Sea Side Apartment / Ooze Architects

© Jeroen Musch

Architects: Ooze Architects
Location: , Belgium
Project: Holiday Apartment for a Dutch art collector
Area: 150 sqm
Team: OOZE, Eva Pfannes, Sylvain Hartenberg, Mauricio Freyre, Rene Sangers
Consultant: Mobile Kitchen / Tiles: Maxime Ansiau – Artist
Dining-table: OOZE & Vincent de Rijk – Designer
Curtain: Erick Klarenbeek – Designer
Site manager: Ruben Cattrysse – Crux architecten
Project Date: July 2010
Photographs: Jeroen Musch

Courtesy of BudCud

Kyiv Islands Masterplan Proposal / BudCud

Designed by BudCud…, the Kyiv Islands masterplan proposal, one of the finalists in the open international urban competition, responds to the ‘genius loci’. In the wild area, it is humble and almost invisible, but where the islands make visual

Solid 11 / Tony Fretton Architects

© Peter Cook

Architects: Tony Fretton Architects
Location: , The Netherlands
Design Team: Tony Fretton, Jim McKinney, Sandy Rendel, Laszlo Csutoras, Clemens Nuyken, Chris Neve, Donald Matheson, Michael Lee, Martin Nässén
Project A: Laszlo Csutoras
Area: 2,000 sqm
Client: Albert Ravestein, Stadgenoot
Budget: €18.3 million
Photographs: Peter Cook


Oil Silo Home / PinkCloud.DK

Courtesy of

The Oil Silo Home, designed by PinkCloud.DK, recycles existing empty oil silos by transforming them into affordable housing for families worldwide. It’s a 100% self-supporting housing solution for the post-oil world and as an adaptive-reuse design, it incurs extraordinarily low costs. It’s highly structurally stable, efficient to assemble and disassemble, and has the capacity for pre-fabrication and mass production. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Tangshan Museum Expansion / Urbanus

© Chen Yao & Hao Gang

Architects: Urbanus
Location: No.22, Long Ze South Road, , Hebei Province,
Construction Period: 2011
Site: 24,444 sqm
Floor Area: 49,008 sqm
Client: Tangshan Museum
Project Designers: Wang Hui, Wu Wenyi, Du Aihong, Hao Gang, Zhang Yongjian, Liu Yinyan, Zhang Miao, Cheng Zhi, Zheng Na, Chen Chun, Wei Yan, Liu Shuang, Liu Nini, Yang Qing, Chen Lan, Huo Zhenzhou
Collaborator: Beijing Longanhuacheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd
Photographs: Chen Yao, Hao Gang

Riga International Airport Winning Proposal / Haptic Architects

Courtesy of

Haptic Architects, in collaboration with Narud Stokke Wiig Architects & Planners, and Griff Arkitektur recently won the open international competition for the new airbaltic terminal at International Airport in Latvia. Selected from 125 entries from 70 different countries, their design features a roof for the airbaltic terminal that is influenced by the gently undulating forms of the latvian landscape, with peaks and troughs responding to the structure’s internal configuration and passenger flows. More images and project description after the break.

Schuurbain / Atelier Vens Vanbelle

© Tim Van De Velde

Architect: Atelier Vens Vanbelle
Location: ,
Engineer: UTIL
Project Year: May 2010
Photographs: Tim Van De Velde

A Thousand Traps to Escape / Olivier Bourgeois and EAUL atelier 5D

© Jean-François Noël / Atelier 5D / Marika Drolet-Ferguson

“A Thousand Traps to Escape” is a temporary installation designed by 13 students from Laval University under Olivier Bourgeois in the Magdalen Islands in Quebec, Canada.  The project builds on the collaboration of themes of architecture, art, landscape and installation in the creation of space based on simple materials, the landscape and “the basic rules of construction”.  The “local material” chosen for this construction is the ubiquitous lobster trap made of wood and fishnet.  Its formal simplicity allowed for an basic stacking technique that produced relatively complex visual results of transparencies and opacities.

Read on for more information on the development of this project.

