Acill Atem House / Broissin Architects

© Broissin Architects

Architecture: Broissin Architects
Location: , México
Design Team: Gerardo Broissin, Rodrigo Jiménez, Alejandro Rocha, Mauricio Cristobal, Fernando Puga, Alfonso Vargas, Laura Ortiz
Furniture: BAUHAUS
Photographer: Broissin Architects, Paul Rivera


Winners announced for the New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

Second Place: Johann Bierkandt, Landau

The International jury, chaired by Prof. Jörg Friedrich (Hamburg), has awarded two second-place and two third-place prizes in the worldwide, open architectural design competition for the New Bauhaus Museum in Weimar. The purpose of the competition is to find an architecturally innovative, sustainable, energy-efficient and museologically sound solution for a new museum that takes full advantage of the urban-planning potential of the Weimarhallenpark. The announcement of the winners officially concludes the architectural design competition, in which 536 architectural offices around the world participated.

The two second-place prizes went to Johann Bierkandt (Landau) and the Architekten HKR (Klaus Krauss and Rolf Kursawe, Cologne). These prizes are worth 40,000 euros each. The two third-place prizes went to Prof. Heike Hanada with Benedikt Tonnon (Berlin) and Bube/Daniela Bergmann (Rotterdam). Each third prize comes with 30,000 euros in prize money. Three honorable mentions, worth 9,666 euros each, were awarded to the proposals by Karl Hufnagel Architekten (Berlin), hks Hestermann Rommel Architekten + Gesamtplaner GmbH (Erfurt), and menomenopiu architectures/Alessandro Balducci (Rome).

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Rieteiland House / Hans van Heeswijk Architects

Courtesy of Imre Csany/Csany Studio

Architects: Hans van Heeswijk Architects
Location: Amsterdam,
Photographs: Imre Csany/Csany Studio

Origin / United Visual Artists

James Medcraft © 2011

Designer: United Visual Artists
Score: Scanner
Client: The Creators Project
Location: (2011) and San Francisco (2012)
Additional Audio Programming: Henrik Ekeus and Dave Meckin
Producer: Keri Elmsly
Photographer: James Medcraft

The Plain of Sport / Rémy Marciano

© Philippe Ruault

Architect: Rémy Marciano Architect 
Location: Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, France
Design Team: Aude Bruel, Didier Le Guen, Florian Wigt, Kristyna Mudrikova, Anne-Sophie Gloanec, Chantal Senami Madode, Stéphane Flandrin, Julien Hubert
Consultants: IOSIS engineering, Horizon Landscape, Acoustique et conseil
Client: Municipality of Châteauneuf-les-Martigues
Photographs: Philippe Ruault, David Giancatarina, Jean Michel Landecy, Remy Marciano


Video: John Pawson visits renowned British Architect and AA graduate John Pawson at his studio in North London. Known for his minimalist and sleek approach, Pawson has designed everything from stores for Calvin Klein to monasteries in the Czech Republic. Earlier this year, Pawson was commissioned to redesign the old Commonwealth Institute building in South-Kensington, which will serve as the new home of the Design Museum in 2014. Here, he talks to us about the ideas behind his minimalist style, the international nature of his office and what he learned from legendary Japanese architect Shiro Kuramata.

Fabricating Grounds: Ice Shelter Installation / Koepcke + Prado

© Koepcke + Prado

Under the guidance of David Mah, and from Harvard Graduate School of Design created a system for constructing a rapidly deployable ice shelter using snow and ice as building materials.   The temporary shelter is intended for cold environments and utilizes the insulative properties and inherent compressive strength of the proposed building materials to craft a spatial catenary volume.

More about the ice shelter after the break.

Outeiro House / EZZO

© João Ferrand

Architects: EZZO
Location: Porto,
Completion: 2011
Total Area: 165 sqm
Photographs: João Ferrand

Real Madrid Resort Island will open 2015 in UAE

YouTube Preview Image

Real Madrid, one of the most important soccer teams and sports institution worldwide revealed yesterday their plans to build the Resort Island, a 1 billion development which will include exclusive villas, a 5-star hotel, an amusement park, a club museum and the world’s first stadium with one side open to the sea.

The 430,000 sqm resort, designed by J+H Boiffils, will be supported by the government of the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah. “Real Madrid Resort Island will be a major tourist and sporting centre of great dimensions and the highest level. This extraordinary complex will attract millions of people looking for quality leisure services”, said Florentino Pérez, the club president. Real Madrid Resort Island will open in January 2015. More images after the break.

PPLB 0422 / Steinmetz De Meyer

© Christof Weber Photograph

Architects: Steinmetz De Meyer
Location: , Grand Duchy of
Site area: 400 sqm
House area: 255 sqm
Structural engineering: NEY & Partners
Photographs: Christof Weber Photograph

Amsterdam Iconic Pedestrian Bridge Competition Winners

1st prize – Courtesy of Nicolas Montesano, Victor Vila, Boris Hoppek

[AC-CA] recently announced the winning proposals for their Iconic Pedestrian Bridge competition. The aim the international competition was to design an iconic pedestrian bridge in the heart of . The architecture of this new structure would reflect contemporary design tendencies. The winning proposals not only attend to the specific function, but also take into consideration the urban insertion and impact geared towards creating a new architectural symbol for an European capital city. Images and concepts of the winners after the break.

Extension to a Small Cottage / Innovarchi

© John Gollings

Architect: Innovarchi
Location: , NSW 2041, Australia
Engineer: TTW
Builder: Grater Constructions
Completion: 2012
Site Size: 358.9 sqm
Floor Area: 83 sqm
Project Team: Stephanie Smith, Ken Mc Bryde, George Bilmon, Thomas Haltenhof, Rana Abboud
Photographs: John Gollings

Hangzhou South Railway Station / gmp Architekten

Courtesy of

Following their success in winning first prize in an international competition, gmp Architekten hs been commissioned to design the new southern railway station in Hangzhou, China. The project involves the conversion and extension of the station in the Xiao Shan district to the south of the Qiantang river; after the eastern and main railway stations it will be the third largest railway station of this metropolis. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Headquarters and Production of Pratic / GEZA


Architect: GEZA – Grie Zucchi Architetti Associati
Location: Udine, Italy
Design Team: Stefania Anzil, Fabio Passon
Photographers: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Transformadora CIEL / Rojkind Arquitectos + AGENT

© Jaime Navarro

Architects: Rojkind Arquitectos, AGENT
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architecture Project: Michel Rojkind, Gerardo Salinas, Alberto Villarreal
Project Team: Felipe Castañeda, Isaac Smeke
Illumination: Sylumis +
Vegetation: Zona Verde Mx
Mep: Innovative Design
Client: The Coca-Cola Company
Structural Engineer: Jorge A. Cadena
Area: 500.0 sqm
Proyect Year: 2012
Photography: Jaime Navarro

As part of an ongoing collaboration with The Coca-Cola Company, Rojkind Arquitectos to- gether with AGENT worked on the design of Foro Ciel, the physical space which will house the content for the Transformadora Ciel pro- grams.

Total Scheme

Foro Ciel emerges as the vivid example of a positive transformation as its main premise. Having an unused space as a starting point (flat roof and helipad) and transforming it into a productive co-working center, surrounded by green areas, the space not only achieves functionality but also revives a corner of the city.

© Jaime Navarro

The site, reinvented with recycled materials and a series of clean technologies, acquires a green roof whose vegetation does not require irriga- tion from the grid since a rain water collecting system was installed.
Regarding the environmental impact, we took into account various aspects during design and construction to minimize environmental damage and even have a positive impact. For example, the aesthetic “industrial” project is intended to leave many elements (facilities, pipelines, etc.) So apparent to avoid using ex- tra materials finishes.

© Jaime Navarro

The customized furniture, includes inter- changeable modules that activate a flexible configuration interior where different groups are able to work in various topics and re-ar- range the layout as their work flow requires to. The shapes within the space, as well the curved windows are reminiscent of Ciel’s “double droplep” logotype and a representation of the dynamic work space it holds.

General Scheme

- Natural and -based lighting

© Jaime Navarro

- Water-based paint for structural elements – Powder coated paint for most furniture pieces.
- The majority of furniture pieces are locally produced.

© Jaime Navarro

- Green roof including an orchad with rain water collection system.

© Jaime Navarro

- Use of recycled materials and re-utilization of existing structural elements from the helipad.

- Use of low impact materials that contribute to LEED certification

- Solar panels which contribute to most of the electrical requirements of the space.

- Exposed installations to eliminate the need of unnecessary finishes.

New Eurojust Headquarters / Mecanoo + Royal Haskoning

Courtesy of Mecanoo +

The Mecanoo + Royal Haskoning design team was recently announced as the winner for the realization of the new Eurojust headquarters in , Netherlands. This design concept illustrates a strong connection with Eurojust’s neighbouring organisations, the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) and Europol. The atmosphere of soft slopes and grassy vegetation is designed to sit within the lush surroundings of ’s ‘Green Heart’. More images and architects’ description after the break.

New Flagship Office / ESA Architects

© Jaap Oepkes

Architects: ESA Architects
Location: Newbury, Berkshire,
Client: Stryker UK ltd
Project Area: 10,000 sqm
Project Year: Sept. 2011
Cost: £15million
Project Team: Alastair Roberts, Nic Sampson, Ralph Humphrey, Samiul Kamal-Uddin, Claire Lewis-Smith, James Gott, Nigel Height.
Photographer: Jaap Oepkes

SOM announces Urgent “Call to Vision” for the Great Lakes

Courtesy of SOM

Today the world celebrates its most precious resource: water. Countries world-wide suffer from water shortages so extreme that they cannot produce enough food to support their basic needs. In an effort to protect the World’s largest source of surface fresh water, the City Design Practice of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) is gaining international support in their pro bono pursuit to create a 100-year vision that will environmentally protect and economically revitalize the entire U.S. and Great Lakes region, a vision known as The Great Lakes Century.

“The availability and quality of fresh water to sustain a radically urbanizing world is unquestionably a core issue of our time and requires holistic environmental thinking at an unprecedented scale,” said Philip Enquist, SOM partner in charge of urban design worldwide.

Continue reading for more information on this important cause.