“Wimbledon 2020” Masterplan / Grimshaw Architects

aerial 01

Grimshaw Architects recently announced that they have been selected by the All Lawn Tennis Club to design their “Wimbledon 2020” masterplan for future development requirements. After a competitive selection process, it was decided that they will design the new masterplan to continue the previous ‘Long Term Plan’, which was commissioned in 1993 and completed in June 2011.  Working with such a prestigious British and internationally renowned institution, Grimshaw will embrace Wimbledon’s unique history of tradition and innovation to enhance further its position as the pre-eminent tennis Grand Slam. Another image of their design can be viewed after the break.

Ecotron / MDR Architectes

Courtesy of MDR Architectes

Architects: MDR Architectes
Location: sur Lez,
Photographs: Courtesy of MDR Architectes



‘Sundbyen’ Harbor Front Proposal / JAJA Architects

Courtesy of JAJA Architects

JAJA Architects makes it to the top with their project proposal ”Sundbyen” in the competition for a new harbor front in , . ”Sundbyen” was a proposal amongst many in the open international competition that attracted proposals from 10 different countries. JAJA based their project in the Ålesund’s existing identity and closeness to water. The project enhances the city’s existing qualitites, interprets it and creates a natural coherence between place, history and future development. More images and project description after the break.

Natural History Museum of Utah / Ennead Architects

© Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Architect: Ennead Architects
Architect of Record: GSBS Architects
Location: Salt Lake City, ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Jeff Goldberg/EstoStuart RuckmanBen Lowry

Courtesy of Zagreb Society of Architects

Zagreb Badel Site Redevelopment Competition

The Zagreb Society of Architects(DAZ), acting as Organizer and Manager on behalf of The City of Zagreb is launching an open, on-line, one-stage, anonymous, ideas Competition for the urban-architectural conceptual design for the Zagreb Badel Site redevelopment. More information find…

Infographic: 11 Years of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion

Administration Building of the North Shanghai Gas Company in Jiading / Atelier Deshaus

© Shu He

Architect: Atelier Deshaus (Liu Yichun / Chen Yifeng)
Location: Yining & Yongsheng Rd. Jiading, Shanghai,
Design Team: Chen Yifeng, Liu Yichun, Liu Qian
Project Area: 2250 sqm
Project Year: 2009
Photographs: Shu He

AD Round Up: Classics Part IV

© Flickr - User: Jong Soo (Peter) Lee

Some great classics from 2010 for our 4th part of previously featured projects. The most iconic building in Australia, a resort in Walt Disney World, Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple, Eames House and a residence which used to be called: “the most modern home built in the world”. Check them all after the break.

AD Classics: Sydney Opera House / Jørn Utzon
There are few buildings as famous as the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia. Arguably considered the eighth wonder of the world, the opera house has a long history behind its design. The story behind this magnificent structure began in 1956 when the New South Wales Government called an open competition for the design of two performance halls, for opera and for symphony concerts, that would put Sydney on the map (read more…)

House C / Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

© Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Architect: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP
Location: ,
Date of completion: 2008
Parcel area: 826.47sqm
Constructed area: 102.71 sqm
Photographs: Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP


2012 AIA Young Architects Award

The American Institute of Architects () has selected thirteen recipients to receive the 2012 Young Architects Award. Defined as professionals who have been licensed ten years or fewer, the Young Architects will be honored for making significant contributions to the profession and providing exceptional leadership. The recipients will be presented the award at the 2012 National Convention and Design Exposition in Washington, D.C.

Continue reading for the complete list of the 2012 Young Architects.

Billboard House / Apostrophy’s

Courtesy of Apostrophy's

Architects: Apostrophy’s
Location: ,
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Courtesy of Apostrophy’s

Flashback: Sarphatistraat Offices / Steven Holl Architects

© Paul Warchol

Architects: Steven Holl Architects
Location: Amsterdam,
Local architect: Rappange & Partners
Project year: 1996 – 2000
Photographs: Paul Warchol

Excavating Wilderness: An Urban Subterranean Dialogue

© Jeff Kamuda

The Excavating Wilderness: A [re]Orienting Trajectory Across Central Park proposal by Syracuse University graduate Jeff Kamuda investigates the tensioning between natural wilderness and the built environment. With the rise of modern civilization, a fluctuating tenet between humans and nature can be observed in its reincarnation of the urban park. Situated in City’s Central Park, the project introduces a set of natural phenomena through a unique and atypical approach, which in turn serves to stimulate a dialogue between the individual, the park, the city, and the cosmos. Stretching a mile across Central Park from Grand Army Plaza at 59th street to the American Museum of Natural History at 77th Street, the triparted project achieves a dramatic juxtaposition of experience combined with elevated architecture. Read more after the break.

Contemporary Art Museum / Brooks + Scarpa, Clearscapes

© John Edward Linden

Architects: Brooks + Scarpa, Clearscapes
Location of Project: 409 W. Martin St., Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Project Team: Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA; Steve Schuster, FAIA, Mark Buckland and Jon Zellweger, -Project Architects, Angela Brooks, , Brad Buter, Silke Clemens, Daniel Carper, Jordon Gearhart, Ching Luk, Matthew Majack, Sarah Dickerson, Brandy Thompson , , Fred Belledin , , Christian Karkow, John Reese, , Thomas Sayre, Michael Dosier, Jedidiah Gant.
Client/Owner: Contemporary Art Museum
Project Area: 22,300 sqf (900 SF new entry lobby)
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: John Edward Linden, Nick Pironio


Event: Tom Kundig and Mark Rozzo – Architectural Explorations in Books, a conversation presented by New York Public Library

Photo by Tom Bies | Courtesy of OSKA Architects

Tomorrow, the New York Public Library will be hosting a talk between architect of Olson Kundig Architects and Town & Country Executive Editor Mark Rozzo that will discuss “the role of place, nature, materials and craft in creating Kundig’s bold and sensitive designs”.  The talk is free for the public to attend and will feature Kundig’s most recent collection of houses: Tom Kundig: Houses 2. Continue reading for more details.

Gruta das Torres Visitor Centre / SAMI-architectos

© FG + SG architectural photography

Architects: SAMI-arquitectos – Inês Vieira da Silva, Miguel Vieira
Location: Criação Velha, Pico Island, ,
Property, Owner of the building: Governo Regional dos Açores. Secretaria Regional do Ambiente e do Mar. Direcção Regional do Ambiente
Project Year: 2005
Photographs: FG + SG architectural photography

Talking to Clients


First of all, they probably don’t know what they’re talking about anyway. And, I think they asked for some kind of pastel. So, just nod often, eventually, they’ll go away.

If not.

Say things like:

“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”


“No, that’s not going to work.”


“No, because it doesn’t fit with the “vocabulary” of the building”.

(Put “vocabulary” in “air-quotes” and raise your eyebrows.)

Try to look aloof. (well, of course)

When the client opens their copy of “Home and Garden” magazine to show you the kitchen that is “not exactly what they want, but it kind of gives you the overall idea”… try not to appear as if you want to stab them in the eye. Mention that Martha Stewart came up with a line of pottery while she was in prison. It was a custom line of nativity figurines. This might shift their attention. Then, spill your coffee on the magazine.

more tips on talking with clients from coffee with an architect after the break

Courtesy of V&A

V&A Museum of Childhood 140th Anniversary Celebration

This February until the first week of July, a selection of photographs and architectural drawings will be displayed at the V&A Museum of Childhood to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Museum opening in Bethnal Green. A Museum of Art…