GRAPHISOFT BIMx™ for iPad/iPhone

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GRAPHISOFT recently released an innovative, interactive BIM communication tool for architects. The add-on for ArchiCAD 15, BIMx, is an easy-to-use mobile design demonstration tool for exploring, communicating and sharing building concepts.

Through BIMx, 15 users gain unprecedented ability to share entire BIM models with anyone through an interactive community on Facebook or through iOS devices. BIMx demonstrations can be executed on a desktop computer or laptop as well. More information and some images after the break.

The End of Suburbia at the BMW Guggenheim Design Lab

© 2004 The Electric Wallpaper Co.

The BMW Guggenheim Lab recently dismantled its mobile laboratory in City, and after two exciting months it is vital to reflect on the conversations and ideas that were sparked by its discussions, lectures, workshops and screenings.  This impromptu laboratory / forum / classroom, free and open to the public, was situated on the corner of Houston Street and 2nd Avenue in a sliver of a lot in First Park in the Lower East Side of Downtown Manhattan.  Since August 3rd it has hosted charged discussions focused on architecture, urban studies, environmental concerns and community participation. 

On October 5th, the lab hosted the screening of The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream (2004), directed by Gregory Greene and produced by Barry Silverthorn.  With brutal honesty it presents the threats of our current lifestyle, particularly the suburban lifestyle, and the displacement of the long established tradition of “American Dream” by way of its ecological ramifications.

Read on for more on the documentary!

Designing for Autism: Lighting

New Struan Centre for © Wardell Armstrong

What do we know about designing for individuals with autism? Those concerned with sensory issues are split on some issues.[1] Some say we should limit daylight and exterior views, keep ceiling heights low and spatial volumes small, use restrained details, subdued colors, and reduce acoustical levels. Others advocate for high ceiling heights, large spatial volumes, and high levels of daylight with plenty of views to the outside.  Still others disagree with catering to sensory needs altogether. They point out that individuals with autism struggle generalizing skills, and designing sensory heavens can do more harm than good. Thus they argue for autism classrooms, schools, and homes that mimic all the colors, sounds, lighting, and spatial volumes of “neuro-typical” environments.[2] So who is right?

House of Ujina / MAKER

© Noriyuki Yano

Architects: Maker
Location: , Japan
Collaborator: Yoshio Oono
Structural Engineer: Ryuji Fujiki
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 75 sqm
Photographs: Noriyuki Yano

Gehry’s Eisenhower Memorial up for Debate

Summer view looking northeast along Maryland Avenue through the memorial site © Gehry & Partners

Pritzker Prize architect ’s designs are not shy to controversy, however the monumental significance of this design has raised the Gehry debate to an even higher level. The winning design of the GSA Design Excellence Program competition that began in 2008, were chosen from forty-four design firms, then narrowed down to four finalists at which time the panel evaluated previous work, conducted interviews, and responses to the memorial’s pre-design program.

Upon selection Gehry Partners provided 3 options for the Eisenhower Memorial Commission to choose from and the final design was unanimously selected in March 2010 and featured here on ArchDaily. However since the initial design was revealed it has been met with debate, including a competition hosted by the National Civic Art Society this past spring inviting classical architects to submit alternative designs for the Eisenhower Memorial.

Update: Eisenhower’s grandson David, a commissioner for the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Commission, has not publicly voiced support for or against the Gehry/Wilson design.

Humboldt Box | Berlin / Krüger Schuberth Vandreike

© Nelson Garrido

Architect: Krüger Schuberth Vandreike (KSV)
Location: , Germany
Project Team: Bertram Vandreike, Christiane Schuberth, Torsten Krüger, Markus Reinhardt, Emanuel Weu, Silke Jänicke, Annemike Banniza, Philipp Stachat,Philipp Janke, Karena Filter
Client: Megaposter GmbH, Neuss
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

Courtesy of Pedro Gadanho

Performance Architecture International Competition

An Open Call for five temporary urban interventions has just been launched for Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture. Performance Architecture is an international ideas competition curated by Pedro Gadanho. It will offer kick-start prizes of 12.000€ to promote…

AD on the Streets: Basel

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Google Street View is an amazing technology that allows us to navigate our built environment. Google has been using cars, tricycles and even snow bikes, loaded with cameras and a GPS system to map the world from a pedestrian perspective.

Every week we are going to take you into an interesting architectural location using Google Street View, to expand the way we show you architecture. Please note that you can drag and walk around the buildings to see them fron different angles.

In this first post we are taking you to an interesting housing project I stumbled upon while walking in Basel, Switzerland. I don’t know who the architect is, but I really liked the way the balconies are arranged in that random facade.

Feel free to leave your comments, feedback or suggested locations in the comments section below.

