out to present at the “Yucun or Inhabitat the Desert” exhibit at the Biennale.

Altímetro / Darkitectura

  • Architects: Darkitectura
  • Location: Colonia Roma, México D.F
  • Contributors: Julio Juárez, David Lagunas, Oswaldo López
  • Area: 145.0 m2
  • Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Yoshihiro Koitani, Cortesia de Darkitectura

© Yoshihiro Koitani © Yoshihiro Koitani © Yoshihiro Koitani © Yoshihiro Koitani

RIBA Design Ideas Competition: Great Fen Visitor Centre

RIBA Competitions recently announced their two-stage design ideas competition for the Great Fen Visitor Centre in Cambridgeshire. Great Fen is an internationally acclaimed vision, one of sweeping scale and ambition. Over the next 50-100 years, more than 3,000ha of largely arable land will be transformed into a mosaic of habitat: open water, lakes, ponds and ditches; reedbed; fen, bog and marsh; wet grassland; dry grassland; woodland and scrub. The competition seeks to to create around and between a restored fenland landscape which provides a living landscape for wildlife and people. Registrations will close on December 19. The deadline for Stage 1 design submissions is 2pm on January 10. To register, and for more information, please visit here.