UK Centre For The Carnival Arts / Ash Sakula Architects

© Ash Sakula Architects

Architects: Ash Sakula Architects
Location: ,
Photographs: Ash Sakula Architects

Vanke Triple V / Ministry Of Design

© CI&A Photography

Architects: Ministry Of Design
Location: Tianjin,
Design Team: Colin Seah, David Tan, Daniel Aw, Jeremiah Abueva, Lynn Li, Noel Banta
Project Area: 750 sqm
Built: 2011
Photographs: CI&A Photography – Edward Hendricks

AD Round Up: Offices Part IX

Courtesy of Gerd Priebe Architects

Halfway through 2009 we published some really great offices. Like this curved office building in Heidenau, Germany, designed by Gerd Priebe Architects. Maybe you’ll like how PROJEKTSTUDIO divided their project into two clearly divided buildings – hall and administration.

We also have two unique refurbishment projects in Spain. The first one, is a 720 sqm architecture studio in Navarra. The second one, a workspace in a former coal bunker in Barcelona. Finally, Novan&Vesson Architects’ own studio located in the second storey of a building built in 1899.

Flashback: Towerhouse / Marlon Blackwell Architect

Courtesy of

Architect: Marlon Blackwell Architect
Project Location: 2570 Old Missouri Road, , USA
Project Year: 2000
Photographs: Timothy Hursley, Richard Johnson


Update: The Battle continues for Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s “Over the River” Project

Photo: Wolfgang Volz / © 1999 Christo

The battle carries on as world-famous artist Christo fights for approval to construct a temporary work of art that will suspend 5.9 miles of silvery, luminous fabric panels high above the River, along a 42-mile stretch between Salida and Cañon City in south-central Colorado. Over the River has been on the drawing boards for 20 years now, with over $7 million of Christo’s money invested into it with environmental studies, mock-ups, surveys from the air and wind tests.

In November, Christo received approval from the federal Bureau of Land Management, which owns 98 percent of the riverfront. This was a huge step forward in the project and now only a few more local permit approvals are standing in the way.

Continue reading for more.

House In Saitozaki / Koichi Futatsumata

© Hiroshi Mizusaki

Architect: Koichi Futatsumata from CASE-REAL 
Location: ,
Completion: October 2011
Structural Engineer: Jikuu-koubou
Site area: 169.0
Building area: 76.9
Floor area: 123.2 (1F/76.9 2F/76.3)
Photographs: Hiroshi Mizusaki



Together, BIG + Times Square Alliance + Flatcut + Local Projects and Zumtobel celebrates with a red pulsating heart in the middle of Times Square, New York. The 10-foot-tall heart pulsates as the 400 transparent, LED lit, acrylic tubes sway in the wind. Once people touch the heart-shaped sensor, the light grows brighter and the pulse beats faster. Joining hands with more people will increase the intensity of the heart.

“The heart reflects what Times Square is made of: people and light – the more people, the stronger the light,” Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Partner, BIG.

See the love with the video above and more images after the break.

Architecture City Guide: Tokyo II

We recently came across an opportunity to work with a friend of ArchDaily to expand our Tokyo that we could not pass up. Carlo Fumarola shared with us his knowledge and photographs of Tokyo. Today, we bring you twelve buildings from his list. Check them out after the break.

Also be sure to check out the previous Tokyo City Guide with 12 additional buildings.

To check out other cities visit our world map or our Architecture City Guide page.

Architect Valentines

Architects are nothing if not romantic.

And, over the last few days, Architects across the world have stepped up and tweeted their affection. You can peer into their angsty souls by searching for the hashtag #architectvalentines on Twitter (which was started a few days ago by Bryant Turnage aka- @turnageb).  Obviously, nothing says romance more than sleep deprivation and illusions of grandeur. So, this , we Architects are getting in touch with our sensitive side. Check out some of the softer sides of the profession HERE.

To commemorate the love-fest, I’ve assembled a few of  mine and Bryant Turnage’s quotes here. Feel free to print them out and give them to that special someone. And, please add your own in the comment section below, or tweet them with the hashtag #architectvalentines.

And, If you still need proof of the romantic inclinations of Architects, just ask “Architecture Ryan Gosling” (HERE).

Much love, & Happy Valentines, from the Architects.

more love from coffee with an architect after the break

Korean Land + Housing Corporation / DRDS

Courtesy of DRDS Architecture

DRDS recently won the international competition for ’s Land and Housing Corporation. Located in , , the aim of their proposal is to create a sustainable campus with integrated green architectural design features for a new corporate headquarters building. The 65,000sm program consists of administrative offices, public services, welfare and cultural facilities that include sports facilities, exhibition hall, classrooms, broadcasting studios, library, credit union, cafeteria, child care and conference center. More images and architects’ description after the break.