Michael Baker Boathouse / Associated Architects

© Martine Hamilton Knight

Architects: Associated Architects
Location: The King’s School, , England
Area: 772 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Martine Hamilton Knight

Courtesy of Dmytro Aranchii Architects
Courtesy of Dmytro Aranchii Architects

Kyiv Culture Space on Andriivskyi Descent Competition Entry / Dmytro Aranchii Architects

Dmytro Aranchii Architects… shared with us their proposal for the cultural space on the Andriivskyi descent, an educational competition sponsored by ESTA Holding earlier this year. The challenge was to create an architectural concept of the Yunist factory former site development,

Won Dharma Center / hanrahanMeyers architects

© Michael Moran / ottoarchive.com

Architects: hanrahanMeyers architects
Location: , New York,
Area: 28,000 sqft
Photographs: Michael Moran / ottoarchive.com

1st place / © DawnTown
1st place / © DawnTown

DawnTown 2013: Landmark Miami Design Competition Winners Announced

DawnTown recently announced the winners for Landmark Miami, their 2013 ideas competition which focused on how cities are instantly identified by the individual structures within them.  With the challenge of coming up with a new symbol for the future, architects…

Pavilions in Corporate Campus Apeldoorn / ADP Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: ADP Architects
Location: Apeldoorn,
Area: 40 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Courtesy of ADP Architects, Gerard van Beek, J Musch


Square de l’Accueil Winning Proposal / ARJM

ARJM…, in collaboration with SUM, recently won the competition for their project, “Square de l’Accueil” (Welcoming Square), which includes a public square of 10,000 m2, 53 flats, a school, commercial spaces and underground parking. Located in a neighborhood at a strategic

Courtesy of Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance
Courtesy of Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance

International Call for Ideas: Transform Kansas City

Transform Kansas City, a collaboration between the Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance and the Kansas City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Young Architects Forum, is asking for submissions that illustrate transportation related or affected ideas or solutions. No…

Augustus F. Hawkins High School / CSDA Design Group

© Henry Cabala/ CSDA Design Group

Architects: CSDA Design Group
Location: Augustus F. Hawkins High School, , CA 90044,
Landscape Architect: Melendrez Design Partners
Area: 351070.0 ft2
Year: 2012
Photographs: Henry Cabala/ CSDA Design Group

John and Frances Angelos Law Center / Behnisch Architekten + Ayers Saint Gross

Courtesy of

Architects: Behnisch Architekten, Ayers Saint Gross
Location: 1401 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD
Client: University of Baltimore
Gross Area: 18.0123 m2 / 194.000 sqft
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Behnisch Architekten

Visualizing How People Utilize Cities, Data Analysis by Schema Design


Atlantic Cities recently wrote about this project by Schema Design that was initially produced as a result of a call for projects for the Urban Data Design Challenge.  The intention of the challenge was to use various methods of data visualization to develop insight into in three cities: San Francisco, Zurich and Geneva.  Join us after the break to watch the videos.

Ihlow House / Roswag Architekten

© Torsten Seidel & Ludger Paffrath

Architects: Roswag Architekten
Location: Ihlow,
Client: Dunja und Matthias Hein
Planning: ZRS Architekten und Ingenieure Bürogemeinschaft
Area: 583.0 sqm
Photographs: Torsten Seidel & Ludger Paffrath

Courtesy of PLT
Courtesy of PLT

Wonsan International Airport Proposal / PLT

Surrounded by a number of influencing factors, the proposal for the Wonsan International Airport by PLT… is to service both passengers and cargo. The main concept is based on the combination of the country’s past traditions and today’s technological abilities.

Hostel in Kyonan / Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

© Yasutaka Yoshimura

Architects: Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects
Location: Kyonan, Chiba,
Structural Engineer: ASA/Akira Suzuki
General Contractor: Ajiro Koumuten
Area: 149.85 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Yasutaka Yoshimura

Courtesy of Parametrica
Courtesy of Parametrica

Dynamic Fields Workshop: Special Guest Patrik Schumacher

Taking place July 16-29, the two week ‘Dynamic Fields’ workshop consists of analyzing and creating structures responsive to environmental energy. Presented by Parametrica, the last day of project is dedicated to Patrik Schumacher, director at Zaha Hadid Architects and founder of AA Design…

Sant Josep Library / Ramon Esteve

© Diego Opazo

Architects: Ramon Esteve
Year: 2008
Photographs: Diego Opazo

Courtesy of Zotov & Co
Courtesy of Zotov & Co

New Urban Village Proposal / Zotov & Co

Almost demolished after the earthquake in 2011, Christchurch center was required a renovation. The challenge for architects Zotov & Co… was to recall a livable city center. After asking the question of what is needed to be happy, the architects

Kerry House / Carson and Crushell Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Carson and Crushell Architects
Location: Kenmare,
Photographs: Courtesy of Carson and Crushell Architects

Courtesy of Floornature
Courtesy of Floornature

Next Landmark 2013 Competition

Floornature recently launched Next Landmark 2013, their second international contest for young architects, which is introducing a new category dedicated to architecture photography and taking the winners to Helsinki Design Week. The competition is organized to spotlight and showcase projects by the…