Dresden’s Military History Museum / Daniel Libeskind

© Bitter Bredt Courtesy of Studio

Daniel Libeskind’s Military History Museum opens today in . “I wanted to create a bold interruption, a fundamental dislocation, to penetrate the historic arsenal …” – Daniel Libeskind, 2011

“It was not my intention to preserve the museum’s facade and just add an invisible extension in the back. I wanted to create a bold interruption, a fundamental dislocation, to penetrate the historic arsenal and create a new experience. The architecture will engage the public in the deepest issue of how organized violence and how military history and the fate of the city are intertwined.”—Daniel Libeskind

Architect: Daniel Libeskind
Location: Dresden, Germany
Text: Provided by Studio Daniel Libeskind
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Bitter Bredt, Courtesy of Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Courtesy of Studio Daniel Libeskind

Woodland Park Zoo New West Entry / Weinstein A|U

© Lara Swimmer

Architects: Weinstein A|U
Location: , Washington, USA
Design Team: Rob Kiker, Ed Weinstein, Kirsten Wild
Project Size: 97,909 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Lara Swimmer

Korean Corporate Pavilion / UnSangDong Architects

Courtesy of

Designed for the Industrial Pavilion, UnSangDong Architects imagined the Korean Corporate Pavilion coinciding along the subjects of green city and green life. It is named Communi-Imagination and it holds the introspection of environment together with innovation of technology. Korea got over the unfortunate situation of the Korean War which didn’t seem to be possible and has achieved unimaginable development and innovation. This space represents technology and spirit of Korean enterprises which is the main agent of these accomplishments. More images and architects’ description after the break.

WestendGate / Just Burgeff architekten + a3lab

Courtesy of

Architects: Just Burgeff architekten + a3lab (Asterios Agkathidis Architecture)
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Client: Aberdeen GmbH
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of a3lab

© emiliop.doiztua

Citizens Redesign Their City in Dreamhamar / Ecosistema Urbano

Hamar’s Kommune decided to take a pioneer approach to the construction of the new Stortorget Square, now just a parking lot. In an effort to bring democracy back to public spaces, citizens are invited to join the free on-site workshops…

The Mashrabiya House / Senan Abdelqader

© Amit Giron

Architects: Senan Abdelqader
Location: Jerusalem, Palestine
Project Area: 1700 sqm
Photographs: Amit Giron

Courtesy of Reiulf Ramstad Architects

“Transforming Landscapes” Exhibition

Composed of works by Reiulf Ramstad Architects…, the exhibition, “Transforming Landscapes”, opened at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in Gent, Belgium on October 12th and will be up until November 4th. A collaboration with the Norwegian Embassy in Brussels/ L’Ambassade

Theory: Chapter 6

He was becoming increasingly alarmed at the material achievements of his friends. What was also alarming and unsettling about this was that he once believed he was above such pettiness, such base feelings of jealously. Even though the middle-class was supposed to be dead, houses were being bought and Facebook postings were conveying a seemingly neat, linear, and rationally-planned ascendancy through what appeared to be the accepted stages of middle-class respectability. People were not getting divorced. They were not seeking exotic hardships in Third World post-colonies. They had stopped wearing backpacks after their undergraduate years and were succeeding at everything. He would console himself with the thought that, in fact, most of them had stopped at their undergraduate degrees, period, and, without any sense of regret or irony, started working, building families, settling down. They had stopped acting like life was summer. How boring that must all be.

Cobogó House / Marcio Kogan

© Nelson Kon

Architects: Studio mk27 / Marcio Kogan
Location: São Paulo,
Co-Author: Carolina Castroviejo
Interior Design Co-Authors: Diana Radomysler, Carolina Castroviejo
Collaborator: Eduardo Chalabi
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 1000 sqm
Photographs: Nelson Kon

AD Round Up: Restaurants Part VIII

© Nicolas Waltefaugle


Thinking of going out to dinner tonight? Maybe the 8th part of our previously featured restaurants selection will help you decide. Check them all after the break!

