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Bhartiya City Urban Developement / Broadway Malyan

Launched by Broadway Malyan, in collaboration with real estate and infrastructure development company Bhartiya Urban, Bhartiya City is the single largest urban development within the limits of any Indian metropolitan area. The 125-acre design, located in North Bangalore, India, will provide a fully-integrated mix of residential, retail, hospitality and Special Economic Zone uses, as well school, healthcare and sports facilities, making it the first of its kind in India. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Police Station and Multipurpose Space in Xixona / Daniel Martí & Natàlia Ferrer

  • Architects: Daniel Martí Arquitecto
  • Location: Avenida Joan Fuster s/n, Xixona, Alicante (Spain)
  • Design Team: Daniel Martí, Natàlia Ferrer
  • Structure: David Boixader
  • Installations: Desla Ingeniería, Òscar Galiana
  • Technical Architect: Julián Garrote
  • Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Xixona
  • Area: 842.0 sqm
  • Year: 2010
  • Photography: © David Zarzoso, Cortesia de Daniel Martí Arquitecto

© David Zarzoso © David Zarzoso © David Zarzoso © David Zarzoso

Longacres House / Damien Murtagh

© Damien Murtagh
© Damien Murtagh

Lecture: What Was Metabolism? Reflections on the Life of Kiyonori Kikutake / Toyo Ito

This lecture, brought to you by the Harvard Graduate School of Design, explores the Metabolism movement of the 1960s and its influence on Japanese Architecture through today.  Toyo Ito reflects on the life of Kiyonori Kikutake and the continued relevance of his works and ideas in today’s design culture.

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Kuntsevo Centre / The Jerde Partnership

The Kuntsevo Centre, designed by The Jerde Partnership, will provide a new stage for dynamic public activity and distinct commercial offerings in central Moscow. The pedestrian-oriented center will establish a vibrant leisure, shopping, business, and residential complex reconnecting the urban fabric of the historic Kuntsevo district, while creating a new landmark for the city. Delivering a modern community gathering destination rooted in art, nature, and urban connectivity, the project’s design enhances its potential to become a continuously active public realm. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! November 12-13

Courtesy of Architecture for Humanity
Courtesy of Architecture for Humanity

Taking place November 12-13, the 3rd annual Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! event will consist of innovative panel discussions, workshops and the ‘Design Open Mic’ event at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco. Design experts and enthusiasts, industry leaders across disciplines and more come together to address the challenges and lessons learned in humanitarian design and community development. Panel topics address cutting-edge topics and small-group workshops allow participants to gain hands-on knowledge from expert panelists. Put on by Architecture for Humanity, this will be the first year this event is coming to the west coast. For more information, including an itinerary of events, please visit their official website here.

Piratininga São Paulo High-Rise Housing Proposal / OODA

OODA shared with us their design proposal for an iconic high-rise with 40 stories in Sao Paulo. Invited to participate in the competition, the we challenge was to merge in just one whole both tourist apartments and luxury residences with plenty of common spaces, gardens and sightseeing spaces. More images and a brief description after the break.

Archifest Zero Waste Pavilion / WOW Architects

  • Architects: WOW Architects
  • Location: Singapore
  • Architect In Charge: James Tan
  • Design Team: Fernando Velho, Prabhu Sugumar, Christopher Lee Liang Neng, Yvonne Yung
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Aaron Pocock, C3M Studio, Courtesy of WOW Architects

© Aaron Pocock © Aaron Pocock © Aaron Pocock © Aaron Pocock

Single Family House in Kifisia / Spacelab Architects

© Vaggelis Paterakis © Vaggelis Paterakis © Vaggelis Paterakis © Vaggelis Paterakis

İpera 25 / Alataş Architecture & Consulting

  • Architects: Alataş Architecture & Consulting
  • Location: Galata, İstanbul, Turkey
  • Design Team: Ahmet Alataş, Emre Açar
  • Architectural Group: Özge Güngör Ülüğ, Dilan Yüksel, Emir Elmaslar, Gabriella Colacicco
  • Area: 1,100 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Gürkan Akay, Ahmet Alataş, Ali Bekman, Courtesy of Alataş Architecture & Consulting

