Diamante House / Marsino Arquitectos Asociados

© Jorge Marsino & Y Mariaines Buzzoni

Architects: Marsino Arquitectos Asociados – Jorge Marsino P, María Inés Buzzoni G, Claudio Santander L.
Location: Diamante, , Argentina
Site Area: 8 hás.
Floor Plan Area: 254 sq.m indoors + 99 sq.m outdoors = 303.5 sq.m
Budget: $ 61.680.000 clp / u$ 120.000
Client: Jorge Marsino and Cecilia Prado
Structural Engineer: Luis Gaitan
Contractor: Horacio Kapp
Architect (signing the project in Argentina): Raúl Brunatti
Photographers: Jorge Marsino, Y Mariaines Buzzoni

Architecture for Autism: Autism Awareness Month

section of Sunfield’s Rowan and Oak House / Courtesy of GA Architects

April is Awareness Month, and ArchDaily would like to draw your attention to the architectural coverage we have done on the topic. Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are developmental disorders that affect 1 in 88 children. The spectrum is large and diverse. It ranges from individuals who can be socially withdrawn, have extreme learning difficulties and little to no communication to individuals who can be highly intelligent but socially awkward. Each individual, however, exhibits, to varying degrees, impairments in social interaction and communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior. ArchDaily’s coverage looks at the various approaches architects have taken when designing for individuals with autism. We hope to get your feedback on the articles and your help in spreading autism awareness.

Spatial Considerations
The Neuro-Typical Approach
Architecture for Autism: Architects moving in the right direction
More Able Not Less Disabled

Rehabilitation Of The Antigua Alcoholera Extremeña / GAP Arquitectos

© Jesús Granada

Architects: GAP Arquitectos - Daniel Jiménez & Beatriz Martínez & Jaime Olivera Arquitectos
Location: ,
Completion: April 2009
Intervention Areas: 3.025 sqm
Construction Cost: phase 1 (rehab): 979.625 € / phase 2 (garden): 362.215 €
Client: Consejería de Cultura y Turismo, Junta de Extremadura
Constructor: Construcciones e Instalaciones Moreno, SL
Project Team: Daniel Jiménez Ferrera, Beatriz Martínez Martínez, Jaime Olivera Quintanilla
Collaborators: Carlos Olivera Quintanilla, Juan Ruiz, Luis Fernández, Aurora Fernández, Fernando García, Ignacio Jiménez, Juan Yruela, Joao Durao
Photographs: Jesús Granada


Capilla del Retiro / Undurraga Devés Arquitectos

© Sergio Pirrone

Architect: Undurraga Devés Arquitectos – Cristián Undurraga
Location: Los Andes Valley,
Construction Year: 2009
Constructed Surface Area: 620 sqm
Team Design: , Cristián Larraín Bontá, Pablo López, Jean Baptiste Bruderer
Altar Design: José Vicente Gajardo
Structural Engineer: José Jiménez, Rafael Gatica Engineers
Constructor: Terrano S.A.
Photographs: Sergio Pirrone

Vaucluse House / MPR Design Group

© Brett Boardman

Architects: MPR Design Group
Location: Vaucluse,
Design Team: Kevin Ng, Julia Teperson, Luke Buttenshaw and Brian Meyerson
Year: 2010
Area: Approximately 600 sqm
Photographer: Brett Boardman


Nettleton 199 / SAOTA

© Adam Letch

Architect: SAOTA - Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects
Location: Clifton, Cape Town,
Project Team: Greg Truen, Stefan Antoni, Teswill Sars
Interior Design: OKHA Interiors
Main Furniture Supplier: OKHA Interiors
Completion Date: 2011
Photographs: Adam Letch


Stinson Transport Center / Lemay Associés

Courtesy of

The design intent of Lemay Associés for the Stinson Transport Center in was to achieve a seamless weaving of the project into the surrounding urban fabric. They then did thus through the introduction of a new dialog element: an interface which will serve as a catalyst for the renewal of the surrounding industrial sector. Characterized by simple and contemporary volumetrics, the project is based on functional principles which give it its geometric singularity. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Haarlems Pop Music Venue Patronaat / diederendirrix

© Arthur Bagen

Architect: diederendirrix
Location: Zijlweg 2, Haarlem,
Project Team: Paul Diederen, Irene Horvers, Fabianne Riolo, Cyriel Heemels, Edgar Claassen, Ronald Van, Aggelen, Susanne Tissen, Annemiek Bergman.
Advisors: Pieters Bouwtechniek Haarlem bv, Valstar Simonis, advies-en ingenieurs bureau dhv bv
Contractor: Ballast Nedam Bouw, Noordwest.
Interior Architects: Paul Diederen, Fabianne Riolo, Cyriel Heemels, Irene Horvers, Bob Copray
Photographs: Arthur Bagen

