House in hieidaira / Tato Architects

© Satoshi Shigeta

Architects: Tato Architects
Location: Prefecture, Japan
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 186.14 sqm
Photographs: Satoshi Shigeta

Films & Architecture: “Æon Flux”

This week we propose you to see this interesting film that came to the big screen from the sci-fi animation serie of the same name. Locations for the movie were carefully selected to generate the futuristic environment where the story takes place. Recorded mainly in , from a crematorium and parks, to an embassy and a world cultures centre were used in the different scenes.

I guess most of our readers already know this movie. If not, it is time for you to find it, enjoy a great film and tell us your thoughts!

Architectural and urban redevelopment site in Nantes Saupin / FGP(a)

© Stéphane Chalmeau

Architects & Urban Planner : FGP(a) French Global Project
Location: Quai Malakoff, Nantes,
Architect In Charge: Philippe Gazeau
Design Team: FGP(a) French Global Project
Project Area: 19,763 sqm
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau, Philippe Ruault

Casa Vale do Lobo / ARQUI + Lda

© FG + SG

Location: Faro,
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 600 sqm
Photographs: FG + SG - Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Cascading Creek House / Bercy Chen Studio

© Bercy Chen Studio

Architects: Bercy Chen Studio
Location: , , USA
Interior Design: Alan Cano Interiors
Builder: Spencer Construction Management
Lighting Design: Recht Lighting
Structural Engineer: Conrad Engineering
Area: 6,118 sqm
Photographs: Bercy Chen Studio

Courtesy of Tangentfield and Fourth Door
Courtesy of Tangentfield and Fourth Door

Tangentfield and Fourth Door Review’s Roots Architecture Workshop

Tangentfield and Fourth Door Review’s Roots Architecture Workshop which is back again this year. They are bringing a hands-on practical lo-tech sustainable building experience to a corner of WOMAD festival in Wiltshire UK from July 26-29. Each ticket entitles you…

Patisserie Uchiyama / Takato Tamagami

© Masaya Yoshimura

Architects: Takato Tamagami Architectural Design
Location: Azumacho, , Gunma Prefecture 376-0032, Japan
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 682.32 sqm
Photographs: Masaya Yoshimura

London 2012 Velodrome / Hopkins Architects

© Anthony Palmer

Architects: Hopkins Architects
Location: Velodrome, Borough of Newham, E15,
Project Year: 2012
Photographs: Richard Davies, David Poultney, Anthony Charlton, Hopkins Architects, Anthony Palmer

Illustrations by Chris Denty. You can find his work at

The Modern Metropolis, Illustrated / Chris Dent

The hand-drawn work of Chris Dent takes on the modern metropolis – depicting architecture in a way that is at once meticulously accurate & playfully imaginative.
Dent’s clients include everyone from PUMA to XBOX, and his illustrations have appeared in publications…

Tabasco 127 / JSª

© Rafael Gamo

Architects: JSª Arquitectura
Location: , Distrito Federal,
Design Team: Javier Sánchez, Juan Ignacio Reyes, Juan Manuel Soler
Structural Design: Fernando Valdivia, Héctor Margain
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Rafael Gamo

A House For All Seasons / John Lin

Courtesy of Rufwork

Architects: John Lin
Location: Shijia Village, Shaanxi Province,
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 380.0 sqm
Photographs: Rufwork

Video: “Kinetic Rain” / ART+COM

Among the rushed atmosphere of the Changi Airport, ART+COM has created an installation in which brings all the commotion to a halt. Located in the departure check-in hall of Terminal 1, “Kinetic Rain” is composed of 608 lightweight aluminum rain droplets, coated in copper, that are suspended from thin steel ropes on two opposing escalators. Each droplet seemingly floats into its precise location during a 15-minute, computationally designed choreography where the two parts move together in unison. The entire installation spans a total area of more than 75 square meters and spreads over 7.3 meters in height.

03 98 Building / Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos

© Sebastián Crespo

Architects: Espinoza Carvajal Arquitectos
Location: ,
Design Team: Kenny Joel Espinoza Carvajal, Santiago Espinoza Carvajal
Project Year: 2012
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Photographs: Sebastián Crespo

Saijo Clinic / Aida Atelier

© Tatsuya Noaki

Architects: Aida Atelier - Tomoro Aida
Location: Shinjuku, , Japan
Design Team: Tomoro Aida & Shinpei Uehara
Completion: 2011
Floor area: 116.56 sqm
Photographs: Tatsuya Noaki


NORD announced as architect for Maggie’s Forth Valley

NORD announced as architect for Maggie’s Forth Valley

Maggie’s has proudly announced that the Glasgow architects of NORD… have agreed to design the Maggie’s Centre in the grounds of Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert. The principle funder from Walk the Walk is expecting a “beautiful, unique and

Villa London / CMV Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: CMV Architects
Location: , Mallorca, Spain
Collaborator: Tarjet Living
Client: Writer
Gross Floor Area: 1.294,05 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of CMV Architects


RIBA Rethinks Neighborhood Planning

Exmouth Market, Islington © Alan Stanton via Flickr

With the support of the Minister for Local Government Greg Clark MP in the ResPublica and RIBA have launched a discussion paper that changes the fundamental system of neighborhood planning by proposing that communities should have a much greater influence and more power in the design process of urban planners. The paper, fittingly titled “Re-thinking Neighbourhood Planning: From consultation to collaboration“, discusses the value of “real community-led planning” in which professionals, developers, local authorities and communities create partnerships in preparation for planning and design work. The report supports community engagement and outreach, investing in the belief that partnerships and collaboration will bring trust and understanding to the relationship between planners and the communities that their policies affect.

More on this report after the break.

Happy 78th Birthday Michael Graves!

(Watch our full interview with Michael Graves here)

Today we celebrate the 78th birthday of Michael Graves (born July 9, 1934).

Graves is one of America’s most influential figures in architecture and design. Part of the The New York Five, he played a key role in the transition between abstract modernism and post-modernism. His designs communicate a clear point of view reflecting a sense of playfulness with sophistication. The balance of traditional elements (typically through arches, columns, and pediments) and exploration with color convey the lessons of modern architecture while referring to historical details.


He started his own practice in Princeton, NJ in 1964, and has been a teacher at Princeton University for more than 40 years. Among his recognitions we can find the Felllow of the AIA (1979), the National Medal of Arts (1999), the AIA Gold Medal (2011), the AIA Topaz Medal (2010) and Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture (2012). His works can be found in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Michael Graves for Alessi

Michael Graves has also done a vast amount of work in the field of industrial design, including  furniture, artifacts, jewelry and dinnerware for companies such as Disney, Alessi, Steuben, Phillips Electronics, Black & Decker, and his own line with more than 100 products for Target.

We celebrate his 78th birthday with an ArchDaily logo inspired by the St Coletta School in Washington D.C.:

More from Michael Graves at AchDaily: