Student Salon The LSE London School of Economics / Feix & Merlin Architects

© Andy Matthews

Architects: Feix & Merlin Architects
Location: St. Clements Lane, LSE Campus in Holborn, , England
Client: The LSE London School of Economics
Constructor: Sykes & Son Limited
Use: Student Salon – a social space for the Students of the LSE
Project Area: 30 sqm
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Andy Matthews

House In Machalí / HLPS

© Marcos Mendizabal & Martín Labbé

Architects: HLPS – Carolina Portugueis, Martín Labbé
Location: , Chile
Project area: 300 sqm
Project year: 2008 – 2011
Photographs: Marcos Mendizabal, Carolina Portugueis, Martín Labbé

Dieter Rams 10 Principles of “Good Design”

© René Spitz via flickr –

As the New Year begins, architects and designers everywhere search for the latest information in hopes to find inspiration to provide them with ample amounts of motivation. Unsure of my inspiration, I found myself reading Neither Restrospective, Nor Predictive: Dieter Rams & Design of Self on the Semantic Foundry WordPress. I was then reminded of the famous German industrial designer and his ten principles of “good design”. The straightforward list lays down key points, clearly stating what makes a good design. This information is a timeless source of inspiration that most any designer can appreciate.

Continue reading for Dieter Rams Ten Principles of “Good Design”

Hoki Museum / Nikken Sekkei

© Noda Gankohsha

Architects: T.Yamanashi + T.Nakamoto + T.Suzuki + M.Yano, Nikken Sekkei Ltd
Location: Midori-ku, City of Chiba,
Completion: August 2010
Client: Hoki Museum Co., Ltd.
Photographs: Noda Gankohsha , Nacasa & Partners


Residence in Filothei / Gem Architects

© Kostas Vergas

Architects: Gem Architects 
Location: Filothei, Athens,
Design team: Gounaropoulou Despina, Emmanouilidou Vicky, Bazos Petros
Construction: Gemarcon Constructions
Stuctural Design : Bazos Yannis
Landscape Architecture: Greenways Landscape Architecture
Photographs: Kostas Vergas


AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Chen Jun Wei

Took some time off after New Year’s? Haven’t visited us since 2011? Don’t worry… here’s our brief selection of the best of last week. Check them all after the break.

COFCO Tianjin Showroom / L&A Design Group
On 2009 COFCO ( National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corporation) Tianjin Group organized a competition for its Tianjin showroom. The brief called for facilities of a real estate sale house and a wine display club, offering a wine taste room for COFCO’s own brand -The Great Wall red wine (read more…)

BIG’s 8 House Honored by the AIA

© Jens Lindhe

The 8 House in Copenhagen, , which allows its residents to bike all the way from the street up to its 10th level penthouses, receives the 2012 Institute Honor Award for Architecture that recognizes achievements that elevate the general quality of the architectural practice. The 8 House which entails 650,000 ft² is honored by the jury panel for the buildings distinctive design and ability to contribute to the city and its surroundings.

“The 8 House masterfully recreates the horizontal social connectivity and interaction of the streets of a village neighborhood through a series of delightful accessible ramps in a mixed use, multifamily housing project. The skillful shaping of the mass of the facility provides an invigorating sculptural form while creating the ramped “pedestrian” street system and providing full depth dwelling units which are filled with light and views. People really ‘live” in this newly created neighborhood with shopping, restaurants, an art gallery, office facilities, childcare, educational facilities and the sound of children playing. This is a complex and exemplary project of a new typology”. 2012 Institute Honor Awards for Architecture Jury. More after the break.

Monteagudo Museum / Amann-Cánovas-Maruri

© David Frutos

Architects: Amann-Cánovas-Maruri, Atxu Amann Alcocer , Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz , Nicolás Maruri González de Mendoza.
Location: , Spain
Colaborators: Javier Gutiérrez, Ana López, Patricia Lucas, María Mallo, Mónica Molero, Carlos Ríos, Antonio Rodríguez
Technical Architect: Rafael Checa
Sponsor: Consorcio Turístico “Murcia Cruce de Caminos”
Construction: Intersa
Completion: 2010
Photographer: David Frutos 


“Reflect” / Ivan Toth Depeña

Courtesy of Ivan Toth Depeña

Ivan Toth Depeña’s light-based installation “Reflect” was permanently installed in the Stephen Clark Government Center Lobby in in November, 2011. Commissioned by the -Dade Art in Public Places initiative, the work illuminates the dynamism of the lobby space and encourages a sense of discovery in the visitors.