Spectacles Jeux Restaurant / Malcotti Roussey Architectes
This project is located in the space that was left free in the ancient saline, a place that was partially destroyed. It is situated in Salins-les-Bains near the museum, which is being restored (see the museum fact sheet). In March 2007, a fire took place in the former and major building of the saline called « pardessus ». It included a restaurant, an auditorium and a gambling room (read more…)

East Oakland Sports Center / ELS Architecture and Urban Design

© David Wakely

Architects: ELS Architecture and Urban Design
Location: , California
Project Team: Clarence D. Mamuyac, Jr. (AIA, LEED® AP, NCARB, Principal in Charge); Christopher Jung (LEED® AP, Project Designer and Manager)
Design and Production Team: William Gordon, LEED® AP, Sims Key, Gerald Navarro, Rick Wang
Project Year: 2011
Project Area: 25,000 sqf (Phase I), 50,000 sqf (after Phase II is completed)
Photographs: David Wakely

Sunnylands Center and Gardens / The Office of James Burnett , Frederick Fisher + Partners

© Hester + Hardaway

An extension of the 200-acre desert retreat of publisher, diplomat and philanthropist Walter Annenberg, the Sunnylands Center and Gardens is an interpretive center that celebrates the architectural and cultural legacy of the historic estate. Inspired by the Annenberg’s extensive collection of impressionist artwork, the landscape architect painted a living landscape that respects the character of the Sonoran Desert and demonstrates a new ecological aesthetic for landscapes in the arid southwest.

Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett (OJB)
Project Location: , California,
Architect: Frederick Fisher + Partners
Client: The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands
Photographs: Hester + Hardaway, Dillon Diers/The Office of James Burnett, Kerun Ip, The Office of James Burnett

Video: Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi – Evolutionary Infrastructures

YouTube Preview Image

Earlier this week and Michael Manfredi, founding principals of Weiss/Manfredi Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism, lectured at Harvard GSD about Evolutionary Infrastructures. The multidisciplinary firm has distinguished themselves with their holistic design approach, successfully integrating the disciplines of architecture, art, infrastructure, and landscape design.

Their projects have been received internationally attention; the Olympic Sculpture Park for the Seattle Art Museum, which was the winning design of an international competition and has been recognized at Barcelona’s World Architecture Festival (Nature Category Winner), by ID Magazine Environments Design Awards (Best in Category), and was awarded the Veronica Rudge Green Prize in urban Design from harvard University. The Diana Center at Barnard College was chosen as the winning design of a national design competition and received a Progressive Architecture Award and an ArchDaily 2010 Building of the Year winner.

Weiss/Manfredi has received the Academy Award in Architecture and the Gold Medal of Honor by AIA City chapter. ArchDaily had the chance to interview Weiss/Manfredi earlier this year.  Be sure to check it out.

Media Library and Cultural Centre / Barbotin + Gresham Architects

Courtesy of Barbotin + Gresham Architects

Architects: Paul Gresham + Stéphane Barbotin-Larrieu architectes
Location: ,
Principal architect: Paul Gresham
Associate architect: Stéphane Barbotin-Larrieu
Project team: Michaël Neri, Benjamin Legrand
Project manager: Michaël Neri
Project area: 1,420 sqm
Project year: 2005 – 2010
Photographs: Courtesy of Barbotin + Gresham Architects

House in Rüti / AFGH

© Valentin Jeck

Architects: AFGH
Location: , Switzerland
Project Leader: Barbara Schaub
Planners: CES Bauingenieur AG, Seewen SZ, GLB Zürich Land, Hinwil ZH, GLB Zürich Land, Hinwil ZH / Gadola Fassaden AG
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Valentin Jeck

Dear Mr. Architect, Please advise

Dear Mr. Architect,

I would like to clarify a few things that you may have misunderstood during the design process. Please don’t get me wrong. In general we are very pleased with the house, ummm, I mean… “living-experiment”, (Did I get that right?) We’re just a little concerned about our marriage.

Granted, we said we wanted an “open” and “airy” bathroom, however, my husband and I do not enjoy showering in full view of our neighbors. The guy next door will not stop calling me. He also seems to have purchased a telescope. We would like to install blinds. Could you recommend a manufacturer? Would some kind of curtains work? Please advise.

‘Ladies (and Gents) Who Lunch with Architect Barbie’ Event

Courtesy of AIA

Women – what’s up now? Architecture is Barbie’s profession for 2011. AIA San Francisco and Mattel partnered on an architect Barbie Doll as well as a Barbie Doll dream house competition.

Representing different paths in the design profession, architects Cathy Simon, FAIA (Perkins + Will), Ila Berman (California College of the Arts), EB Min (Min|Day) and Anne M. Torney (Daniel Solomon Design Partners) will discuss their careers and share their perspectives on women in the profession. More information on the event after the break.

Stone River / Jon Piasecki

© John Dolan

recently received a 2011 Honor Award from ASLA for his Stone River project. The magic of this project lies in the details. You need to watch the video (after the break) to appreciate the painstaking effort and attention to detail that went into this project.

Video, project description, and more photographs after the break.

Landscape Artist: Jon Piasecki
Collaborators: Rob Davis
Text: Jon Piasecki
Photographs: Jon Piasecki, John Dolan, David Borden