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Capricorn House Medienhafen Düsseldorf / Gatermann + Schossig

© HG Esch © Markus Boeker © Markus Boeker Courtesy of Gatermann + Schossig

VIDEO: Elegance in Motion at Calatrava's Liège-Guillemins Railway Station in Belgium

We present you with a compelling video depicting the sublime interaction of light and space at Santiago Calatrava’s Liège-Guillemins railway station in Belgium. Inspired by Eadwards Muybridge’s 1886 short-film "Horse in Motion," architectural photographer Yannick Wegner uses time lapse photography to uniquely portray the experience within and around this bustling building.

“Time lapse as a stylistic device offers new opportunities in acknowledging remarkable architecture,” describes Wegner. “The appearance of time through motion gives the impression of vitality and emphasizes the architecture."

Playa Vida Residence / Casis Architects

  • Architects: Casis Architects
  • Location: Coronado, Panama
  • Architect in Charge: Gonzalo Casis
  • Design Team: Iván Casís M, Ivan Casis Jr. and Juan Jose Casis
  • Area: 2000.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Fernando Alda 

© Fernando Alda  © Fernando Alda  © Fernando Alda  © Fernando Alda 

Carlos Marín and José Muñoz-Villers Claim First Prize in Mexico City Urban Planning Competition

A design team led by Carlos Marín and José Muñoz-Villers has claimed first prize in Mexico City’s "La Merced" competition for their masterplan proposal to re-conceive the popular marketplace, Plaza Central La Merced. The team’s design, which beat out about 100 other entries, proposed the realization of a new public square to centralize pedestrian activity and to anchor strategies for urban revitalization, such as the reclamation of local heritage sites, the careful manipulation of natural elements, and the installation of urban furniture as a means for placemaking.

Polyvalent Theater / Lacaton & Vassal

  • Architects: Lacaton & Vassal
  • Location: Lille, France
  • Architect in Charge: Anne Lacaton & Jean Philippe Vassal
  • Project Team: Emmanuelle Delage chief project, Vincent Ducatez construction supervision
  • Area: 3791.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Philippe Ruault

© Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault © Philippe Ruault

Southern Highlands House / Benn & Penna Architects

  • Architects: Benn & Penna Architects
  • Location: New South Wales, Australia
  • Design Team: Andrew Benn (principal), Alice Benn, Thomas Benn
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Tom Ferguson

© Tom Ferguson © Tom Ferguson © Tom Ferguson © Tom Ferguson

Competition Entry: Moscow's National Centre for Contemporary Arts / UNK Project Architects

Courtesy of UNK Project Architects
Courtesy of UNK Project Architects

UNK Project Architects' entry for the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation's National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) competition centres around the interplay between art and architecture: "It’s what touches our soul and motivates us to pursue radical new ideas." Reaching the second stage of the international competition, which has been won by Heneghan Peng Architects, UNK Project Architect's proposal offers an intriguing, "almost airtight" space veiled by a monolithic façade facing landscaped urban space in the centre of Russia's capital.

Juice Architects Propose Offshore Visitor Centre for Swansea Bay

London based practice Juice Architects has unveiled designs for an offshore visitor centre as part of the proposed tidal lagoon for Swansea Bay, Wales. A series of overlapping shells are sculpted to form a bowl like structure, providing shelter from the wind and waves of the Welsh coast. Sat on a manmade island platform at the end of a collection of land piers, the building will act as a cultural and educational base housing public galleries, a café, a lecture theatre and exhibition space with working turbine propellors visible through the the ground floor gallery. As an entirely self sufficient building all energy will be captured from renewable sources.

How 5 California Colleges Approach Campus Design

In this article, originally published in 2 parts on Metropolis Magazine as "Building a University: How 5 California Schools Approach Campus Design" (Part 1 & Part 2), Sherin Wing investigates how different Californian universities utilize the design of their campus to express and enable their differing missions.

A school is more than just the sum of its intellectual records. Its legacy is very much tied to a physical place: its campus. More than a mascot or a symbol, the design of a campus and the buildings that form it greatly contribute to a university's lasting identity.

The key, then, is how a school’s material identity advances its intellectual mission. For example, academic buildings often physically symbolize the type of scholarly exploration and research that takes place therein. Administrative centers, on the other hand, anchor the more idealistic work taking place in the lecture and science wings. At the same time, individual buildings can function collectively as didactic forums for the public, demonstrating such principles as energy and water-use efficiencies. Lastly, the circulation between the buildings themselves is important. Open green space, for instance, can accommodate crowds, lectures, and even protests, providing a counterpoint to the more stately, processional routes that crisscross a campus.

Clearly these are different, and at times conflicting, agendas. How are they ranked and pursued by individual universities? Five campus architects at different California universities reveal how similar factors work in concert to produce very different visions and results. For some the initial plan of a school continues to wield influence over future developments, while in other cases a commitment to architectural movements and types gives rise to an eclectic, flexible approach to campus design.

Find out how these 5 California Universities approach their architecture after the break

ARCHISET: An Illustrated Tribute to the Interiors of Classic Cinema

Federico Babina has surprised us several times with his artistic work, from his "pixelated" versions of iconic characters (Parts 1 and 2) of architecture to his illustrations of architectural landmarks in the history of cinema. This time, the architect and illustrator delights us again with a new series entitled ARCHISET, which presents the sets of some of the most memorable scenes from classic films.

The series consists of 17 illustrations, cross-sections presenting the interior design and characters in films such as "A Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick, "All About My Mother" by Spanish Director Pedro Almodovar, and "Vertigo" by the master, Hitchcock.

Check out the full series, after the break.

C-32 Social dwelling / Santiago de Molina + Hayden Salter + Agatángelo Soler + Edgar Sarli

  • Architects: Santiago de Molina, Hayden Salter, Agatángelo Soler, Edgar Sarli
  • Location: Calle Tremis, 5, 28054 Madrid, Spain
  • Structure: Gogaite y Valladares
  • Constructor: Isolux-Corsan Corvina
  • Area: 3733.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Jesús Granada, Hayden Salter

© Jesús Granada © Jesús Granada © Jesús Granada © Jesús Granada

Architect Valentines 2014

Thanks to the popularity of last year's Architect Valentines, Jody Brown has come up with a whole new batch for you to enjoy in 2014. This article originally appeared in Coffee with an Architect.

Architects are a romantic bunch. But, we tend to be busy. We know we should stop working on this design for a while and go buy some flowers or chocolate or something. We know that. But, we have a deadline. Maybe we can pick up a card from the internet on the way home.

Here you go.

You’re welcome:

Surrounded House / 2.8x arquitectos

  • Architects: 2.8x arquitectos
  • Location: Lima, Peru
  • Architects in Charge: Nikolás Briceño, Jaime Sarmiento
  • Collaborators: Caroline Ore, Erick Bergelund
  • Area: 410.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Javier Florez

© Javier Florez © Javier Florez © Javier Florez © Javier Florez

Loft 38 / Khosla Associates

  • Architects: Khosla Associates
  • Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Principal Designers: Sandeep Khosla, Amaresh Anand
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Shamath Patil J.

© Shamath Patil J. © Shamath Patil J. © Shamath Patil J. © Shamath Patil J.

House for 3 dwellings / Paul Basañez, Ibon Basañez, Alvaro Albaizar

© Mikel Eskauriaza © Mikel Eskauriaza © Mari Luz Vidal © Mikel Eskauriaza