Casa Nueva: Working in the Garden / Van Atta Associates

Courtesy of

Landscape Architect: Van Atta Associates, Inc.
Location: County Government Campus, , California, USA
Project Team: Susan Van Atta, FASLA, Principal; Guillermo Gonzalez, Senior Associate; Bethany Clough, Lane Goodkind
Architect: Blackbird Architects, Ken Radtkey, AIA, Principal; Yianni Doulis, Project Architect
Civil Engineer: Flowers & Associates
Contractor: Carrol Construction Co.
Artist/ Sculptor: Michael Singer
Photographs: Bill Dewey, Saxon Holt, Haley Adams, and Jessica Harlin

Archtober / Architecture and Design Month

Architecture has taken over the month of October (or, should we say Archtober) in New York as the city’s Architecture and Design Month provides scores of activities, programs and exhibitions throughout the month.  The program, which runs out of The Center for Architecture, seeks to raise awareness about the important role of design in our daily lives, and to celebrate New York’s richness of such a built environment.  This week on ’s calendar of events, we are looking forward to the beginning of the Architecture & Design Film Festival at Tribeca Cinema (featuring 31 varied films!) and Architecture for Humanity’s Design Like You Give a Damn lecture later in the week. National Design week starts up on Sunday and there’s an interesting lecture about the history of urban waterfronts next Thursday.  Plus, be sure to check out a walking tour of the September 11 and Irish Hunger Memorials on Sunday, the 30, and to round out the month, how about a Halloween parade at the Center for Architecture.  In addition to the , every day of the month has an associated “Building of the Day”.   We spotted some ArchDaily favorites on the list that you may want to tour such as 41 Cooper Square (October 20); The Highline (October 22); New Amsterdam Pavilion (October 23); Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center (October 25); and The Standard Hotel (October 28).

So, if you are finding yourself with a craving for architecture – whether it be films, lectures, or built structures – be sure to take full advantage of the varied offerings of Archtober.

Courtesy of Volkan Alkanoglu | DESIGN

New Taipei City Museum of Art / Volkan Alkanoglu | DESIGN

The New Taipei City Museum of Art proposal by Volkan Alkanoglu | DESIGN… seeks to educate and motivate lifestyles through art and culture; thus promoting artistic creations as a moment in a time greater than none. The design incorporates a

0715ABA Bairro Alagoas Associations / Belém Lima Arquitectos

© FG + SG - Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra

Location: Régua,
Engineering: Norvia | coord MJ Borges
Client: EFTA | IHRU | Câmara Municipal da Régua
Construction: Quinta Viana, Construções
Project Manager: Fernando Seara
Project Year: 2008
Project Area: 281 sqm
Photographs: FG + SG – Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra

2011 Zombie Safe House Competition

Courtesy of Architects Southwest

In the end who will save mankind from the Zombie Apocalypse? It is our belief that artists, designers, and architects will need to weigh in heavily to provide Safe Houses that can stand an assault on civilization. Don’t be caught unprepared, now is our chance to vote from over 12 countries, 700 registers, and 200 entries. This may be our last hope! You can vote for as many as you like here until October 20th!

Skycourt House / Keiji Ashizawa Design

© Takumi Ota

Architects: Keiji Ashizawa Design / Keiji Ashizawa, Rie Honjo
Location: , Japan
Structure Engineer: ASA asociates: Akira Suzuki
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Takumi Ota

New Taipei City Museum of Art Competition Winners

1st place winner - Peter Boronski and Jean-Loup Baldacci

Recently announced were the winners of the New Taipei City Museum of Art competition. The main objective of this competition was to build a world-class museum of art through a conceptual design. It was to be creative and its visionary schemes are sought in order to give the New Museum of Art a fresh look and versatile art exhibition space. The design teams from all over the world were invited to challenge their imagination, pursue new possibilities for modern art museums and help New create an artistic icon for the new century! The team of Peter Boronski and Jean-Loup Baldacci was named the first prize winners while  Kengo Kuma & Associatesand Federico Soriano Pelaez followed with the second and third place awards. More information on the award winning designs after the break.

Lisbon Stone Block / Alberto de Souza Oliveira

© Nelson Garrido

Architects: Alberto de Souza Oliveira
Location: , Portugal
Collaborators: Inês Cordovil, Sílvia Fernandes, Sérgio Godinho, Ana Cravinho, Sofia Pinto Basto
Engineer: BETAR estudos e projectos de estabilidade lda.
Construtor: Ramos Catarino, S.A.
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 5,672 sqm
Photographs: Nelson Garrido

Adequacy of Archaeological Site Structure / a3gm


Architects: a3gm
Location: Clunia, , Spain
Project Architects: Jesús Alba Elías, Laura García Juárez, Jesús García Vivar, Smara Gonçalves Diez, Carlos Miranda Barroso
Collaborators: Ignacio Martínez Fernández
Contractors: Sopsa-Construcciones Peña Bravo
Project Year: 2007
Project Area: 668 sqm
Photographs: a3gm

AD Round Up: Green Roof Part VIII

© Patrick Bingham Hall


Five amazing projects from earlier this year. Check them all after the break.

Sky Garden House / Guz Architects
This house is located on a new housing estate on the island of Sentosa adjacent to . The plots are not large and neighbouring buildings are built close to the sides of each house. Thus our strategy was to build a solid wall to each side neighbor to provide privacy where possible, while creating a central light and stair well which would funnel the sea breeze through the centre of the building (read more…)