Fraser Residence / Christopher Simmonds Architect

Courtesy of

Architects: Christopher Simmonds Architect
Location: Westboro Village, Ottawa, , Canada
Project Name: Fraser Residence
Project Type: Urban Infill – Single Family Home
Completion Date: January 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Christopher Simmonds Architect

Houston’s historic Prudential Building destroyed Sunday

Sunday implosions marked the end of the historic landmark. Originally opened in 1952 by the Prudential Insurance Co., the building represented a new era of national and international dominance for the city of . Serving as the southwest regional office for the insurance company until the 1970s, the 20-story building was the tallest high-rise office building outside of downtown .

Continue reading for more information on the historic Prudential building.

Video: Pabellon Ultraligero Centrifugo / Clavel Arquitectos at the Shenzhen Biennale, by Cristobal Palma

Architectural photographer Cristobal Palma shared with us another clip of the Pabellon Ultraligero Centrifugo installation by , on view at the  Civic Square. This is part of a series of installations for the 2011 Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Urbanism / Architecture Biennale, open until February 18th, 2012.

More videos by Cristobal Palma at ArchDaily:

Forest Bath / Kyoko Ikuta Architecture Laboratory

© Tomohiro Sakashita

Architects: Kyoko Ikuta Architecture Laboratory – Kyoko Ikuta, Katsuyuki Ozeki – Ozeki Architects & Associates
Location: Nagano,
Completion: 2010
Construction material: Steel
Land area: 590.94 sqm
Total floor area: 71.37 sqm
Structural engineering: IIJIMA Structural Design Office
Constructor: Daiichi kensetsu
Photographs: Tomohiro Sakashita

CEIG Testing & Assessment Research Center / LYCS Architecture

Courtesy of LYCS Architecture

LYCS Architecture won an invited competition for a 32,000 sqm testing and assessment research center in the city of . It is a mixed-use building including offices, residential and commercial. The project conceptually begins with the traditional Chinese urban design idea of a ‘miniature city’ and divides the site into 10 equal volumes. Then, the volumes are aligned corresponding to the scattered programs across the landscape. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Faculty of Science, Building D / Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau

© Pieter Kers

Architects: Rudy Uytenhaak and Marco Romano
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Completion date: June 2009
Client: University of Amsterdam
Type: Faculty building
Area: 34,000 sqm
Photographer: Pieter Kers

Cuomo to rethink Jacob Javits

Existing Jacob Javits Center

In his State of the State address last week, New York Governor Cuomo introduced the notion of replacing the Jacob Javits Center along Manhattan’s West Side with a new convention center in Queens.  Such a plan envisions a 3.8 million-square-foot exhibition center at the Aqueduct Racetrack in Jamaica, Queens – a project that would become the largest convention center in the United States and a major urban redevelopment project.   Through a joint-partnership with Genting Americas, the government would provide the land and Genting would provide the $4 billion to finance the convention center.  “Let’s build the largest convention center in the nation, period,” Mr. Cuomo said. “It will be all about jobs, jobs, jobs, tens of thousand of jobs.”

More about the Convention Center after the break.

Shanghai Zhangpu Civic Center / Kalarch Design Group

Courtesy of Kalarch Design Group

Zhangpu civic center, designed by Kalarch Design Group, is an administration and government complex organized like a city and structured in three concepts, government, business and public services. The overall circular layout is based on the shape of local traditional jade ware, which symbolizes peace and harmony. The open layout with a central courtyard also expresses their hope for a more modern and friendly government. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Architectural Photographers: Thomas Mayer

Punta della Dogana Venice, Tadao Ando 2009 ©

This time we are presenting you Thomas Mayer, Swiss architectural photographer who works for some of the worldʻs finest architects such as Frank Gehry. He learned photography in Zurich and came to Germany in 1968 where he worked until 1974 as a specialised photographer for car advertising in studio and on location. In 1974 he started to do editorial photography for Germanyʻs finest magazines such as GEO, Stern, Merian, ZEIT-Magazin, Der Spiegel and more. In cooperation with famous designer Otl Aicher he worked for companies like BMW, Lufthansa, West-LB and started to do architecture features for ERCO Lighting from 1977 until today. A long term documentation about Frank Gehryʻs Neuer Zollhof Dusseldorf 1989 – 1999. A documentation on the development of the world heritage site Zeche Zollverein 2002 – 2007 includes the development of the Zollverein School from competition til finalisation of the building.

Thomas Mayerʻs work has taken him to many places in the world and has been published in magazines, books, exhibitions and Calenders. Besides his craftmanship and strong sense of composition, his work can broadcast a visual sense of humor. He is a storyteller who does not need to resort to pathos or trickery but finds beauty in man and structures and in light and shadow instead.