© Gürkan Akay © Gürkan Akay © Gürkan Akay © Ali Bekman

modeLab Lattice Lab

Originally scheduled for this weekend, the new dates for the Lattice Lab workshop, put on by modeLab, will take place November 17-18. The two-day workshop will focus on the topic of topological/subdivision modeling with paneling tools and weaverbird. In a fast-paced and hands-on learning environment, they will cover fundamental concepts related to working with mesh geometry, high-order topological smoothing, and grid-based modeling. Drawing inspiration from the patterns found in 3-dimensional lattice structures, they will create geometrical units capable of responding to a range of dynamic contexts. Additionally, they will explore the limits and opportunities of 3D printing while testing the visual and structural effects of their lattices. For more information, please visit here.

Ucello / Nicolás Vásquez

  • Architects: Nicolás Vásquez
  • Location: Barrio de San Juan Mixcoac, Ciudad de México
  • Colaboradores: Rodrigo de la Garza, Ernesto Lomelí, Rosalía Yuste
  • Ingenierías: Enrique Ávalos, BSW Ingenieros
  • Construcción: N.V. Helmut Balle, Rosalía Yuste
  • Cliente: Alejandro Zenzes, Rodrigo de la Garza
  • Costo: $ 460,000 USD
  • Area: 619.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Onnis Luque

© Onnis Luque © Onnis Luque © Onnis Luque © Onnis Luque

OMA's Maggie's Gartnavel wins 2012 Doolin prize

© Nick Turner
© Nick Turner

The RIAS (Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland) has announced OMA as the tenth recipient of the prestigious Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award for the firm’s “welcoming, light and spacious” design of Maggie’s Gartnavel in Glasgow. Serving as an exemplar for alternative healthcare design, OMA’s single story composition for the cancer care center laces together a series of interlocking rectangular spaces that form around a lush courtyard. Transparent walls of the building’s light-filled interior promenade connect patients directly to nature, as the building accommodates for the complex needs of the facility by providing spaces of interaction, personal privacy, and discrete counseling rooms, along with private nooks and corners. A notable characteristic of Maggie’s Gartnavel is the rich use of materials, from the flush inlaid timber and concrete ceiling to the simplistic concrete exterior and expansive floor-to-ceiling glass walls. OMA generously donated their £25,000 prize to the Maggie’s Cancer Care Center. More images after the break…

Seven teams shortlisted to design Future Art-Themed Park in Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Information Services Department.
Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Information Services Department.

The West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA) has announced seven international teams competing to design a 14 hectare, landscaped public space for arts and culture on a waterfront property in Kowloon. After the project breaks ground in 2014, the phased development is expected to only take a year. It will feature a lush, sculpted terrain that will provide a new green open space in the heart of the city and a vibrant venue for music, dance, theatre, art exhibitions and other free outdoor cultural programs. The seven shortlisted design teams are:

House 60 / De La Carrera - Cavanzo Arquitectura

  • Architects: Fernando de La Carrera, Alejandro Cavanzo
  • Location: Girardot, Cundinamarca, Colombia
  • Collaborators: Estefany Vasquez, Mauricio Berrío
  • Project Area: 437.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: © Luis Alberto Mariño, © Juan Sebastián Rocha

© Luis Alberto Mariño © Luis Alberto Mariño © Luis Alberto Mariño © Luis Alberto Mariño

ITER Building Technology Park 2nd Prize Proposal / Estudio Lunar

Courtesy of Estudio Lunar
Courtesy of Estudio Lunar

Located in Tenerife, one of the most populated islands in Spain, the second prize winning proposal for the ITER Building Technology Park settles in like a crater, relating to its volcanic surroundings. Estudio Lunar‘s design consists of two elements, the first one contains the program which is situated in the terrain interacting with it; and the second element that is situated over the terrain and only touches it to create the main access in the north protecting the building from the prevalent winds coming from the north-east. More images and architects’ description after the break.