Courtesy of Côté Leahy Cardas Architects

Saint-Michel Soccer Center / Côté Leahy Cardas Architects

The sports center’s concept by Côté Leahy Cardas Architects… rests on the alteration of the site on which it will be implemented. A site which has been metamorphosed from an industrial field (a quarry) into a landfill and will now

Fachhoch schule Salzburg / Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten

© Bruno Klomfar

Architects: Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten
Location: A-5431 Kuchl, Markt,
Client: Weco FH Holztechnikum
Project Management: P. Nußbaumer, B. Breuer
Floor Space: 10,030 sqm
Volume: 7,403 cbm
Building Costs: 2.5 million Euro
Photographs: Bruno Klomfar

Office Building in Soho / Wilkinson Eyre Architects

© F&C Reit

Architects: Wilkinson Eyre Architects
Location: Soho, , England
Photographers: Tim Soar, Cinimod Studio, F&C Reit, Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Video: 1920s New York

Filmed in 1921, Manhatta reveals a typical day in Lower in the early part of the 20th century. Painter Charles Sheeler and photographer Paul Strand created this silent film to discover the relationship between film and photography, while exploring their love to the City. Just as it is today, the City is amidst endless chaos.

The excerpts interspersed throughout the film are from Walt Whitman. We first spotted this video Urbanophile and the Architects Newspaper.

Oceanic Living: Floating City Apps / Koen Olthuis

’s Dutch practice, Waterstudio, has been preparing for the environmental impacts on architecture for ten years now – building a practice on the assumption that a new solution for inhabitation is on the water.  Having lived in Amsterdam, Olthuis has intimate experience with the battle against water that people have posed for themselves.  In an interview with Jill Fehrenbacher for Inhabitat, Olthuis describes how Amsterdam was settled, what it means to have a city built upon water and the maintenance required.  Olthuis’ desire to colonize the oceans is not new, but his techniques, which he touches upon in this TEDx Talk in Warwick, focus on a refined and innovative way of approaching this strategy that is progressive in that it requires far less maintenance.

Naval Training Facilities / Longva Arkitekter

© Ivan Brodey

Architect: Longva Arkitekter
Location: , Norway
Project: Naval Training Facilities
Client: Norwegian Defence Estates Agency
Date of Completion: 2011
Area: 9,050 sqm
Cost: 40 Mill Euro
Photographer: Ivan Brodey

Cité Municipale de Bonneuil-Sur-Marne / ECDM Architectes

Courtesy of

The starting point for ECDM Architectes in their design for the Cité municipale de is the context in which the new city hall will be located. Here more than elsewhere, the town hall will articulate, unify urban landscapes of great diversity, contribute to the implementation of a new polarity high symbolic value in a heterogeneous urban environment. The intersection of two major pathways of , between the Avenue de Verdun and the provincial road 19 is a strategic crossroads at the edge of urbanity strong and gives our response as an interface between the different territories of the city. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Buildings of the “Klinikum 2015” Plan for Karlsruhe Medical Centre / gmp Architekten

entrance perspective house I / Courtesy of

gmp Architekten just won the first prize with their design for the new buildings of the Medical Centre. The competition focused on the 2015 master plan and was open to 15 selected practices. The briefing called for the construction of a new central building in order to give more structure to the hospital precinct – which consists of older buildings from the nineteenth century as well as later additions – and to improve the logistics of the centre by constructing a new central catering facility and new institute buildings. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Citadel Skyscraper / Victor Kopeikin + Pavlo Zabotin

Courtesy of +

The design for the Citadel Skyscraper by Victor Kopeikin and Pavlo Zabotin is a symbiosis of a skyscraper and a residential tank creating a defensive shield to protect the island from the inside against external natural and anthropogenic influences.  The project provides carrying the residential functions of cities in the land out to self-supporting residential units located in the sea (residential skyscrapers, citadels).These citadels interact with each other on the shoreline, forming a single closed defensive chain that operates both on the surface and underground. Thereby proceeds the mastering of new territories for the human life. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Old Buildings, New Designs / Charles Blosziers

It is hard not to want to pick up this book and start reading with the project displayed on the front cover. Fantastic! This book grapples with the issue of how to marry old buildings with new design. The book offers a wide range of projects that should challenge architects and planners working at any scale. The text is tremendously accessible while being sophistically insightful.

Check out some of the projects featured in this book that we have also featured: Dovecote Studio, Walden Studios, Hutong Bubble 32, Guru Bar, Ozuluama Penthouse,   II Forte di Fortezza, Contemporary Jewish Museum, Moderna Museet Malmo, Hearst Tower, California College of the Arts,  and Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere.